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Letters For Pazo

I need help sending some encouragement to Pazo, who was attacked the other day at Rosslyn school. Help out by sending some encouragement and kind word.



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  1. Don Keadic says:

    Just shut it all you clowns. You’re making the city look fucking retarded. Who thought it was a good idea to come to a page for some kid who got attacked and bitch about politics?

    • TheAuthor says:

      Edmonton is cognitively impaired yes. And I have 1000s more names to release. Blame those who targeted me and my family first. It’s game fucking over, not just Edmonton or Alberta but Canada as well.

    • Don Ashdown says:

      Hello it is the worshipful bro freakmason, hacker and cyber security for the government of alberta, Don Ashdown. The authors are currently be cyberstalked and have been removed off all social media including Facebook. We will protect our esoteric british-isrseli Alberta. Bow to your Gods, the anglos and yids!

      • TRUTH IS OUT FUCKO says:

        Donald Ashdown, Does censorship really work? It looks like it makes you all look dumber and more cowardly. Just saying.

        Taken from Shoutout Edmonton.
        “ImReal October 11, 2021 at 5:44 pm
        Dear MehNotBad,
        Please use the information wisely. I am the real deal. Want proof? Let me use Edmonton pigs and rapists as example (same famiglia). First please read quoted post from the positive lies post from July:
        “To @anonymous July 2, 2021 at 3:17 pm
        I don’t know but I have white people on drugs and meth, with white power tattoos , who sell pharmaceuticals also and get little girls drunk. They happen to be protected by the RCMP and EPS even. Speaking of pigs, I broke up the EPS steroid ring years ago (just another reason why the having raging 2″ hardons for me) and even have EPS who like the GHB and McKnights rape bars also.”

        Now see article from 2018 regarding Det.Greg Lewis

        Now listen up: “Retired” Detective Greg Lewis, who still has titties after steriods, currently resides downtown Edmonton; to be more specific the penthouse at the Panorama Apartments and is perving on a large part of the downtown core from his creepo pad. He is another joke for a man. Little greasball, little pedo peepee Dino Bottos was also the lawyer for Greg Lewis and Matthew McKnight; for me that is too predictable seeing all parties (EPS, specific lawyers/judges/bizmen, Edmonton Oilers) loved to frequent the “graveyard” (publicly known as McKnight’s serial rape bar).”

  2. It's only round 2. says:

    3 or more names the comments below here and also see more names and info here

    (Satiric tone and opinion with names, places events legit.)

  3. Tamara Friesen says:

    Justice Tamara Friesen also likes child offenders and criminals.
    Tamara Friesen also is quite familiar with the term “premeditation”.
    Tamara Friesen just another appointed freak of masonic, genocidal, pedophile, british-israeli Canada.

    • Dave Hancock says:

      Don’t forget about ME! I’m like that but also like children first and associate with a human trafficker. God Save the Queen, Israel and Pedophiles.

      • Peter Williams says:

        That “G-List” below is ridiculous! I am a prominent member of our economy, a UCP donor of an illegal amount, am tirelessly working on Indigenous Debt Slavery and have my mmm mmm mmm touchy touchy boys and girls clubs. How dare you this person harass us, we will take everything from him.

      • Ron Latch says:

        One of the best things being a Freemason are the perks: access to people’s lives, control the important stuff, internet access while incarcerated, access to boys/girls/teens and if caught being a serial rapist and pedo you always have your associates in the courts to only punish you one month per offense and even if a repeat offenders like myself and my worshipful bro’s McKnight’s son, Matt.
        Oh with the fake news and bad publicity over McKnight can you all get down to the Commerical/BlueOnWhite and start showing support for my worshipful bros’s Livingston and Melnychuk son’s bar? Always candy and bed upstairs even!

      • Justice Barbara Johnston says:

        Peter, I hear what you are saying. I too am an UCP donor amount of 3 times the legal limit! Sounds like my hubby when open a bottle. And the liberals appointed me! I was also a partner of pedo, corrupt Dentons. And the fake news about these conflicts of interest between Dentons and the Alberta government are all lies, all of them. And my worshipful bro Allan is working hard with $3.5M of public money to stop foreign influence and Anti-Alberta stuff like this total piece of shit who posted online about us.

      • Kurtis Horner says:

        Barb, I am in Edmonton and employed by the “city”. We will get him soon. Karen will shut that Anti-Alberta stuff also. This guy is a total foreigner, we are not. “Generative List”? What a schmuck.

