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Learn to drive!

To the silver Volkswagen trash can that was driving down the yellow head this morning west, tail getting me for several km, on my ass!

I was driving 70 km an hour during during the morning rush! You were literally a few inches away from my bumper! And when you found a right opening you got into you right lane, and then quickly back into the left, cutting me off, stepping in your brakes, causing me to bralke in the flow of traffic. You then proceeded to do the same thing again to another vehicle.

A). You can cause an accident b) Get up earlier in the morning c) learn to drive.



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  1. How do you know this person was running late ? Maybe they were trying to get to an emergency . Ive even approched red lights and went through them if noone was coming while in emergencies to get to the hospital so never judge someone or assume they are just speeding because , get the hell over and stay out of the left lane unless speeding or passing simple

  2. Rye Weskey Rye Weskey says:

    It’s a voolksfaggin’

  3. M Lissa Sch M Lissa Sch says:

    Yellowhead has left exits, duh. She was probably in that lane well in advance of her turn.

  4. Adam Dee Adam Dee says:

    I’m just gonna leave this here…

    “Objects in mirror may look closer than they appear”

    That is all.

  5. Jade Jasmine Jade Jasmine says:

    A lot of people here sound like idiots. You can see in the pic that she wasn’t in the left lane. The lanes are all back up. You can see that in the picture. That person was obviously a fucking moron. Of course stupid people will defend the idiot driver. Lol.

  6. Yellowhead is not a highway at the parts where it is 70 km. The slower traffic keep right rule does not apply and also it is legal to pass in any lane on this 3 lane divided road. I am not uneducated like you people (codeh and karolina) are assuming… I just don’t have time to spend my entire day replying to this thread like some other people.

  7. Codeh Timm Codeh Timm says:

    Done yet ?
    You lost a decade ago.

  8. people are dumb… they don’t even know they are dumb

  9. Jeff Holden Jeff Holden says:

    Kudos for pulling it off.

  10. Nicole Celis Nicole Celis says:

    Driving with a hoodie can be detrimental to you (I could care less about you, its your loss buddy) and others around you it affects your peripheral vision use your common sense.

  11. Jeff Holden Jeff Holden says:

    Remember there are left exits while travelling on the Yellowhead. Likely why some can’t or won’t move over right away. Keep right except to pass does not apply on the Yellowhead, Whitemud, 91 street, Terwillegar Drive, 111st, anywhere in the city. It’s just a courtesy thing, not a law. If someone is doing posted speed limit they are not lawfully obligated to move over.

  12. Jeff Holden Jeff Holden says:

    Cue the “you are supposed to be in right lane to let people pass” posts

  13. Nicole Celis Nicole Celis says:

    Eymard Voughn Vergara oh really? How so?

  14. Nicole Celis Nicole Celis says:

    Codeh Timm haha fuck take your damn hoodie off while driving

  15. Nicole Celis Nicole Celis says:

    Hey everyone I’m a woman who isn’t afraid to show my face and post that this happened to me; this was the morning traffic jam where all vehicles NEED to flow and it is imposible to exceed 70 km and hour, I stay in my lane because I’m not an IDIOT who needs to change lanes last minute to exit, I take this route every single day so I know a thing or two of what to expect, how to react, this asshole literally cut me off and slammed on his breaks there wasn’t even a huge opening it was tight as fuck, I’ve been driving for over ten years now and I have a clean drivers abstract and no accidents to my name, why do you think there’s collisions every damn day? This is the yellow head west! Not a major highway, the shout-out guys failed to include a photo I submitted so here is the piece of junk car that thinks he is the king of the road, also he was wearing a hoodie, like way to be able to check your blind spots with that shit on.

  16. GET THE HINT !
    Move over, let them pass ,,,, problem solved ….
    and maybe you won’t be causing backups all the way behind you.

  17. Dianne Machado why not ?
    It’s a freeway, those rules could and should apply

  18. Ellyse Melanie Swayze it’s a freeway !
    People should at least TRY to apply the rules!
    Why not, maybe then it wouldn’t be so congested…get it

  19. This is the Yellowhead Trail. The rule slower traffic keep right does not apply people. If someone is going 70, which is speed limit on yellowhead in the city, and you want to go faster, you change lanes. Why should they? They are following rules and you are not.

  20. Catherine Bois umm no not gonna move. It’s yellowhead trail. Slower traffic keep right rule DOES NOT APPLY. Why do you people think that rule applies on every road. Get a grip and learn the laws

  21. I do this thing where I move over and not block the lane when the person behind me is traveling faster than I am. Works great, lots of people should try it sometime.

    • Kelley Ware Kelley Ware says:

      So we should help people break the law easier? Good to know that the people doing the speed limit should do everything they can to accommodate the people who NEED to drive 20+ over the limit.
      They definitely didn’t cover that little rule when I got my license.

    • Mel Maurice Mel Maurice says:

      It’s not your job to police other people who are speeding. That job is actually for… THE POLICE.

    • Kelley Ware can’t control other people. It’s better to just let them go and have them away from everyone else as much as possible instead of blocking them in and increasing their frustration level which increases the likelihood of doing something stupid in congestion to get free and clear. If they roll 2 kilometres up the road with no one around that’s their problem. There is more to driving than what they teach you in the textbook.

