Joined bank accounts

I am hoping to get some feedback/help with a situation I have. My husband and I have been married for just over a year, been together 10 years. We do not have a joint bank account, simply because we just never really got around to it.
He’s been starting to make comments that we need one and I do agree we should have one, but is it really bad that I don’t really want to get one? I love him, but he’s not good with money/bills like I am. He pays things late, he over spends, he never knows when half his bills are due. He keeps saying that once we have a joint bank account all the free money we have will be “ours” and not just mine or his etc. I work harder than him, I make more money, I have more free money, so why should I have to work my ass off for him carelessly go buy what he wants with “our free money.” He’s honestly the best man I’ve ever known and this is his only real flaw, so please don’t come at me saying I shouldn’t have married him, because I’d rather have a decent man who can’t save money that a rich POS who treats me like crap lol. I just want some insight to this… married couples what works for you? Please no negativity I just want some genuine advise. Thank you



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