ISO this specific toy!!

Hey guys! I’m in search of this specific toy. There is an autistic little boy who is absolutely in love with it and his broke, but you can’t buy them anywhere anymore!!

If you have one I’ll pay whatever for it! Please share in hopes that we can find this very important toy!

Thanks guys!



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  1. Do you know what it is called or who makes it? You could check Amazon

  2. Diane Peters Diane Peters says:

    Originally from the Discovery Channel Store. No one seems to have it anymore.

  3. Ginny Maria Ginny Maria says:

    No luck on Amazon (, but you could try emailing the manufacturer (Kidz Delight) and seeing if they have any leftover stock?

  4. you can also check with the Value Villages and the Goodwill Stores in Edmonton, as they have an assortment of used toys, both new and slightly used, and those of an older genre. Anytime that I have been to any of these stores, parents leave their children in the toy depts, and they have a heyday playing with all of these toys. Its almost like they are in toy heaven

  5. I agree, maybe someone has one at home they’re willing to give away

  6. Children’s Autism has a store that may be able to help you locate it.

  7. Judy Plant Judy Plant says:

    Just shared…maybe someone has one. That would be so nice.

  8. Candice Thew Candice Thew says:

    They have it on alibaba but it’s crazy expensive


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