Kind of a brag, I’m sorry but I don’t have anyone to talk to

I’m so happy and can’t talk to my family or friends. I am completely debt free. My home is paid for, car is paid for, no credit card debt and have over half a million in retirement (I’m in my 30’s). No children to speak of and my partner and I are super happy.

I can’t tell anyone about this and wanted to say good job me. Can’t tell others and they would think I’m bragging but I don’t know any of you…thanks for letting me type this all out!



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  1. One of the few! Great job… 🙂

  2. Congratulations! I hope to be there one day soon!

  3. Congratulations!!! That’s so awesome and you have every right to brag about it!

  4. Meena Milley Meena Milley says:

    If you haven’t heard of it, you may be interested in

  5. Ruth Edwards Ruth Edwards says:

    Good job! I know this took hard work and dedication. I know it’s possible to be in your position and I’m working on it too.

  6. That is an awesome accomplishment! One I am working towards myself.

  7. Why do you have to tell anyone? As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t announce it. They’ll show up on your doorstep asking for financial help. Keep your finances to yourself.

    You should be proud of yourself. Well done. You and your Partner should have your own little celebration.

  8. Good for you! Congrats #happylife now go travel

  9. Fantastic! I am envious as I am awful with money and savings.

  10. Boring life, Lol. But that is an amazing achievement!

  11. Congratulations. What’s the secret? How did you achieve it?

  12. I’m betting is bullshit eau gratin

  13. Definitely something to be proud of. The key part of your success I believe is 2 words…. No Kids. Well done though.

  14. That’s to bad ! But way to go !! Huge accomplishment!!

  15. Tracy Veen Tracy Veen says:

    That’s great! Congratulations!

  16. Mj Mank Mj Mank says:

    Good job. Kudos to u

  17. Ricardo Casanova your response cracked me up lol

  18. That’s to bad ! But way to go !! Huge accomplishment!!

  19. If this is for real, and your friends and family aren’t happy for you, get new friends and family! Be happy.

  20. “No children to speak of”.
    What does that mean? Either you do, or you don’t.

  21. Dave Wilson Dave Wilson says:

    Can’t tell anyone because you did it selling drugs and being an assassin for hire….very, very few legal ways you could possibly have done all that and gotten half a million in the bank by your age. But if you did do it legally, why not tell others and share how you did so that more people could be where you are?

  22. Yea good job man who cares if people think your bragging you did good fuck the haters ahha

  23. That’s fantastic!
    It isn’t easy but everyone should be able to celebrate successes!

  24. Congratulations! I want to encourage you to share the news. Find out a low-key, non-braggy way of doing it but trust me on this, there is probably people in your life that need an example that this can be done. When I struggled with debt it didn’t help me that I had people in my life basically saying “oh everyone is in debt.” It made me feel like I didn’t have to even try. It worsened the problem instead of giving me something to strive to achieve.

  25. No children to speak of??? Very weird. Otherwise, great job financially.

  26. Congrats. Be proud of what you have accomplished at your age. Shout it to the world!

  27. Wow. Great job ! That’s super impressive

  28. Congratulations!! That is a huge accomplishment!

  29. Pooja Alysha Pooja Alysha says:

    good for you!!!! you should absolutely celebrate your success and hard work!!!

  30. You have a right to be proud. Congratulations

  31. Congratulations  stranger. I wish you had people in your life that you felt like you could celebrate this with besides your husband because this is an incredible accomplishment. I think you should both be so very proud. As someone who is horrible with money, I’m so happy for you. ❤

  32. 3 kids and ailling parents would take care of you bragging.

  33. Good for you! You must have had good lessons taught to you in your early days. It can be done! Keep up the great work and think about sharing your successes with a family member.

  34. Have 2 kids then see your savings dwindle….just saying

  35. Ali C-f Ali C-f says:

    Congrats to you but honestly do you not have one person, others than your partner who you could tell.
    It is an accomplishment but also a bit of a dick move to be a braggart on social media. If you were worried about not having friends to share this accomplishment with, why even think to put it on here.
    I’m glad you’re in that position. Way to go!!! I mean that BUT maybe post for others at the bissel center, mustard seed ect of your accomplishment.

    You don’t know who follows social media. There’s so many in need who ask for help on this site and in our community. From one who donates meals, hands out clothes and hand warmer packages, I find your post a bit arrogant.

  36. Awesome! Now enjoy your life to the fullest. Hope many more people can accomplish this too!

  37. Dean Rogal Dean Rogal says:

    Not one negative post?

  38. Would have been there myself if I hadn’t sacrificed to help others…. good for you. Be happy and enjoy

  39. That’s seriously awesome!!! Good for you guys!

  40. I want to get rid of my overdraft and payday loans and credit card debt. It’s hard to get out of once your in it especially when you on a fixed income

  41. Yay! As a financial advisor this makes my heart happy!

  42. Karley Marie Karley Marie says:

    To speak of. Lol

    Good job

  43. Congratulations and well done

  44. Well done! Thank you for sharing! ❤

  45. Megan Riggs Megan Riggs says:

    Tell the world! This is an amazing accomplishment anyone who isnt happy for you is a jealous jerk. You’ve done something great! Congrats.

  46. Dave Ramsey would be super impressed with you 🙂

  47. Xavier Paddy Xavier Paddy says:

    Im on the same path & im 24 🙂

  48. Tannis Fong Tannis Fong says:

    Actually, it’s kind of inspiring. It’s good to know that someone is doing well!

