Is this your phone?

I recently purchased an IPhone 6s from Trish off of Kijiji. Now as it turns out the phone is locked with the Apple ID. So my son can not use it.

I have no way to contact Trish as the ad was taken down. Now I suppose this could be a stolen phone. I don’t know. All I know is it is useless to us.

I am posting a picture of the email associated with the phone. If you recognize it and this is your phone comment below and I will contact you. Or if this is your phone and you don’t want please unlink it from the Apple ID so my son can use it.

Thank you.



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  1. Tom Joseph Tom Joseph says:

    Good luck, unless you can get ahold of the person (which can be daunting) the you have a very expensive paperweight. Not to mention they may have bought it like this and just passed on the problem.

  2. Chad Martin Chad Martin says:

    Should be able to open iTunes. Plug the phone in. Look up DFU mode. I think. You shut the phone off then hold the home button for 3 seconds then restart. Possible to then reset the phone.

  3. Have you tried emailing them to the email address that you have?

  4. Mandoid Ray Mandoid Ray says:

    Try emailing the email

  5. Ruth Chalk Ruth Chalk says:

    You could try the flea market they might be able to fix it…. also…. next time anyone needs a new phone…. check out pawn shops and eb…. as for the 6 it will probably be obsolete by the end of this year and have a hard time functioning….. should have gotten him an android.

  6. Brandon Hogg Brandon Hogg says:

    You cant see the full email.. Apple blocks it out on purpose for security

  7. Do you know this person? I do and yes she bought the damn phone. Judgemental asshole.

  8. Wasn’t me… but you go ahead and think that.


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