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Kindness of the man at Oliver Square

This guy in a red Older ford, you made my night. Money’s been rough lately. I’ve been depressed on and off after a suicidal attempt and living. My heart was used and broken by someone I deeply loved for 6 years. The economy being down. Etc. Also ongoing struggles with my mental health. I was crying a little.

Taking a walk around. This guy pulls up and says “let me buy you a coffee” and I say “why?” Being skeptical as a I am of men, being a girl. He says “ah I just like the way you dress”. I’m in winter clothes and baggy sweats, no makeup, hair in a bun, scarf and huge boots. I think he could see it in my face or something, but sir.

Whoever you are. Thank you for the money. Life’s been rough and this helped more than I can say. Now I can buy some food! Thank you kind sir. Whoever you are. In the red pickup. This was October 28th around 8:25 ish in Oliver Square. I’m blown away.



2 Responses

  1. DontTakeCandyFromStrangers says:

    It sounds like a total lure! Thank God you never got in the truck or let him have time with your coffee!!
    If he wheels past your again, don’t be lured!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful story! I’m going out of my way to do do a big random act of kindness today in honour of the thoughtful stranger in the red pickup! Pass it on, and have a great day!