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I have seen this post circulate on FB. They say this guy was standing on the corner of Jasper Ave and 109 Street.

Personally I think he is an ass for doing this. It is awful that he stood with a grin on his face wearing this sign. I cannot imagine if a bigger lady walked by and saw this. It makes me cringe and angry that he has gotten away with this. I think he should stand in the same intersection with a sign of apology.

I know some think this is funny…I think it is cruel. I also understand he has some snake oil diet …but certainly this is not the smartest way to get business. Is it just me? I am pretty upset about this..thoughts? Thx



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  1. Ken Airhart Ken Airhart says:

    Funny thing is…. he’s getting massive amounts of free publicity. Y’all are propogating his cause – just by talking about it. Here’s how to stop it… ignore him.

  2. UNO NUMBER 1 DICK HEAD. HEY DICKHEAD STOP BEING A STUPID, DICK! Im surprised someone hasnt b*tchslapped him yet.

  3. what would this world be like if you were told everything is good? Gees drugs and alcohol would be good smoking would be good!! they’re defiantly not healthy for ya. imagine not being able to voice your own opinion. Islamaphobia? it’s all good. my point is if everything is good than nothing should be bad which is a lie..

  4. Doug James Doug James says:

    Freedom of expression, you dont like it that’s your problem. The same reason you can call him a jerk

  5. Mary Haggart Mary Haggart says:

    all I see is small hands & feet

  6. How come he’s
    Getting away with it . Report
    Him !!

  7. suprised a fat chick hasn’t punched him in the face

  8. He got exactly what he wanted free publicity. All the attention he could ever ask for. It’s called short man syndrome.

  9. Ron Hession Ron Hession says:


  10. If that’s how he’s marketing himself, then I’m sorry fuckwit, that isn’t how ya do it. Some of the finest women I have known have been fluffy.

  11. I am “fat”. size 16, and I don’t give a shit. There will be people that say things about anyone, about anything.

  12. if some big lady did walk by, I would hope she smacked him and as hard as she could. He would have deserved it.

  13. Tom G Nahnah Tom G Nahnah says:

    Freedom of speech. You may not like it but it’s part of your freedoms too. Learn to ignore it.

  14. BJ Lucas BJ Lucas says:

    U know what needs to happen? A bunch of fat women, like me, need to go up to him n start rubbing on him. It’ll freak him out n get rid of him. Lol

  15. He is a subpar specimen of manhood himself.

  16. Stucky Betty Stucky Betty says:

    Some Tsekwi cho should grab him and sit on him, this will teach him a lesson….

  17. Terra Harel ….spot on!

  18. Tristan Poseluzny so is paying your debts

  19. Julia Pitman Julia Pitman says:

    You have a ugly heart buddy .Drop dead ass hole

  20. I wish I would have know I would have gone and broke that sign over his head and laughed all night about in jail lmao

  21. I work very near there and have never seen him. I also have zero issues punching him in the face if I do

  22. Chris Ho Chris Ho says:

    This happened yest on jasper ave. Shoutout to Ryan DaDragon Lee

  23. By giving this douche a platform this has played into his plan for attention. What an asshole.

  24. If it was a comment on sexual orientation or race he’d get charged what’s the difference sometimes people’s size is in their genetic make up ( we know intelligence isn’t in his)

  25. I’m just surprised someone didn’t rock him !!

  26. And I also agree, don’t give him the attention he he seeking. Disengage

  27. No you are absolutely right. Not funny. This is a disgrace.

  28. Mrk Pellerin Mrk Pellerin says:

    Isn’t this hat speech? If he said anything negative about a persons race, religion or sexual orientation he would be charged. Why hasn’t he been allowed to do this and for so long?

  29. And nobody kicked his ass while standing there? What a low life jerk.

  30. Not a dam bit funny…check out “Hate Incident”. Section 319.
    Which does state disabilities.

  31. Because it’s a hate crime !!!

  32. Tracy Silva Tracy Silva says:

    I’m very surprised he didn’t get the fuck knocked out of him!

  33. It’s just words and you can always look the other way. Yes he is an ass and only posting on here is giving him exactly what he wants

  34. And he’s just as gross for being a gross puke humiliating himself goof bag

  35. He’s got a strong personality that’s for sure…

  36. He does the snake juice diet. Intermediate fasting etc. He calls everyone fat. Normally he says “hey fatty” it’s his thing. Let it go lol

  37. Lisa Gelinas Lisa Gelinas says:

    I just don’t get how and why you would specifically single out ‘fat women’ as opposed to ‘fat people’. It’s extra stupid.

  38. Not a dam bit funny…check out “Hate Incident”. Section 319.
    Which does state disabilities.

  39. Emma Fleck Emma Fleck says:

    I want to drive by and throw a banana with a note attached saying, “nobody cares what you think, loser prick…. now eat up,
    Caring chubby

  40. I agree with why Cole stands for !! Stop eating Fatty.

  41. Amanda Bland Amanda Bland says:

    Justin Sabourin never mind… he s not hahaha

  42. Apparently this is his way of advertising for a product called snake juice. It’s some sort of diet product that he used to lose weight. Not the way that I would go about advertising anything or promoting anything

  43. April Smith April Smith says:

    The guy got the attention he wanted

  44. Amanda Bland Amanda Bland says:

    Justin Sabourin Hahahahahahah really!? Well there ya go !!