  22. Shawna Perez Shawna Perez says:

    For tailgaters I slow down at least 10K under the speed limit. That teaches them a lesson really quickly! If they are not mature enough to drive the posted road speed with safety in mind then they can just cool their heels before their bad driving causes a serious accident.

    • Codeh Timm you are obviously a tailgater if this bothers you. Don’t tail gate people. It won’t make them move faster.

    • Dianne Machado this bothers me and I am not a tailgater. I however don’t like to be tailgated either and I also drive the speed limit if not just over enough not to get a ticket and still get tailgated. This is when I tap my breaks.

    • If there’s nothing in front of you and nothing beside you – MOVE OVER. Idc if you’re doing 105 on the henday left lane. MOVE and let other people worry about their own speeding/tickets. “Keep right except to pass” ffs. If you’re not passing, KEEP RIGHT.

    • Nicole Celis Nicole Celis says:

      How can I MOVE over when the lane next to me is packed with cars?

    • Kristle Gage Kristle Gage says:

      Nicole Celis Laura specifically said if there is no one beside you to move over so I guess your comment is invalid, no?

    • Jeff Holden Jeff Holden says:

      If its one car fine. Don’t be an asshat backing uo traffic though.

    • This doesn’t work. It just makes someone who is already raging more angry. Drive the speed limit if possible please.

      Break checking someone should also be discouraged. If they’re following closely and you tap the breaks, they may slam their breaks on, leading to a pile up or a skid.

      Do what I do when tailgated (happens all the time here in Edmonton).

      Drive according to weather conditions. Don’t exceed the speed limit. Allow a three or four (slippery conditions) second gap between you and and the car ahead.

      If the driver behind you has no regard for stopping distance, you should take extra care about stopping distance to avoid being rear ended.

    • Oh, and if you’re in a left lane for any reason other than turning left or overtaking another car (without exceeding the speed limit), turn on your right turn signal, check your mirrors, shoulder check, and get right.

    • The above also goes for the middle lane (except for the bit about turning left).

    • I disagree Colin. Middle lane should be for all traffic. 3 lanes of traffic – Left for (turns) or over taking. Right for incompetent drivers, those merging out, and those merging in. Everyone else = middle. If everyone stayed right (with 3 lanes) then merging would be a nightmare! (like the yellowhead…)

    • Shawna Perez Shawna Perez says:

      Laura Bolivar, I wonder how many times Colin has been thisclose to losing his license for speeding ticket demerits? Probably a lot!

    • Xavier Paddy Xavier Paddy says:

      If someone is behind you, move over & let them pass. Simple.

    • Lynn Meger Lynn Meger says:

      You doing your best to “punish” then in this manner is what’s going to cause a serious accident.

    • Lynn Meger Lynn Meger says:

      Nicole Celis – can you read?

    • Dale Martin Dale Martin says:

      If im doing the speed limit an you tailgate me.. oopsss. Sorry im well insured. You now have a new hood ornament

    • Nicole Celis Nicole Celis says:

      Lynn Meger punish? Lmfao grow up

    • Every think that person trying to get by you is rushing a choking child to the hospital? Who made you traffic cop?

    • Shawna Perez, I make it a point not to speed and have never received a speeding ticket.

      What about my advice makes you think I’m some sort of speed demon?

      If I’m passing somebody, it means they’re going well under the posted speed limit AND I don’t exceed the speed limit to complete the pass.

    • Rye Weskey Rye Weskey says:

      Nailed it, when being tailed don’t slow down, don’t brake check, just make sure there is plenty of distance to the car in front of you, and be prepared to gradually brake early, the long slow down forces dumb dumb behind you to also gradually slow down, if you just brake hard you will almost always cause the tailgater to hit you. They are fucking dumb, doing the above literally controls them, you have to drive the traffic around you. If you tailgate while being tailgated and brake sharp you are just asking to get rear ended, and you know that may sound like fun to some of you, but when the pickup outweighs you by a couple thousand pounds you’ll be surprised at how much of the impact you will feel, that is if they don’t roll you into the ditch or onto a sidewalk, drive the speed limit, keep a large gap in front, pay attention and the piece of shit tailing you has no choice but to gradually slow down when you do, resume normal driving when dipshit finally realises they can go around you.. Feel free to flip them off when they pass.

    • Vanna Brule Vanna Brule says:

      People tailgate in the right lane too.

    • Yes, they do, Vanna Brule. Maintain a safe and decent speed and leave a good distance between you and the car that you’re following.

  23. Ruth Chalk Ruth Chalk says:

    So you saw that this guy was clearly to close so you don’t do anything? You could have changed lanes so he could go past you could have slowed down a bit more to encourage them to change lanes faster….. if neither of those were an option pull off to the side of the road. But seeing is how you are on the yellowhead the first 2 could have worked

  24. I do give a crap! If you are slower than the guy behind you, and i dont care how fast you’re going, move!

  25. Slower traffic, KEEP RIGHT

  26. It’s not like the yellowhead where it is 70km is a highway. Who gives a crap if this person was in the left lane. Even if highway passing rules applied… The asshole tailgating is still a dangerous asshole for tailgating on a road at 70km (especially during rush hr)

  27. I slow right down when being tailgated.

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