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“It’s Yours” and so are the problems!

I am a senior, on a fixed income.
A new 2nd hand store opened up in my neighborhood called “It’s Yours” selling used furniture, electronics etc. They were on the news recently for having the store windows smashed.
2 weeks ago I wandered in, bought a few used items, which are fine.
I visited the store again a week later, noticed an older HEAVY big screen TV and asked to see the picture on it. He cannot demonstrate as he has no cable or even a DVD player there to show me the picture.
So I started to walk away, he says “It works. Nothing wrong with it.”
I asked how he knows.
He said “I tested it. Beautiful color, better than a new TV, no problems with it.”
I ask how much? He says $100. and he will deliver free since he already delivered the other items last week and knows I live close.
I realize buying used TV’s is a chance at best. But this man insisted the TV is fine. So I took a chance, paid him the $100. and he said “deliver tonight.”
He brought it in, we hooked it up, and yes, the TV works, and he left.
I watched it for 35 minutes when the screen went blank! Sound was still on but no picture.
I turn it off, then back on, and it is fine… for a while.
Turns out the TV has personality! The screen goes off anywhere from 3 minutes to 35 minutes MAX, constantly! (I ran it for 5 hours that night)
The next day I went back to the store to inform him of this problem.
He tells me he knows what it is, a sleep timer, he will come over after store hours tonight, and will adjust it. Easy fix!
I left confused, because as I say, the sound stays on. But as long as he is willing to come over and look at it, I was okay with that….
Meanwhile I put all the cable lines back to my old TV and used that until 45 minutes before he was due to arrive. I put the cords back on HIS TV so I could show him when he arrives…. no show. I put cable lines back to old TV and called again the next day. He said he got busy with deliveries, will come tonight….. Again I put cable lines back on HIS TV 45 minutes before he is due to arrive – again, no show.
Both nights he never even bothered to call me & reschedule.
The next day I have my adult daughter call him, he told her he would come just after he closes at 7pm tonight.
By this time I am sick & tired of transferring cable lines back & forth, but I did it again.
He arrives 30 minutes early (I guess his store hours are flexible) but HIS TV is still working… we haven’t made it to the 35 minute mark yet. So I cannot even show him what’s happening.
But turns out all that was a waste of my time anyway, as when he entered my home he said “This is not part of my job. I am not going to adjust settings on YOUR TV.”
I said “You told me you tested it and it works great.”
He says “The guy who brought it in told me it works fine, I took his word for it.”

So there you have it folks!
A man who has no problem lying through his teeth to a senior on a fixed income convincing me to buy this piece of crap TV that he hasn’t even tested!
Now I think back to the smashed store windows that happened a few weeks ago, and wonder, did the vandal START at HIS store because he was also ripped off by this thief and then in a rage continue on down the street smashing windows? We will never know for sure, but I do feel their outrage!

Located 127 ave and 120 street.

If you’ve ever bought a used car, you know there are times you have to take a chance.
This guy seems very sincere… until he is backed into a corner.
I have no way of getting this monstrosity of a TV out of my house, no truck to haul it away, and if I do, I have to pay to have it taken to a recycle place?!!
So, BEWARE of this guy. A real sleaze ball!

Oh, and he makes YOU help carry your purchases in – or you get someone to help him – as he works alone! I had my grandson take the bus over to help carry the TV into my house. As I said, it’s a heavy older one.



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  1. MrBig says:

    You’re all about garbage in Edmonton, it is why you call yourselves the city of champions and even invest in used garbage. Stop wanting garbage in your life and then you won’t have to complain after. Problem solved. No solution to fixing Edmonton tho.

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