It’s Not Your Decision

[Warning: Potential trigger content]

It is ridiculous that people say suicide is selfish and that the person that commits suicide doesn’t think of the people they are leaving behind.

It is selfish of those people to think someone should continue living their life for other people when they are so unhappy. They are living for themselves NOT for you.

And you should think about how much time you actually spend with that person or reached out to that person. Why do they only matter after they are gone and not when they were alive. Quit calling it selfish and let the person do what’s right for them. We all should be allowed our decision whether we have lived enough or not.

Some people make this decision after lots of thought and decide they are done and that is THEIR choice. Some people have chosen this calmly and rationally, whether you want to believe that or not.


Maybe some people aren’t in the right place when they make that decision but if you are so mad they committed suicide, then you should have cared enough to be more present in their lives when they were alive.

If you choose to blame someone for that choice after they have died, then that is on you and you are only thinking of yourself because you never thought of them in the past.

Its not selfish choosing how to live or end your own life!



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  1. BJ Lucas BJ Lucas says:

    I don’t disagree with this.

  2. Kim Schindel Kim Schindel says:

    I think people react with anger when they don’t understand. Mental health issues are a terrible thing to deal with. Suicide is a person’s rock bottom…their loved ones are reacting as grieving loved ones. Peoole deal with their grief in different ways.

  3. Dustin Grant Dustin Grant says:

    You are the only one responsible for your own happiness. To blame anything or anyone but yourself is selfish.

    Not happy? Do something about it as you and you alone have the power to change what “makes you happy”.

    Why people think life entitles them to some F’d up version of their perceived happiness while they put forth no effort I will never understand (mental health issues a side).

  4. Megan Riggs Megan Riggs says:

    This post made me sad

  5. I believe suicide is an easy way out
    Get help ,lots of resources out there,and against gods will,I have had a family member threaten about suicide many times,and that person has had more than enough help and support from family

  6. I agree with this post. Your body. Your choice. Some cultures think it is respectful. It doesn’t have to be full of shame. I had a family member who wanted desperatley to die and I told them they had my blessing.

  7. This is not okay….. committing suicide is wrong in so many ways and saying to someone it’s okay to want to kill urself is so wrong like so wrong……. it just means we are reaching out to u for help and trust me this is coming from me a person with 2 failed attempts of suicide once when I was 15 and 20. It’s taking over 15 years to get to where I am and happy!!! So all u people that think it’s okay to say ya go ahead and kill urself need more help than the people reaching out… give your bloody head a shake is this really what society is turning out to be selfish coldhearted ignorant sociopaths

    • You can’t speak for all situations girl. That lacks serious compasssion. What about assisted dying? We had a family member who had a medical death. It was beautiful.

    • I believe that anyone who has decided that they no longer want to continue living should have that choice. Whether it a mental disease or any other disease they are fighting. Who are you decide for anyone else what is right for them. For most people who decide to have an assisted suicide it allows that person to die with some dignity.


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