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I was looking for a vet/animal volunteer place that would let a 12 year old help out. My daughter has to do volunteer hours for school and she loves animals. I have tried to talk to her about other options but she has her heart set on this. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction? Thanks


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  1. Mj Mank Mj Mank says:

    I have explored that option for my 17 year old and they cannot volutneer at an animal shelter until they have completed grade 12, like someone suggested maybe they can with a parent volunteering

  2. I suggest calling one of the rescues in Edmonton. They’re are so many amazing rescues that would love to have young volunteers to educate and hopefully create future rescuers. A lot of rescues are in dire need of volunteers.

  3. Debbie Ryder Debbie Ryder says:

    Phone a rescue and volunteer to cuddle cats and kittens at their adoption centres. I’m pretty sure she will need an adult with her .

  4. Wild North- Northern Alberta Wildlife and Rehabilitation center may work. Here’s the link :

  5. Humane society allows it but an adult has to do it with her. Also if it’s catholic school hours, that doesn’t usually qualify, you may need to pass it by the teacher

  6. Faren Critch Faren Critch says:

    Have you considered the zoo?! I think they also have a volunteer program.

  7. Kids can volunteer at the EHS with a parent. For some reason, the Parent and Me information is missing from their website, so you’d have to call. A 6 month commitment of 4 hours per month is required. Would be great together time with your 12 year old and you’d likely have to drive her out there anyway, right?

  8. Sherri Kobes Sherri Kobes says:

    SPCA has volunteers. They should have something.

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