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Is it only me?

Is it only me who hates wearing a mask. I just stopped going out then.

Deal with wearing one. Does anyone else feel like they can breathe? It scares me.



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  1. Brent says:

    What makes you think that the people at the rodeo or grace life church are going to die? From what?

    • NoYouAreTheStinkyAlbertanIAmNiceSmellingCitySlicker says:

      Did you see the masonic white hat white trash a’duh RODEO? Do you know the story behind it?

      I believe! Grace Life-pokes and Rodeo-pokes will most likely die from their own stupidity or heart disease from high blood pressure. Not even Jesus will save them.

      Dey alzo spreadin’ dem covid-cooties ’round and ’round doe-see-doe. Filthy people, racists too.

  2. Brent says:

    StinkyAlbertan, why do you hate on the white people? What nationality are you?

    • BrentStinksLikeStinkyAlbertansDo says:

      I have chronic conditioned aversion to white people. They are just that gross. And brits, and scots, ewww the lack of culture alone ewww.
      You sound british. Canadians aren’t “white”, just FYI.
      But I am white, unfortunately, so you can contact Sgt. Willits, that british bug bastard, to lodge a white on white hate crime complaint.

  3. Potter says:

    Obviously you are using the wrong mask. You’ve had 13 or 14 months to try different types. I find it doesn’t affect my breathing at all, jus annoying when it starts slipping down my nose.

    • BingoWoreHisMasko says:

      Exactly annoying.
      Annoying is a face mask or that friend who sees you as a convenience….or just complains about everything.

      Scary is a crazy ex or how the govt administers law.

  4. StayHomeAlbertansStinkAnyway says:

    Less than one percent of the population is physiologically effected by wearing a breathable mask. Are you sure you didn’t put a plastic bag on your head?
    99% of people who are scared to wear a mask suffer from some sort of mental illness, ranging from generalized anxieties to paranoia.

    • Brent says:

      Less than one percent of people who get covid, die from covid (not with covid) politicians have a mental illness, most doctors have a mental illness, the elite who conjured up this plan have a mental illness and now most people have a mental illness because they hate to think for themselves and love the mask. The real pandemic is deception. 99% of the people have been deceived into believing this pandemic lie.

      • StinkyAlbertan says:

        There are venues for your kind, such as masonic-pedo grace life church or the white hat, white trash rodeo.
        Now yawl herd together and die, thanks in advance.

        Truth to your statement is that politicians and the elite are mentally ill (I would like to also add “pedophiles”) but you forgot about cops, lawyers, judges, bankers, brokers, speculators, resource hoarders and 99% of white albertans.
        1% + 99% = I don’t like any of you 100% of the time.

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