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Let’s talk about tornado safety, Edmonton…

Just want to encourage everybody to keep yourselves, your families, and your pets safe in the event of a tornado.

I’m bringing this up because I have a hunch that this year could see another Black Friday (tornado in 87 that touched down in Edmontin). Something about this weather raises the hair on the back of my neck sometimes — the humidity, heat, rain, and ESPECIALLY the thunderclouds.

I’ve lived in this city my entire life and have not seen anything like this in 30 years. And the scary part is we haven’t even gotten to the mid 30s August heat that is sure to be on us in a couple of weeks.

So guys? If you’re not from here, or if your tornado knowledge is rusty, educate yourself. Learn where to go, what you need to get to prepare, and make sure everybody in your household is accounted for (especially pets that are liable to find a hiding place that might be less-than-optimal.

Stay safe, YEG

Pic is a handful of hail I picked up last night (Friday, Aug 2) around 7:45 pm in downtown Edmonton, right beside Grant Macewan LRT station.



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  1. Haven’t been through a tornado but have been through a hurricane disaster with a week of no power. Candles/crank flashlight/radio/ car charger for your phone/along with food essentials are always on hand at our house forever now

  2. Lee Sustrik Lee Sustrik says:

    Born/raised Edmontonian, have seen several tornado systems hit or near city, over the years. But black friday was devastating jumped right over my community. Over the years, I’ve learnt what to look for: 1) Super warm weather then big temperature drop with super ugly storms on horizon that hit hard with extreme winds and often hail 2) A light to dark GREEN noticeable tint to the sky. It’s a good idea to have a plan the more solid walls & floors down you can put between you and tornado are the best. And a box of simple emergency supplies can’t hurt. Be safe all, the weather has been sketchy this year.

  3. Scared of tornados? Call this guy ,Knut Johansen Willier. He’ll stand outside your hone and yell “tornado tornado!!” As it approaches your dwelling . And go t worry folks, he’s tough as nails . He has to speeds , walk and kill. Knut doesn’t churn butter. He roundhouse kicks the cow and it turns to butter

  4. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    I was in millwoods, I honestly slept through the tornado, woke up with the lamp in my bed lol. …this year is nothing like that year though, a guy I work with is a weather nerd, I wondered if we are on par for that,he proved we are not. Our ground is beyond absorption, so the same conditions cannot exist…also remember that tornado was a storm that picked up water from pigeon lake, that was the rarity of it. We may get tiny ones, but something like that won’t happen… Sounds like you may have a bit of anxiety and working yourself up for nothing. Take a breath. Of course everyone has their emergency kit, but relax a bit, it isn’t healthy to read too much into hail.

  5. Cindy Dato Cindy Dato says:

    Can’t see your picture. On black Friday, I came home from Toronto. I was 12 or 13 years old. I’ll never forget what happened and what I saw. Till this day when a thunderstorm rolls in, I don’t sleep. I just wait till it’s over.

  6. Ashley Rose Ashley Rose says:

    Megan King like you said

  7. This might be a stupid question but heaven forbid if this ever were to happen, I am in an apartment. I have underground cement walled parking. That would be safe, right?

  8. If you are so afraid of tornadoesand you own your own house outside the city , just buy yourself a 20 or a 40 foot shipping container and costumize the inside with bunk beds , food storage , a full operating bathroom and tiny kitchen ,air with an entry door and dig a large hole in your yard and barrie the shipping container in the ground and you’ll be safe

  9. Emma Kolskog Emma Kolskog says:

    I was only two weeks old when the tornado hit, but my mom always talks about how hot it had been leading up to it. Weeks of unrelenting heat. I don’t think we’ll see any tornado this year. It’s been a garbage cool wet summer. Just regular prairie storms.

  10. Also make sure your insurance is up to date

  11. Been here all my life I remember the day of the tornado here the water was so warm falling from the sky warmer then anything the streams of water down the streets we were walking in were so warm not like anything I ever felt before… I don’t think we will have a black Friday again and in two weeks it starts to get cooler at night then we fight off the wasps for a month! Your worried for nothing it’s been a wet crappy summer enjoy what’s left of it!

  12. Linda Riley Linda Riley says:

    I dont see a picture either. @Shoutout Edmonton?

  13. I agree this weather does seem like tornado weather I have looked up ways to stay safe in my apartment

  14. Rick R Hart
    Sounds familiar! lol
    “This is the year”

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