  45. Stop giving him attention.

  46. And by you guys sharing this status and commenting on it… Your probably giving him the attention he is looking for so keep sharing and commenting on it thats smart lmao

  47. Snake diet man! Snake diet man!

  48. Ahh Cole Robinson. Promoting fat for his “Snake Diet”. Guess his dreams and aspirations for making the big screen didn’t happen (or it did…I don’t follow him lol) but we must result to this singling “woman”.

  49. Where was I when this was happening… I would have thrown my cheeseburger at him….

  50. That sign says the most about him.

  51. Tracy Cole Tracy Cole says:

    This is a hate crime plain and simple and this man should be charged.

  52. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    I am giving this guy and his circulating facebook posts, no more attention after this one. Pretty sure he feels that if he shames one more person, he will make more money from that stupid snake diet he promotes. Freedom of speech is one thing, but this goes to bullying and hatred…he is an f*&$n snake himself.

  53. I hate that he is getting more attention for doing this. This is what he wants.

  54. Could we stop giving this guy free advertising?

    Edmonton has far more people filled with love and compassion than we do Jerks like these. It’s why they stand out. Let’s talk about the wonderful women and men that help our city.

  55. Aaron Frank Aaron Frank says:

    He actually likes the negative attention. That’s his thing. Just ignore him that’s what we all did and he went away!!

  56. Freedom. Appreciate it. He has the freedom to stand there with that sign that offends some people and people are also free to be as fat as they want. In Japan you get penalized for being fat with your health insurance.

  57. He lost a bet… Chill out

  58. Oh well. Freedom of speech. Having that freedom is worth somebody feeling offended. You are all free to stand next to him with your own placard.

  59. Does any one know his name?

  60. If I didn’t have a family… I’d be out there with a sign that says “men with small dicks and dumb signs are gross… will sing short dick man for small donations”. lol.

  61. Ashley Rae Ashley Rae says:

    The snake diet… yah he promotes it. It has a large following and it’s on Facebook groups. I don’t agree with his method of motivation as I believe there is no motivation in negativity. I followed his group for a little debating wether I wanted to be apart of it and ultimately chose not to because of the things he posts. However for apparently a lot of people his “encouragement” works and is what’s needed so I mean who are we to judge. As a bigger woman I face that on a daily basis and am comfortable in my skin and the knowledge that I am loved no matter what I look like and that I can lose the weight when i want to. You only feel what you allow yourself to feel.

  62. Andrea Martens but penis size is super important for every day life

  63. Kerry Lynne Kerry Lynne says:

    He’s looking for a reaction and getting just that by these posts.

  64. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    Poor guy ….he starves himself to stay slim but is so starved for attention he has to do something stupid.

  65. It’s mean. Anyone who thinks otherwise has issues

  66. Herpes…that also explains why people won’t sleep with him.

  67. His mother must be proud of him

  68. Him spreading his hate is what I dislike! Who the fuck is he to judge someone on their body size? And what makes him an expert in the topic of weight loss? He named the diet after himself if you ask me me lol (which I’m sure he didn’t invent).Plus, he seems a little nuts, so perhaps he’s lost a few brain cells from starving them!

  69. Ron Barchuk Ron Barchuk says:

    Meh. Hes entitled to his opinion just like everyone else is entitled to their ultra sensitive always offended by everything everywhere all the time opinions.

  70. Everyone sharing this guy’s picture and what he’s doing is just going to make him money. Every person that looks up his YouTube videos and brings him attention is doing exactly what he wants. He doesnt care if he looks like an ass, its bringing him attention and money. Stop making stupid people famous.

  71. This is cole robinson the guy from snake diet. He believes using his diet of fasting after 1 big meal and drinking snake juice. Which is 1l of water and mostly salt. He can cure type 1 diabetes, cancer, type 2 and many other illnesses.

  72. Jules Maria Jules Maria says:

    He is legit crazy. He tells you not to eat carbs but load on the vegetables, wtf is a vegetable then? Because I’m certain it’s a carb. Also look at him, he hasn’t lifted a weight in his life or exercised. Ps. Hr probably got rejected by a girl so he resorted to calling her fat.

    • Jules Maria starchy vegetables are higher carb, cruciferous veggies are typically lower carb, almost nil unless you eat gobs of them and then it can add up.

    • Jules Maria Jules Maria says:

      Nikki Rushton yes, but the vegetables with actual vitamins add up. They are carbs. Don’t tell people they aren’t carbs. I’ve lost 120lbs counting macros, I’m not an amateur thank you.

    • Jules Maria Jules Maria says:

      Nikki Rushton yes, but the vegetables with actual vitamins add up. They are carbs. Don’t tell people they aren’t carbs. I’ve lost 120lbs counting macros, I’m not an amateur thank you.