  49. Tannis Fong Tannis Fong says:

    Congratulations! I am proud of you! That’s a lot of work!

  50. Eddie Belzil Eddie Belzil says:

    Well done. Just curious, your name wouldn’t be Walter White would it?

  51. that’s a really good accomplishment. I wouldn’t call it bragging

  52. I’m just sorry you don’t have people in your life you can share this with! Any accomplishment in one’s life should be celebrated by everyone that loves them! Congrats on your success!!

  53. Derek Walsh that’s exactly what you say!

  54. Congratulations! You should be very proud of yourselves.

  55. Aja Novic Aja Novic says:

    That’s awesome! Congratulations!!

  56. Amanda Colp Amanda Colp says:

    Hey having something good to share on shot out is great theres alot of toxic shit that gets post. I’m glad u r doing great. I hope I can have this luck to pay shit off hahaha

  57. Kass Morin Kass Morin says:

    Hey bro can I borrow some money?

  58. I’m in a pretty similar situation except I also have a mistress.

  59. Sonja Mac Sonja Mac says:

    This is brag worthy!

  60. Dana McVey Dana McVey says:

    that is so wonderful! Just remember you are still young and have a lot of time to get over the Million mark, lol.

  61. Super! I’m not sure I would tell anyone, either. It breeds jealously and resentment in some. And then there’s always someone with their hand out. Great job!

  62. That’s wonderful! Good job you guys.

  63. Jaime Sharon Jaime Sharon says:

    That’s amazing. Great job!

  64. Lois Sunley Lois Sunley says:

    this is wonderful don’t know you but very proud of you <3 quite an achievement!! yeah YOU!

  65. Well done!! Good for you!! P.s. teach me all of your ways please lol

  66. Eirra Mac Eirra Mac says:

    That’s amazing. Great job!

  67. Best way to retain wealth is don’t had kids or have only one.

  68. Peggy Firth Peggy Firth says:

    Congratulations to you

  69. April Smith April Smith says:

    I always feel once i start to brag stuff starts to fall apart or someone one ups u im just happy we all woke up today so for job for everyone

  70. Congrats!!! That is great news!

  71. There’s nothing wrong with saying this because it teaches people what’s possible

  72. Wtg you must follow Dave Ramsey live like no other FREEDOM!!!!

  73. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    Wonderful, that is a great feat! Not many people can do it!

  74. I think you should shout this from the rooftops. Nothing wrong with being proud of your accomplishments. Great job!

  75. Wayne Rothe Wayne Rothe says:

    Well done. I work in financial services and want to point out the rarity of your achievement.

  76. Tammy Calvin Tammy Calvin says:

    You deserve to brag, congratulations

    Keep being smart with your money and enjoy a happy life.

  77. I would like to know how?

    • Maja Black Maja Black says:

      Charlene Stuffco go on YouTube and watch a few episodes of “til debt do us part”. Mostly you just spend on needs,not wants, and pay off all debt (highest interest first). Watch a few because there are different tips in each one…also money mentors is non profit, they can help you reduce interest on any credit you have

    • I want to hear it from a real person, and not just some vlogger who is trying to sell something on youtube.

    • I am getting debt free following Dave Ramsey’s baby steps. I had already been working on it, but if I stick to the steps I will be sent free other than my mortgage in the next 24 months, my mortgage within 5-6 yrs after that. And that is as a single parent of 4, some of which are now heading to college with me helping them out where I can and me working on my degree 1 course at a time out of pocket (I will finish paying off 2 of my 3past student loans within in the next 4 months. The 3rd is why my debts will take me 24). It is totally possible but takes focus and sacrifice to make it happen.

  78. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    That’s awesome. You have the right to brag if you did this on your own. Not everyone CAN do that so early in life. Now… what’s next? …

  79. I so wish. Enjoy the freedom ❤

  80. This is achievable if one doesn’t have kids lol

    • Maja Black Maja Black says:

      Adriana Dabrow even with kids you can

    • Yes i have 2 kids, i do have about $6000 in creditcard debt but my house is mortgage free and 2 vehicles owned no car loan.

    • I’d love for someone to show me how?! I’m serious!

    • Shaun Boutin Shaun Boutin says:

      Spend less than you make?

    • Maja Black Maja Black says:

      I posted this for another lady so it is copied and pasted : go on YouTube and watch a few episodes of “til debt do us part”. Mostly you just spend on needs,not wants, and pay off all debt (highest interest first). Watch a few because there are different tips in each one…also money mentors is non profit, they can help you reduce interest on any credit you have. I should add don’t buy the “latest” and if you are going to get a car loan never add “negative equity” (that term was created by car companies)

    • well I have 4 kids and it’s impossible to spend less just sayin…. everytime I turn around the school is asking for money etc…. they eat sooooooooo much!!! I don’t even buy myself things……

    • Achievable even with 4 kids. I am single mom working my butt off, I should be debt free aside from my mortgage in 24 months or so and my mortgage probably 5-6 yrs after that. So around the time my youngest heads to college I should be 100% debt free barring a tragic accident or something that prevents me from working. I just started following Dave Ramsey, so while I was already on track to get debt free this is helping me stay on track to get there faster

  81. Kim Breland Kim Breland says:

    Impressive!! What’s the secret at that young age??!!

  82. Tracy Cole Tracy Cole says:

    Alisha Bacon plan ahead!

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