Jamaican Vacation Recommendations?

My husband and I are looking to plan a vacation. I’m looking for recommendations from your personal experiences!

Jamaica has been one place we’re both interested in, but we’d be open to ideas, as we’ve not done a lot of travelling anyways. I’m not big on drinking alcohol, but I do smoke marijuana. Is this easy to come by in Jamaica? What are the rules there, how laid back are they?

I read some reviews that people would be approached by locals on their resort and offered to buy weed. I’m not really up for some shady deal outside of the resort or beach though. Would like something 4-5 stars, a bungalow on the beach or water villa resorts would be pretty awesome but hotel of course would be good too

Please share with me if you had an awesome (romantic?) time somewhere, anywhere, maryjane friendly, and friendly people! Thanks so much.



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  1. Erin Saville Erin Saville says:

    As a traveller I suggest buying from other tourists or expats. Just cuz people have done it doesn’t mean it won’t be a set up. Better safe than sorry abroad. Happened to a guy I know in Laos. The guy seemed chill but it was a set up with the fuzz and he got busted and fined big time. So if you’re gonna do it be careful and maybe get it from someone else not a local.

  2. Coco la palm on 7 mile

  3. Amanda Krumm Amanda Krumm says:

    Club Rio in Ocho Rios !! Looooooved it!! And as soon as you get off the plane there’s taxi people asking if you’re “good” and even hotel staff will ask if you need anything in that aspect. Will never forget that trip!!

  4. Tip the guy who carries your bags up well and ask him where to get some ganja, I loved Ocho Rios… it was close to a ton of things to do and we had an amazing time. We stayed in a villa at Sandals, we loved it because it was an adult only resort, both it and the staff were amazing.


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