    • Ken Podolsky Ken Podolsky says:

      Jules Maria you ARE an amateur in judging people

    • Dale Burak Dale Burak says:

      Nikki it depends on the vegetables, and you also want to choose ones that are high in fibre. Ideally you want to stick to veggies that have a low net carb for the weight-loss.

      I have no clue what his diet plan is because I have never seen it, and without seeing it I can not comment on it.

      All I can say is if he wants to step up his game and actually have some credibility in the industry he needs to have some class which he is seriously lacking now.

  73. Craig Piche Craig Piche says:

    Pretty upset about this? Is it ruining your life? Sensitivity everywhere!

  74. He probably has a micropenis and needs to feel important somehow.

  75. Lmao. People needing to announce to the world how disgusted they are with this guy just keep giving him exposure. You’re not hurting his feeling, I assure you.

    This is pretty amusing….

  76. he came in my work yesterday and told me I am fat and need to watch my waste line… because I would not google something for him..

  77. Karen Cut Karen Cut says:

    But he’s ugly. No hope for that. At least the ‘fat’ girls can lose weight

  78. There are diseases & medications that can make a woman fat.

  79. Jack Brodeur Jack Brodeur says:

    personally thats your opinion.. im not saying what he did is right (i dont agree with it) but guess what your allowed to have your own opinions. why is everyone nowadays so offended by everything. best thing you could do is ignore it rather than giving him attention.

  80. People can have whatever opinion they want and write it on a sign. It’s ridiculous how offended everyone is over this one.

  81. Instead of giving him all the free advertisement this jack a– is receiving block him!

  82. And he’s an embarrassment for drayton valley

  83. Stark Kathy Stark Kathy says:

    Guys that wear signs around their necks are Hideous.

  84. All it does is speak of his character not yours. Ignore him. He just wants attention

  85. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    Look Sara Duguay more free advertising ! Lol

  86. Sarah Radley Sarah Radley says:

    Maybe he has a death wish

  87. If you let someone like this upset you, then you have some other issues to work through

  88. Pay attention, This was already posted.

  89. This guy has helped hundreds If bit thousands of people lose weight by fasting
    It’s called snake juice diet and his name is Cole. I actually love what he does

  90. He’s the snake diet guy, YouTube it. Seen this in a similar post.

  91. He won’t apologize he is an ignorant asshole and us Sharing the post gives him exactly what he what’s. He was banned from Facebook for now once again and so he is looking for attention otherways. He is a douche bag and we just need to stop giving him the attention he wants and hopefully karma will give him what he deserves.

  92. Jason Lehoux Jason Lehoux says:

    I love women with meat on there body … This guy aint no man , i guess having a tiny dick is the shits hey …

  93. Just go down there with your own signs and start protesting.

  94. Debbie Ward Debbie Ward says:

    No , I do not condone making disparaging remarks about anybody or anything. ☹️☹️

  95. Shawn Silva Shawn Silva says:

    Lots of ways to get healthier Brock. Fasting is one acclaimed way… depending on your circumstance you probably have multiple options.

  96. Brock Hart Brock Hart says:

    i actually went to his face book page, he actually fasts for 7-10 days and gets pretty amazing results doing it! His sign is pretty extreme but it’s just making people visit his page, and he’s actually trying to inspire people to defeat their addictions. At first I thought he was a prick, but now I’m inspired to go on a ten day fast, but it’s hard enough to make it to two days….

  97. Angel Boss Angel Boss says:


  98. Shawn Silva Shawn Silva says:

    To Everyone freaking out and condemning and hating etc on this guy… have any of you talked to him… voiced reasons why… conversed, done anything other than get mad and then lash out with equally hateful rhetoric?

  99. Rolling around like pigs in the mud.

  100. I love how he targets just women.

  101. Amanda Colp Amanda Colp says:

    More we go on about it more people r going to see it and get hurt or encourage this rude behavior… unfortunately that means comment also spread it so just ignore it. Yes he’s fucking loser. But more u talk about it the more ur spreading his message

  102. Yesterday 2 gentlemen were standing on that corner with their own sign. I can’t remember the exact wording, but it was like Every woman is beautiful or something like that. <3

  103. Is this not like the 2nd or 3rd time this page has posted about this? Can you not post more original content?

  104. This is this Ass Hats way of getting business and publicity and it works. Any publicity is good publicity for him. GROSS

  105. Stop sharing this idiot. This is exactly what he wants. It’s problematic marketing for his dumbass diet. Stop posting about him. You are just giving him free publicity.

  106. We have a right to say whatever we want, within reason.

  107. Terra Sugar Terra Sugar says:

    His sign is code for I have a small penis

  108. The more people post about him, the more attention he gets. Don’t placate that man-child.

  109. You have to wonder what his relationship with his mother is like, and what she thinks of his antics. Either she’s deeply ashamed, or she supports his bigotry, and is just as much of a problem as he is.

  110. And this post is doing exactly what he wants. To draw attention to him.

  111. Adam Spamler Adam Spamler says:

    Should say “thick” women.

  112. Linda Paul Linda Paul says:

    Don’t advertise for him, that’s exactly what he wants.

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