Just a Reminder when you Park

When you park so that you are blocking off the sidewalk, you are preventing people from getting by. Please think about those that use mobility aids such as a wheelchair or a scooter.

They can’t easily get by when you block off the sidewalk. Not to mention it is illegal to park on the sidewalk!



7 Responses

  1. Call BYLAW. I did that once in the winter when walking home from a event with my SO and daughter (in her stroller), mid February. Vehicle was so close to the snow pile my SO and daughter had to go on the road. We got home, called bylaw. total them were it was as I grabbed the licence plate and house address. With in an 15 minutes, bylaw drove pass my place. When I called I gave my address and said I have picture if they were need

  2. 311 is your friend. Posting this here lets off steam but let’s face it – the offending party will either not see it or, if they do, they won’t realize it’s about them.

  3. James says:

    You are also supposed to remove the ball from your hitch if you are not using it.

  4. Or park so close to the handicapped stall that the person in the wheelchair can’t open their ramp door or car door to access their wheelchair. Bylaw takes a long time to respond with the number of calls they get. I have created a note with a picture of how to park next to a handicapped stall to place on vehicle in question.

  5. People have to much time on their hands… I agree with this. Same token me and my aunt were getting ready to go out and she parked in my drive way blocking the side walk because we had a truck parked in drive way trying to get stuff to her van and this jogger comes running by and gives us a dirty look and says, ” really your blockin the side walk and now I have to run all way around.” All bitchy. Haha my aunt ,” all well makes u run more.” Hahha anyways it wasn’t like we were parked there we were loading stuff ignorant bitch


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