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I want to write a will outlining everything possible in the event of my death. I do not have any children… yet. Just a wonderful, loving husband who deserve to get everything if he were ever widdowed. God forbid this ever happens, but I just want to be prepared. Life is crazy sometimes.

Does anyone have recommendations for a lawyer that has done this for them before? So far I have just gotten one quote and it was upwards of $1500 just to write a will for only me. I find that pretty steep – but hey – maybe I just don’t know what price these usually run for? I own our home. I had it before my husband. But it’s just as much his as it is mine, in my eyes. I have no debt. My car is paid off. And a fair amount of savings for my age. We are hoping to have kids in the next 1-2 years.

Is it even worth writing it now before having kids? Should we wait until we have kids so we don’t end up paying for it now and then again for it to be changed when kids are in the picture? Another reason I think it’s important to have one is the fact that I am estranged from my father (by choice) – he’s a total loser and was never in my life (my mom passed away when I was young too) and I don’t want him to ever try to get anything of mine. Even though I have changed my last name since getting married 2 years ago. I don’t want him to try and find any loop holes or whatever.

Advise appreciated. Thanks!



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  1. Never too late to have a will, kids or not. And it’s hard to go back and change it when and if you guys have children.
    I want to get one myself, and life insurance.

  2. Tina Jarvis Tina Jarvis says:

    You can find them cheaper for around 250.00 you just have to shop around. It also sounds like they want to take advantage of you.

  3. Heritage Law. Great prices and you don’t have to go downtown.

  4. Willpower Wills. The whole works for both of you would be $450 and for you alone, $275. She will do in home consults.

  5. If your interested in doing a will, perhaps you might want to have a personal directive aswell

  6. The Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta has lots of resources on this topic, written in simple English that non-lawyers can understand. This is their link about writing a will. If your life is simple you can have a holographic (completely handwritten) will and it is legal in Alberta.

  7. Laura Meidl Laura Meidl says:

    Andrew Cao: Mobile Real Estate and Estate Lawyer, KBL LAW LLP

  8. I’m in a common-law relationship and my will is handwritten, it’s obvious that my partner and my brother will be the beneficiaries, executors and how much will they get. They also know it too so there is no unpleasant surprises. A will involving kids is more complex because you are looking into guardianship, finances and trusts etc. Lawyers are typically like about $300 an hour, and drafting a document with all specific details can take hours, plus interviewing you and researching. So $1500 is not too surprising to me. But that is why I have a handwritten one right now. If life gets more complex, I will hire someone to do it all: a will, power of attorney, and personal directive.

  9. He’s on instagram as well. Very responsive to messages

  10. Dave your money go to Alberta registries get a will my and fill it out. There doesn’t seem to be anyone who will contest it.

  11. Should not pay more than about 300-400 dollars for a will for both of you. So around that’s what we did. If you sure everything goes to your husband anyways if you have a simple will. If your more specific with things might cost you little more.

  12. Legal shield is a company that I got a free will done through a law firm in Edmonton. It is a legit will from a law office. I just pay $28 a month for a legal advice that I can call them if I need a lawyer consultation. The lawyer never charged for the will. They also gave me a power of attorney and personal directive. Contact lloyd kenney 780-460-9449 . He signed me up.

  13. If you died today, your spouse would be in control of everything.

    If there is no will, the order of disposition when it comes to your estate, is:

    if no will exists, as follows, in descending order of priority:
    (i) to the surviving spouse or surviving adult interdependent partner;
    (ii) to a child of the deceased person;
    (iii) to a grandchild of the deceased person;
    (iv) to a descendant of the deceased person other than a child or grandchild;
    (v) to a parent of the deceased person;
    (vi) to a brother or sister of the deceased person;
    (vii) to a child of the deceased person’s brother or sister if the child is a beneficiary under the intestacy; to the next of kin of the deceased person determined in accordance with sections 67 and 68 of the Wills and Succession Act who are beneficiaries under the intestacy and who are not otherwise referred to in this clause;
    (Ix)to a person who has an interest in the estate because of a relationship with the deceased person;
    (X)to a claimant;
    (Xi) to the Crown in right of Alberta.

