Jewish Family Services is antisemitic

Jewish Family Services more likely antisemitic. My mom is jewish not my dad but I guess I am half. I applied for a job there which lasted 6 months. I took every shift I can no complaints. And who did the full time hours go? To non-jews. Were they more qualified? No. They were new to Canada with almost no qualifications or experience. While many jewish workers had diplomas and years of experience on top of just this organization. Why is it that they hire less than 1% of jewish applicants? Why is the president not jewish? He is Police antisemite who brags his family helped the Nazis.
The other day the president retired so I thought things would be better. I was hoping instead of 2 hour shifts a day I would get more. They make you sign to agree to leas than 3 hours, to work holiday without extra pay. But I did it all. Yet they asked for people to contribute money for the retirement party and when I said I don’t have any – next day I was told I am let go. Reason? There is not enough hours and I complain about my shifts. Yet same day they hired 2 more full time people. Hipocricy. But I can’t prove it to the government, I tried.
So I am stating it to reach people. Jews have had oppression forever. I am only half. I am learning that nobody stands up or cares about jews. Ask any jewish person working there and they hide religion to keep their jobs.



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  1. We would just to say that it is unfortunate that this anonymous person did not raise their concerns with us directly, which if they would still like to do we will address them. At JFS we pride ourselves on being open, honest and transparent. All our staff positions are open to the entire community to apply for and the same goes for our programs the vast majority of which are open to all. We value and celebrate our Jewish heritage and will continue to do so.


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