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Just cut the darn chicken!

So I spend about 2 hours making a nice meal for my husband. Penne noodles with Alfredo sauce and oven baked chicken. I sliced the chicken breast and put it over the penne Alfredo noodles.

His first comment is “the chicken pieces are too big “. Really, use your knife and cut the up!

Sometimes there is no pleasing some people!



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  1. Tell him him
    The jobs all your from now on

  2. Krista Zimm Krista Zimm says:

    Sounds like you need to throw out the whole husband and start from scratch. The recipe is clearly a lost cause.
    Side note – terrifying how many women are willing to harm their partners instead of just leaving them. You can just leave, ladies!

  3. And this is social media worthy? Guess nothing is held back these days!

  4. If you want.him to cut the chicken dont put it on the noodles, put it beside. I cant stand trying to cut me over sauce covered noodles….makes a mess.

    Backing him on this one lol

  5. Next time he can suck it through a straw after you knock out his teeth. What an ass.

  6. Julie Cooper Julie Cooper says:

    Now this is what an anonymous complaint should be. This. Instead of stabbing youe spouse

  7. Kelli Backs Kelli Backs says:

    Seriously.. make him a chocolate dessert but use Exlacks instead! I wouldn’t be cooking for him any time soon!

  8. Your husband sounds like a useless cunt.

  9. Sue Weir Sue Weir says:

    Next time ask him if he’d like you to chew it for him, too

  10. Ron Klatt Ron Klatt says:

    Sounds like grounds for divorce

  11. Sounds like someone needs to start cooking for himself so he can learn to appreciate the work. You want the chicken cut a certain way, you can cut it your damn self!

  12. Nikki Abbott Nikki Abbott says:

    Hahaha, Andrew Abbott, something you always say to me but i did not post this.

  13. Ruth Edwards Ruth Edwards says:

    I would be nice and do as he asked…with an ax.

  14. Mah Dehaan Mah Dehaan says:

    Fuck him.
    Next time serve him Wendy’s coupons.
    My husband is a fantastic cook and so am I.
    He appreciates everything I do for him and the lil one!!

  15. You married the tool. Why tell all of us that he’s one?

  16. Is he 4 ?? Does he need you to cut them for him ?? Tell him to fuck himself and send his cunt ass to KFC

  17. You should have taken all the chicken off his plate, chewed it, and put it back on his plate. If he is going to act like a big baby, treat him like one.

  18. A small thing you can do to please him but I’m wondering what he does at a restaurant.

  19. I honestly would of told him to go fuck himself that he is a big boys and can cut his own damn chicken

  20. Cut it up and feed it to him like a baby if he can’t cut his own meat. Lol

  21. Lisa Watkins Lisa Watkins says:

    That would cause me to get a new husband. I want a man, not a child.

  22. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    For the rest of the day if I get frustrated, I’m just going to yell out “just cut the chicken” lol

  23. Tina Adam Tina Adam says:

    I’d mince it the next time.

  24. Put on a bib and cut it for him like the baby he’s acting like.

  25. Lenny Shaw Lenny Shaw says:

    Looks like he still needs his Mommy

  26. Who cares ? I hope you choke on your chicken.

  27. Tiff Wapass Tiff Wapass says:

    Leave him. File for divorce.

  28. have you tried to talk to your husband or it is more dramatic to put in on Shoutout?

  29. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    Hey I was going to have chicken tonight. Can you come over and cut it into bite-size pieces for me please . Love ya.

  30. Amanda Kuhn Amanda Kuhn says:

    Next time make them bigger and maybe he will choke on it

  31. You guys should just turn vegan. You’ll never have this problem again

  32. Problems with big old shitty chicken? Call this guy , Knut Johansen Willier. With hands like knives he’ll whip that chicken, and that prick of a husband into a stir fry faster then you clean your drawers from excitement !!

  33. Is he 2? You’re not his mother.

  34. Stop doing it. Seriously. I made my husbands lunch every day until he made a shitty comment then Nope. If you continue it will eat you up inside.

  35. I think the phrase “First world problems” is overused and cliche, but damn, this time its appropriate.

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