  14. Always good to have a will whether married,single or with kids. I have heard lots of good things about willpower wills in St. Albert.

  15. Wow my Will was done. Y my lawyer but it was 300.00.

  16. Nicole Nico Kent is a paralegal that can help with that at a reasonable price!

  17. Doreen Bosse Doreen Bosse says:

    Go online. The law depot. Do the will with the template they provide.

  18. Linda Riley Linda Riley says:

    Our wills for both was 600.00. A single will would have been 400.00. Those quotes are out to lunch.

  19. Wayne Rothe Wayne Rothe says:

    How does $450 sound, two people? Message me if interested.

  20. Kara Henry Kara Henry says:

    Do it!!! I recommend Willpower Wills in St. Albert! She was great and didn’t cost an arm and a leg!

  21. Cassie House Cassie House says:

    We went through Megan at Long Family Law.

  22. How about going to grab a will kit from registries. They are $36 I believe.
    All in all, when one spouse passes the other receives. All tho my mothers will stated that her estate is split between her kids, my dad was the one to get it all and do as he wished with it.

  23. I can’t see it costing you more than $500.

    Make a note of everything you want done. And how it should be dispersed. You can also include future children as heirs. You should get the will updated every 5 years unless something really changes to make you do it sooner.

    Also get a personal directive done while you’re at it. It allows you to name the person(s) you trust to make decisions on your behalf should you lose mental capacity and list the areas in which they have decision-making authority (e.g., health care, residential issues). Pick an Agent to carry out you Directive. Make you wishes known. Also ask about a Springing Power of attorney – if you become incapacitated, the person you choose will look after your finances.

    And while you’re on this topic, write out in your own handwriting what you want done for a funeral, burial – make sure you sign it, date it and have a witness sign it. Keep it in an envelope in your safety deposit along with will etc.

  24. Adam Dee Adam Dee says:

    Stephanie Shoobridge maybe you can help this person?

  25. Leila Evoy Leila Evoy says:

    Legal Services YEG
    Is amazing and affordable. And she comes to you.

  26. Dana McVey Dana McVey says:

    Just be sure to update every few years. My Dad waited too long and his wife had him sign a will four days before he died. It did not include any of the things he had discussed with my sisters the previous year. Yes he waited to long and we have no power to get it changed back to the way he wanted. We don’t care about money but the items that are our family heirlooms that we did not get that has nothing to do with her family as she is a Step wife. You need to update to ensure your items of importance are taken care of the way you wish and not someone else’s wishes.

  27. Lynn Webber Lynn Webber says:

    Yes Terri at willpower Wills

  28. Definitely get a medical directive, you can download a form from the internet. That’s the first thing they asked for when my husband had cancer then a stroke and ended up in the hospital. Saves a lot of time if wills, etc are in order.

  29. We did ours when our son was born. Had it updated when our daughter was born.
    We had a very simple thing. Named a guardian for the child (my brotjer) plus backup guardian in case. and our entire estate goes to the child.
    With that, we also specified medical directive, what measures we want taken and even funeral things (such as my husband does not care but I can’t be cremated due to religious reasons).
    We went to The Law Clinic in west end as we lived a few blocks away. Cost us $150 for everything and then $50 to update.
    Many people do it online. We decided we didn’t want to make any errors and do it with a lawyer.
    This was not an exceptional lawyer at all. He knew basics but that’s all we needed.

  30. Lori Lynn Lori Lynn says:

    When I had mine done it just mainly deals with big assets plus personal directive (health decisions like if you want to be given CPR should you stop breathing) . He also gave me a sheet in which I can name who I’d like items of personal importance (heirlooms, collections etc) to go to. Lawyer does not keep a copy of that list, he just said to keep it with the will (stored in a safe or safe place) so the named executer can ensure things are dispursed as per your request.

  31. Always good to have a will.. but if you don’t, everything passes to the spouse anyway.. if you have life insurance.. always name a primary beneficiary AND a secondary.. otherwise it will go to your estate and may be subject to probate


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