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Let’s get motorbikes on sidewalks also!

In regards to Edmonton’s well developed infrastructure and civil planning capabilities, and in all fairness, Edmonton needs to start allowing motorbikes on sidewalks as well.

There are already bicycles, scooters, vespas, obese people on motorized bicycles, EPS SUVs, powered wheel chairs and mall scooters for obese people. So let’s not discriminate and get some big fat motorbikers on the “side” “walks” also! At least pedestrians, runners and skateboarders will know a motorbike is en route.

What year is it in developmentally challenged Edmonton, Alberta, Canada!?



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  1. Choochootrains says:

    It’s like 1800 in Alberta.
    Edmonton Alberta may even be prehistoric.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but is dumb fuck Edmonton the only CITY in the world which has frieght trains blocking road arteries? And what is with the LTR? Nice planning, blocking more major arteries while taking ten times as long to extend the LRT than it takes China to build city. What a shit show of a city, and it’s Albertas capital also! Hahaha oh my fucking God is Edmonton is a mess and a disgrace.

    The frieght train that caused a traffic jam today put it all in perspective for me: idle and barely moving, stuck in neutral, to a dead end so go backwards (in reverse)!
    The only fuck up I made in life was relocating to Edmonton, Alberta. What’s everyone elses fuck up in life, never seeing a developed city, province or country so you just stay in your incestuous utopia? There are 1 million of us shit stained, shit lumps living in Edmonton…

  2. Dumdum says:

    Who’s the idiot making fun of Edmonton?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Find something better to do with your time.

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