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My husband and I live in an apartment condo. we own. We pay over $300/month in condo. fees. Our building has two laundry rooms which are used by owners and renters. Unfortunately, there is no way to vent dryers so putting facilities into the suites is impossible.

The dryers are constantly not working! What recourse do we have as condo. owners. This has been going on since January. I have contacted the Management company and my calls have not been returned. I have written a letter to the landlord who says he cannot do anything because the machines are contracted out.



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  1. Get an apartment sized and vent the dryer out a window!

  2. Call the washer and dryer company direct and make a complaint.

  3. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    as if you take this matter to court .. the judge would say .. DON’T BUY A CONDO .. lesson learnt that is what happened to me .. but on a different issue ..

  4. Shawna Jones Shawna Jones says:

    Sue the Corporation. I did. Shit got done!

  5. Why should they have to purchase a dryer when they pay condo fees? I would talk to Condo Board

  6. There are dryers that don’t vent, they have a tank for collecting the water.

  7. Sally Dobson Sally Dobson says:

    Call Consumer and Corporate affairs, file the complaint with them.

  8. I used to have an apartment sized dryer. I’d wash in the building machines and dry at my leisure. The drum size is smaller but I saved tons of money, and time! Just had to clean the lint that came out the back.

  9. Is there a number on the machines? Call it. If they are owned by the corporation, just keep on them. If they are pay machines and you have lost money in them, ask for reimbursement. If you have had to go elsewhere to do laundry, ask for reimbursement for that too. Request to go to a conso board meeting. They might already be talking about it. **NOTE: Since you are renting, your landlord may have to make the calls for you.

  10. Take it up at a condo board meeting. In the meantime contact the Management of the building with a complaint. If you are paying condo fees things like this should be fixed.

  11. There is dryers now that don’t have to be vented. Lots of condos are using them now. I work for Trail Appliances.

  12. If it’s in your contract that the units be operational then I’d deny condo fees until they’re fixed.

  13. Laura Brown Laura Brown says:

    You know you don’t need exterior venting for a dryer, right? There are kits for apartment washer/dryer sets where you don’t have venting outdoors. Get your own unit, put an interior venting kit on it, and problem solved.

  14. Diane Wilson Diane Wilson says:

    The info on who owns/repairs the machines should be on them. Bypass tbe condo people and call them directly.

  15. If you own the apartment why do you have a landlord? If the laundry is contracted out to the Condo Board then you should contact the Board. Other people should be just as frustrated. Get them all together & demand the laundry be fixed. Run for the board next time & get The management company fired.

  16. Scott Gill Scott Gill says:

    How can you own the condo AND write the landloard?

    • Skye Brown Skye Brown says:

      Scott Gill some condo units are run by a property management company that oversees the maintenance and such of the buildings.

    • Scott Gill Scott Gill says:

      Skye Brown I own and live in my own apartment condo. The condo board pays the property management company so we (owners) don’t have to argue over things like snow removal or landscaping or other petty issues that arise on common property.

      The condo management company is not a landlord nor has any say in things like pets, smoking, owners Renting their suites out, that’s up to the condo board to write in their bylaws.

      In theory the condo board, not the management company could evict someone, but not after they’ve levied a ton of fines to the owner over unruly tenants etc…

  17. Bill Howatt Bill Howatt says:

    You pay 300 a month and don’t have in suite laundry? Gross.

  18. Shouldn’t of moved in there or even brought a condom I guess you and your hubby like being told how live

  19. Josh Regnier Josh Regnier says:

    Condo fees are for suckers.

  20. Just a thought what about the old fashion way drying racks. I hated how crappy the dryers worked in all the older apartment buildings so I would use the washers and then hang dry everything.

  21. Withhold your condo fees to your landlord he will do something pretty quick if it’s hitting him in the pocket book.

  22. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    There are ventless combo washer/dryers available. A little pricey but better than putting up with the frustration. My daughter has one in her condo she loves it.

  23. Samuel Chow Samuel Chow says:

    There’s ventless washer/dryer options. Google it.

  24. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    When I lived in an apartment, the washers/dryers were always messing up. I would call them myself. Usually they would tell me that I was the first to call…(even though management had told me they called, etc.)..AND, the company would usually always be there within 2 days!! Perhaps they want to look at gettting a different company for the washers and dryers.

  25. Take a sledgehammer to them and use the new ones. Being timid doesn’t work

  26. You don’t have a window in your suites.. run the dryer vent hose out a window

  27. I should think the landlord would have to get a hold of the contractor and get him to do his job!! Or speak to the condo board and see who the onus falls on to get them fixed!! Sounds like a bunch of buck-passing going on!

  28. Carole Dacko Carole Dacko says:

    Bring the matter to the attention of the condo board, if still nothing contact landlord and tenant board

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