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King of donair

If you haven’t been yet you need to go to king of donair!

It’s a pizza place from Halifax and has the most amazing garlic fingers and donair egg rolls!!

It’s nice to finally have a place from home!



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  1. JR Tyler JR Tyler says:

    Prime Time in Oliver Square is better.

  2. EDDIES DONAIR, a hidden gem

  3. Sabrina Meneses is this the place u were telling me about?

  4. Nigel Prsa Nigel Prsa says:

    Olympus Donair on Riverbend road is theee spot

  5. I am from the east and Basha is the best I have tried here

  6. K.O.D. downhome donairs in Edmonton is AWESOME! Garlic fingers w/sweet donair dipping sauce. A true donair East Coast style! Yummmmmmmmm

  7. Jodi Flatt Jodi Flatt says:

    Food is decent, but the service absolutely sucked. We gave them the benefit of the doubt the first 3 times…and the service just got worse and worse. Even the staff complained about management to customers. So, it can be the best food ever, but until the service gets better, I’m gonna be a no.

  8. Josh Regnier Josh Regnier says:

    That place gave me the shits for three days after eating there on Friday night. My friends say it was probably due to all of the booze I drank before eating the donair but my crap smelt like rotten meat & not Jägermeister so I know who to blame.

  9. Rem Lea Rem Lea says:

    KOD is not bad. Unique for sauce flavour in the city for sure. Ive had easily 25 to 30 different donairs in the city and my top pick currently is Eddies.

  10. Melissa LM Melissa LM says:

    Shit. I need to go

  11. They are excellent. A taste of home.

  12. J’s in Spruce has fantastic Donairs but the best I’ve ever had was Donair Stop in Wainwright,AB

    I will have to give Kings a try though

  13. Adam MacRae Adam MacRae says:

    My sister talked about this place today. She’s grabbing all of the above for dinner tonight for my dad’s bday!

  14. Thanks for that! From Antigonish and maaan do I miss real donairs

  15. Johnny Grant is this you

  16. Elham Is Elham Is says:

    I think they just opened a new location in Sherwood Park.
    I am planning to visit soon !

  17. I cant speak for easteners. But basha is my place for donairs

  18. what are garlic fingers?

  19. Here nothing but good things about them

  20. Cat Hills Cat Hills says:

    Where is it in edm? I miss real donairs

  21. We loved KOD in Halifax and have been dying to go!

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