Leaving an abusive domestic situation

Hello, the other day someone posted about leaving an abusive situation and there were plenty of helpful comments posted. Thank you Edmonton.

I wanted to ask, because I am leaving a similar situation. In regards to the person who posted and said there is $1000 fund available for a one time help for someone leaving an abusive situation, you didn’t post where you go to apply for it. I cannot afford the damage deposit to move and this would help me get out of the situation.

Please let me know what exact resources are available to me to help me leave. The next time I may not make it out alive. Thank you.



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  1. Kate Cook Kate Cook says:

    Alberta works – its the albertans fleeing abuse fund

  2. What does someone need to bring or do to get this?

    • Just I’d, any paystubs. If you are under a certain amount you will get the clothing/ food money, anyone qualifies for the thousand… Health benefits go by last year’s taxes, there are Also other places that help, st Vincent dupaul helps with furniture, household goods,suit yourself helps with woman office/ work clothes

  3. That was me that posted about the $1000. The ladies are correct, it’s Alberta Works. They will be able to give you a lot of necessary info regarding leaving your situation. A lot of people say the help isn’t there. But the help IS there, you just need to make sure you do what they suggest and what is asked if you. You can do it!!! Also, go into a police station and talk to a police officer about what you can do to protect yourself. You can get a PPO (personal protection order) and you can get it literally right then and there (from what I understand it’s only downtown that you can get it. I may be totally wrong on this. Someone correct me if I’m wrong) so he can’t contact you with emails, fb, text or phone. He won’t be able to come near you or your kids. Or whoever else you put on the order. So let’s say you are in line at timmys and you see his car a couple cars behind you, you call he police and they will get to you and take care of the situation. Basically if he sees you in the same area he better get his ass out of there. The police will charge him with breaking the order. Keep track of EVERYTHING. ALL communication with your abuser. Take pictures of any injuries.

  4. You can also get out of your lease if that is what is needed to leave an abusive situation.

  5. Kayla Lee Kayla Lee says:

    Call 211!
    Although there are specific resources, you will need more than just one and 211 can help. They can help arrange a place for you to stay in the interim as funding takes time. A restraining order or peace bond if a crime is committed against you. A police escort while you pack and leave. Access to help for your deposit. A safe place for pets. If you have kids, daycare help.

  6. If you are fleeing an abusive relationship I’d urge women with or without children to immediately contact women’s shelters and get into one right away. They will help you with ALL these things so you don’t have to do it alone. They can provide you that assistance and support for the financial aids available. But most importantly…be in your corner because it IS difficult! ❤️

  7. Ally Cure Ally Cure' says:

    Good for you for getting out! Alberta works – you do need to be there early to wait in line but they’ll help point you in the direction needed. Good luck!

  8. Ruth Chalk Ruth Chalk says:

    Go to alberta works for funding support but maybe if there are children involved get a parental order

  9. Alberta Works!! Call and make an Emergency appointment


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