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Is it harassment?

In the past, I worked for a small insurance office, and of course people would call asking for quotes all the time. Many of those calls were from immigrants.

The owner gave me the instruction to always be more careful with those ones because “immigrants are always lieing to get cheaper rates”.

The problem is I am an immigrant. And those comments always made me uncomfortable. It felt like immigrants were a second class.

My question is: was it harassement? The owner knew I wasn’t Canadian.



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  1. Everyone sure gets butt hurt now a days, where’s the safe place for you guys to cry? Bunch of tits

  2. Felicia Rene Felicia Rene says:

    It is not harassment, but it is discriminatory for your manager/employer to make any reference or change a work practice based on a persons race or place of origin as per AB Human Rights.

  3. You could always tell your boss you felt offended by the comment, as you yourself are an immigrant. Get things out in the open.

  4. Not harassment, just some old fashioned racism

  5. Jenny Pham Jenny Pham says:

    If you feel strongly about it, you can file a complaint with the Alberta Insurance Council regarding a possible violation against the Code of Conduct.

  6. Sounds like the boss was a racist @$$hole. She was making you feel uncomfortable with her remarks. Her comments were just as insulting to those of us who are born here as she was implying we don’t care if we get ripped off.

  7. It is not racism or harassment. Your boss is guilty of profiling. Not sure where the laws stand on this but maybe talk to your boss let him/ her know it makes you uncomfortable. From your post I doubt you stated your view.

  8. Welcome to my world I am native I was born here

  9. Be careful, if u want to keep your job say nothing. There are lots of cheaters and insurance companies are the biggest.

  10. Thing is he’s not wrong.

  11. Katie Hurley Katie Hurley says:

    Depends what kind of immigrant you are, as a white immigrant myself, I find these people really mean non-white people

  12. Harrassment is an incredibly overused and misunderstood word as it means something different to everyone and so many have abused its use.

  13. Jessie Marie Jessie Marie says:

    You can contact a representative from OH&S about this. I worked with them this past summer and found out managers or leaders can be investigated for such things, including workplace bullying as well.

  14. New OHS laws basically say if you perceive it as harassment, it’s harassment. Intent doesn’t have to even be taken into account. If you feel harassed you were harassed. That’s how they look at it.

  15. A single comment is not harassment. It is however a racist statement. He has an outrageously poor code of conduct. Remind him you are from out of country. As a general rule, bigots can’t self reflect and need it pointed out to them.

  16. That does sound uncomfortable, but did you ever make it known that this procedure made you uncomfortable or that you were offended? It is usually the first step because knowing making offensive comments, processed or behaviours is harassment and can create a toxic workplace.

    Because this process is against a protected grounds, ethnicity/race, it can be construed as discrimination.

  17. Mona Chamas Mona Chamas says:

    Sounds like a case of discrimination. Contact the Alberta Human Rights Commission .

  18. Aly Marie Aly Marie says:

    Not harrassment but racist, yes. A lot of people lie for a better rate. File a complaint with the labour board.

  19. Justin Basso Justin Basso says:

    No not harassment. Slightly racist. But not harassment

  20. Kim Downs Kim Downs says:

    It’s not harrassment but I’d call the owner or file a.complaint that’s pure racism

  21. No that is not harrassment

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