Is she out there?

Hi Edmonton,

I’m not sure really how to go about this. So please no negative comments, or back lash. But my girlfriend was forced to surrender her dog about 3-4 years ago. Back story is there was a family emergency back home in another province. We were unable to bring her with us, so we found a family that would take care of her during that 6 month period. All was good. We come back to Alberta, and get contacted by the family right away arranging to bring the dog back to us. Well before we were able to respond back with time, they dropped her off at the SPCA. My GF got the phone call from the SPCA that her dog was there BUT because we had just moved back, I had already flown up to Fort Mac for work and she was working, without a vehicle and because my gf was unable to pick up the dog, she had no choice but to surrender. (We don’t know anyone here, so finding someone to bring her wasn’t much of an option) She even asked if they would drop her off, and they wouldn’t.

Ever since this, my GF has not been herself. She fell into depression and has actually been diagnosed with it. That dog was EVERYTHING to her. I get to some of you, it was just a dog. But for my GF having to re-home her for 6 months was beyond hard enough, and now this. This dog for me was considered a service dog for my GF. The bond they had, the respect, everything. I have never ever seen anything like it. My GF also has anxiety which the dog had helped with, and so much more. She had the best personality too. We have gone to the SPCA countless of times (4 days later, when I flew home was the first time) and asked what happened to the dog, where did she go, was she euthanized? But they can’t tell us anything “by law”. I think its complete bullshit, but I understand why. It wasn’t until 3 weeks ago someone said, here fill out the form and go from there. We did, but it doesn’t tell us what happened to her.

I came across this page, and I am hoping that someone out there can give us any information about her, or if they happened to know anything. We just want answers. She is a white shepherd looking dog, with a retriever tail, big years, missing half (maybe all now) of her Canine tooth. Has a scar on her nose. I will have a couple pictures posted. Her name was Willow. If she has a new home, that is so beyond AWESOME! And we will be thrilled to hear she has a new home and is being taken of. BUT if she is at a Foster home, Shelter, anything – We want to adopt her back.

I’m just worried about my girlfriend; she lost part of her soul with that dog.


Thanks Edmonton



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  1. Barb Haekel Barb Haekel says:

    Why didn’t she post here asking for a ride to go get her dog? I would have taken her if she explained how much it meant to her. I don’t know about cabs or uber or tapp and if they let animals ride if they are crated but I know buses do. This is sad for her but I would walk for days if that was the only way to get my fur baby. Sorry but your story sounds a bit shady to me.

  2. Sorry to hear that … Good luck !

  3. I hope you find her but please understand why her new owner might be reluctant to say anything.

  4. I can fully understand the situation; I assume she still has papers which show the dog is registered to her, is the dog chipped? if so contact a lawyer and register the dog as stolen. Unless YOU as owner sign surrender papers the SPCA is breaking the law.

    • Jodi Flatt Jodi Flatt says:

      Not necessarily true. Animals are considered property and if you give it away, you also give away any claim to it.

    • yeah, however the “give away” does not float under legal terms, that why you have to sign a form at the SPCA stating you release any claims. Here is the agreement made “we found a family that would take care of her during that 6 month period” so that family probably should receive a letter from a lawyer.

    • They have no powers of ownership at all, as they were contacted by the shelter and were offered the opportunity to have her back but turned it down therefore giving up their rights to this dog. It’s a sad story but nothing they can do now.

    • Nooe.. sorry the SPCA did nothing wrong here. The people who were supposed to be looking after the dog took it to the SPCA and the OP surrendered the dog to the SPCA from the sounds of it.. or took too long to claim it. The OP likely did not have a proper arrangement with the people who were looking after the dog – but at any rate the SPCA didn’t break any laws –

    • If thats the case then yeah it going to be impossible, i’d say adopt a dog and focus on bonding with the new dog?

  5. She could have taken a cab to get the dog. Best bet now would be to adopt another dog, a rescue dog.

  6. I’m sure the new owner is equally attached by now.

  7. Iesha Haas Iesha Haas says:

    I hope she finds some answers and gets closure. The bond you have with a dog lasts a lifetime.
    Look into finding another dog for your girlfriend. There’s many rescues you can look into or call. They might just have the perfect dog for her! 🙂

  8. Erin Hage Erin Hage says:

    I really hope you’re able to find some info about your dog. I’m really sorry this happened to you guys.

  9. Praying something good can come of this. Hope they can be reunited.

  10. Check with scars second chance animal rescue society, register your search with them and ask what other dog rescues you can register your search with. I hope you find her and can get her back for your gf that’s very kind that you’re trying. As for the negative comments IF the people keeping her had kept their word and returned her to her owners none of this would be happening now. After all they did keep her for six months, what a crule thing to do, turn the dog over to the spca. And as one who doesn’t drive, you really don’t realize how hard it can be to get a ride and usually when you need one the most. ( here’s a possibility. …family emerg…six myths away… money tignt??? Can’t cab it for her pickup and now cost at spca what’s that 200+) yeah!! I really hope you get her back. Good luck

  11. Why did the family looking after the dog for an entire 6 months decide to make the drive to the SPCA and surrender the dog over giving it back to you and your girlfriend once you came back? Something is really missing with this story.

  12. Tamara Marie Tamara Marie says:

    Your girlfriend couldn’t have took a cab?

  13. Tamara Marie Tamara Marie says:

    Like call a damn cab?

  14. I don’t understand why anybody would post comments about how she could have got he dog back.
    Don’t you think she’s thought of all of this by now? She thought the dog would be there when her boyfriend got home from work. Sadly it wasn’t.
    Nobody needs to live in the past with shoulda coulda woulda….
    The question is, is there a way to find the dogs whereabouts now and if so, if the dog needs a home, they’d like to give her one….
    I think this is a good start. There are also some FB groups for lost pets in Edmonton. You could try that. Additionally, checking with the rescue’s couldn’t hurt.
    Good luck and I hope you get an answer to your question.


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