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Is it possible to order food privately?

I am on disability. I have extreme pain moving. I know it sounds shallow but I would love to order food. For myself and my kids.
My finances are tight but I am in such pain cooking especially right now. My immune system is compromised after cancer treatments so I’ve been home with my kids. I barely even go out for basic groceries.

It’s really bad right now due to weather changes. I can barely move so cooking is hard. Of course I do it but I was hoping I can order food. Is it safe now?

I wanted to order some meals I can freeze. Some chicken or beef dishes.
Mostly I wanted to order some baking. My kids are dying for this and I just don’t have it in me.
They love Philipino desserts like Cassava cake, haven’t tried others so maybe little bit of things. Also bars like lemon bars, cheesecake bars etc.

I am worried if I look on facebook, how do I know it is safe to order? Also my finances are tight and I feel bad asking if they are flexible on prices.
I would appreciate delivery as I prefer to not take bus from west end Hamptons to somewhere.



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  1. T-bird says:

    Is it safe to order food?…. I wasn’t aware it has NOT been safe. So yes, it is, and has been all along.

    Is it safe to go out? Probably less safe than ordering food in from Skip or Uber Eats, or even grocery stores offer delivery.

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