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Looking for recommendations for human right lawyers

Hello! I’m wondering if anyone has any experiences with human rights lawyers that you’re willing to share.

Thank you in advance! Stay warm.



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  1. HuntingSeason says:

    You have all been taken, had, duped, raped, pillaged, victimized and exploited. I know why.
    Spartans only needed 300 against PERSIANS! I’m up against freemasons lol lol lol lol lol. I’ve seen the WHOLE network I am up against and those freakshows should recruit some Persians obviously. I will have no quarrels about anything as I don’t see any actual Canadians other than a handful.

    Let’s sing along to a long awaited victory.

    “Cause I love the adrenaline in my veins, I do whatever it takes, ’cause I love how it feels when I break the chains”

  2. HuntingSeason says:

    Canada loves to violate human rights! It’s a disgrace to the free and democratic world. Too bad Canada has a parliamentary plantation system and not an American constitution based on the rule of law because most public servants in Canada would be in the big house. Try this shriner/jester for any of your questions; he’s a well connected player and plays lawyer when not doing freaky and depraved Masonic activities.
    Lee Alhstrom (fact: Swedes have a thing for human trafficking and pedophilia nowadays). If need his contact info let me know or want to say hi to James in Ottawa or Cathy G in calgary; he lives in the colon of Edmonton (Sherwood park). I’m sure she or his occult accolades can explain how human rights work in Canada. Here is a short list of his network (names excluded, for now):
    -numerous justices and judges (3 of which are already included under other comments in shoutout)
    -rcmp (local and around AB/canada)
    -Gov of AB
    -Gov of Canada
    -GoC gov relations
    -Gov of nwt
    -city of edm
    -edm city hall and council
    -alberta legal council
    -chamber of commerce Sherwood park
    -Sherwood park mayor and council
    -oil sands development (on Panama papers?)
    -provincial land surveys
    -edm airport communications
    -ftmac airport authority
    -journalists and media outlets
    -military engineering
    -poultry and dairy farms
    -imperial oil
    -EPSB, NAIT, Norquest
    -precious metals and resources
    -bankruptcy and insolvency
    -Canada post
    -corporate air charters
    -finance of stjohns ambulance
    -UCP chair
    -UCP president
    -UCP candidates and mlas, mps
    -4 and 5 star hotels
    -forestry and boreal wilderness

    And even most of the real estate market, Boston pizza regional managers, golf courses, ig wealth and of course the United church (pedos) in Leduc.
    Pretty good for a lousy real estate lawyer hey?

    Ahlstrom goes to the USA often; I have friends also and his trips to Hawaii and Phoenix will be interrupted and indefinitely delayed (national security thing).

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