Leaving shopping carts by vehicles

Hello all!

We all know its a crazy busy time of the year trying to get last minute shopping done before Christmas is here.

Saying that it takes all of 5 minutes or less to put your shopping carts away after all of the amazing shopping you just did in order to not hit other parked vehicles in the parking lot please be considerate as we all know we would all freak out just a tiny bit if that abandoned cart hit our own vehicle eh anyways happy holidays everyone stay safe out there and Merry Christmas!!



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  1. It also helps the store staff out as well . The l ess they have to have to go out and round up carts means there is more staff to get you through that line all the faster and on your way to your next destination.

  2. Haha. This is why I park in the back 40 where no one else parks. That little act has gotten me exercise and saved tons of money in vehicle damage.

  3. If someone parks like a complete asshat next to me (too close to get in, etc) I don’t have any qualms about leaving my cart on their tails. Consideration all around goes a long way.

  4. Tom Cooke Tom Cooke says:

    If there’s a place where it takes me 4 minutes to put a cart back, probably not happening.

  5. The weather is warm, no excuses

  6. Oh what’s that saying…

    ‘You either have to be part of the solution, or you’re going to be part of the problem.’

    Take your own cart back, and pick up a straggler or two on the way. If you model good behaviour others will follow suit.

  7. This has to be one of my Pet Peeves. Seriously. I have walked 8 cars down to return a cart. If I can do it, anyone can. If you are handicapped, you parked by a cart corral so that’s not an excuse. If you are pregnant you parked by the cart corral, so that’s not an excuse. If you have children that’s no excuse. I have been pregnant and had small child with me so i never made an excuse to not walk 3 feet. Literally saw a cart in what i thought was a spot yesterday,next to the cart corral at Walmart. really? it was 3 feet away. Even my mobility impaired Dad would return a cart, because he doesn’t want to damage another vehicle. The utter selfishness and laziness blows my mind. Especially this time of year. The season of Goodwill and all that, you see it more now than ever.

  8. ugh i hate that. Or the phantom too good to be true spot you see until you see a cart in it.

  9. Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

    Meh. I do what i want.. lol

  10. Ha. Yeah. Just a few months ago, a family left their child in a run away shopping cart and they hit our vehicle.

    Of course, we were the assholes.

  11. Karen Ingram Karen Ingram says:

    agree so easy !!!!!

  12. Hmm do you realize it creates more jobs…

    • No it doesn’t. It means that instead of having a staff member on the floor helping customers, they are outside bringing in carts. The person(s) responsible for bringing in carts have a bunch of other duties as well. They don’t spend their whole shift doing carts. A lot of businesses have multiple cart corals in their parking lots. It is just plain laziness and an inconsiderate attitude to leave shopping carts all over the place. Never mind the fact that it is also hypocritical. Most people would freak out if their vehicle got hit by a stray cart, but have no problem leaving carts pushed up against other’s vehicles.

    • Guess the should hire more people….

  13. Ruth Chalk Ruth Chalk says:

    What if that store clerk really needs a break from being inside…. you take away their 5 minutes of freedom from the hassle inside…..

  14. Hey o. if I put my screaming 3 year old in the car and unload my groceries, you can bet I’m not going anywhere away from that vehicle.


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