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I’m a single mom of four. I was told to contact Alberta Works for help with my food issue. Not my bills or income support. Just food, and was told the chances of getting a food voucher is good. So I call. They denied my one and only request . How do I not qualify? I maje enough to cover bills and my rent. Food is my big time problem. I don’t spend my money stupidly. My kids are my number one concern. Not trying to pity myself, I know there are others out there. Told I could get a food hamper the same day from the depot downtown. That was a lie. Told that I could seek help from family and friends. I don’t need my family knowing my business. I’m recently separated from my ex, so he helps when he can but he is not obligated to hand me out more and more money. Even though he has offered if need be. I do have a food bank hamper coming but was hoping they would help this one time!!!. I’m cut off child benefit currently till I can prove my kids are mine snd full time. Yes it does hapoen. About to lose my marbles!!! My kids don’t need to see me upset, my issues aren’t theirs to deal with. Not looking for a hand out with anyone from here. Just need to release this pent up frustration that is building. So this is the way to go. Means comments to this post won’t affect me. I’m so beyond that. Thanks for listening



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  1. kamagz says:

    Check local churches they sometimes will help with food donations.


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