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Just curious….

Those of you who voted for the UCP….are you still happy with your decision?



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  1. Don’t ya just love the fact that due to the UCP getting rid of the provincial carbon tax, that we are gonna have a federal one in a few months, which will ensure that money never gets used in Alberta, unlike the provincial one we had which helped fund all manners of greener projects

  2. Would never vote for UCP because of their record of prejudices.

  3. OP posted a stupid question just so she could show up in the comment section and bash UCP.

  4. Shari Heiser Shari Heiser says:

    Yes. Someone has to clean up this mess.

  5. Dylan Havok Dylan Havok says:

    Someone trying to clean up their Facebook?

  6. Gotta love all those jobs that started to pour in

  7. I think this is the wrong time to be asking. I am not surprised by the question though. I noticed the NDP supporters saying that Kenney broke his campaign promise by not cutting his salary as his first act and are clearly not satisfied with him taking the biggest cut on a salary let alone cutting all the salaries back. It takes time to analyze properly the state of finances and where to cut to make a difference. Instead of dumping copious quantities of cash into health, why not do something that actually works instead. Wait times got longer, not shorter with the money bandage, so clearly money was not the issue.
    I’m waiting to pass judgement.

  8. Jason Ellard Jason Ellard says:

    I am so so so so happy!!

  9. had some fb friends always commenting how they couldn’t wait to get rid of the NDP and one in particular, to get rid of ‘Nutley’ as all they did was wreck her town, Lethbridge.
    Now, not a peep. There is no defense! lol
    and Lethbridge is getting shafted and hard, by the UCP

    can you say ‘TOAD-A-SO’

  10. Does it matter? The election is done. Those who voted, chose the candidate/party they wanted to vote for. Isn’t that what democracy is for?
    Whether good or bad, in whoever’s opinion, the UCP party won.

  11. You guys obviously weren’t around during the Klein era or are listening to the news. Kenney is doing exactly what Ford did back east and everything is being cut like health care and teachers which hurts everyone. Giving tax cuts to the rich means we the middle class and poor have to pay more. Give your heads a shake he only cares about his rich cronies not the ordinary working person.

  12. I’m still trying to turn canada off and back on again….

  13. Shaun Siever Shaun Siever says:

    The Used Car Party is just getting started. Jobs declining, services being cut, its almost like we predicted this would happen. Lmao

  14. Yup sure the fuck am. You’re welcome.

  15. I am completely happy with my boat or Jason Kenney the only dumb thing I’ve seen them do so far is trying to remove the word public from public schools

  16. Extremely happy!! The UCP is at least trying to fix what is wrong unlike the incompetent NDP government digging us in so much debt

  17. Andrew Gregg Andrew Gregg says:

    Too early to tell really, but sure am glad those ideologically driven socialists were ousted.

  18. Couldn’t be happier! We finally have a leader taking back control of our finances, and fighting for our economic growth!

  19. Mah Dehaan Mah Dehaan says:

    They will….until their expected to cover those billion dollar tax cuts!
    Healthcare fees, higher insurance, higher school fees, provincial sales tax, and major companies leaving faster than the last 4.
    Even then they’ll blame anyone but themselves!

  20. Vicki Lynn Vicki Lynn says:

    No one will ever be happy with whose in government it’s a lose lose why bother asking these dumb questions

  21. Making Alberta Great Again

  22. Alberta is a con province. The con’s can do no wrong. What a silly question.

  23. Compared to what we had? Hell yeah, seams like the op’s feelers are still butthurt!

  24. This post ought to end well. Is someone all sad and shit? Lol

  25. I am happy with my vote for sure. Do I agree 100% with everything the provincial gov is doing right now? Not necessarily, but I am not on the inside to know why they are making these decisions. However, I do know that we could not afford another term of the NDP spending frenzy.

  26. Tracy Cole Tracy Cole says:

    yup. Now to get rid of JT!

  27. Shawna Jones Shawna Jones says:

    Since the dirty PC’S own the media, we don’t see the major shortcomings of that party blasted in the news on a daily basis, unlike what they did to the NDP. F*ing pigs.

  28. Of course,but I dont live in Edmonton

  29. Phill DL Phill DL says:

    They’re all in line waiting for their sammich at Chic Fil A

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