      • Danielle Smith says:

        I’m concerned. I already constantly look like an idiot and this guy seems to know things. He even found out I’m Jewish and included my name in the “White Hat, White Trash” anti-semitic post. He knows we’re politcal interlopers and did you see the amount of Bennett’s he dropped? Can we bomb him or run him over with that new EPS tank or is that too obvious now?

      • Justina Maria Filice says:

        Danielle, I agree! I’m a lodge prosti, British and Jewish married to a filthy Calabrian. I take exceptional offence to this post also!

        He also knows about my family! Steroids, cocaine, toddlers drinking beer, fake charities, associations to criminals and all kinds of traffickers, sexual affiars, enabling child abuse, disregarding human life, the association to Matt McKnight’s manly lawyer and I worry even more. I’m the goddamn assistant chief judge of Alberta! I’m untouchable so this person must be dealth with.

  4. White Trash, White Hat says:

    Originally posted in a Calgary forum; as Calgary is part of the toilet bowl of alberta, it did not receive a very good reaction from the white trash, white hat folk. This valid information will always kick a calgarian in the prairie oysters and will never touch their heart.


    Once upon a time, a masonic-jewish family named Schumiachter (later changed to Smith, jews do it often ask Danielle Smith) was allowed to enter the dominion of Canada. Morris “Smith” then established Smithbilt Hats. In 1946 Smithbilt Hats manufactured the first white hat. This hat, and symbol of zionism, would then become the symbol of the city of Calgary and the Calgary Stampede. It first appeared in the 1947 Stampede with masonic oil tycoon, rich in oil and land, B.Herron; the Calgary Stampede would then become a white hat Calgary Stampede in the following years. By the 1950s the masonic mayor D.MacKay would begin presenting the white hat to guests of Calgary and today it is claimed it is an “international honour” to receive this token of zionism. The ceremony of “white hatting” was later taken overly by tourism Calgary and some well known masons who have been white hatted are: deceased pedophile Philip and the Queen2 of the grand lodge, pedophile Bill Clinton, pedophile Tony Blair, creation of a pedophile Mickey Mouse and even war criminal and 911 insider George W. Bush. Freemason Marshall Harvey took over Smithbilt Hats from Judah the masonic-jew, and after Harvey passed in early 2000, his worshipful bro Cam Clark (masonic carsales tycoon and stampede famiglia) would take over Smithbilt Hats. Today the white trash, white hat remains a symbol of covert masonic-jewry and can be purchased at any masonic Smithbilt Hats or masonic Lammle’s Western Wear. And that’s the masonic legacy of “White Trash, White Hat”, so don’t forget to support hate, zionism and white devils who assault children and women! Make sure you take your families to the Stampede also, just to make it a family tradition of supporting the white trash, white (pedo) hat

  5. WhitePedoAlberta says:

    The only unions dat dem ‘bertans approve of:
    Police Union
    No educations, no skills, no self control needed and you make your own rules.

    488 has a racist, pedo-mason as an executive.

    And I will repost Mike Elliott.

    “White Genocide” (Supremacy) Mantra:

    “Anti-racism is a code word for anti-white”
    “Diversity is a code word for white genocide”
    -Bob Whitaker, AF&AM

    Edmonton Police Association Mantra:

    “The task Force is just using racism to promote its own version of anti-racism.”
    -Sgt. Mike Elliott, EPS, President Edmonton Police Association, AF&AM

    • Mike Elliott and the KKKlan says:

      Mike Elliott is a subhuman piece of garbage like all of the kkk EPS.

      Last week I was cruising through oliver on my bicycle. There were 6 KKKops, probably for 1 shoplifter. As I slowly peddled by I said “well if it isn’t the KKK.”. Supercop, a little white, tiny, boobie suckling, megalomaniac, yells “say that to my face!”. I smiled and responsed “I just did”. Super limp dick, overcompensating with a badge and gun tried to pursue me. Thanks to super limp dick, impotent, I have penis envy and need a gun, putting his sirens and lights on, all traffic stopped and I slowly peddled away in between all the cars. Super cop obviously didn’t get his fragile ego stroked and helped the arbitrarily detained get away. I was going to lodge a complaint with Professional Standards seeing the piglet even bumped my bike with his cruiser but we all know how pigs investigating pigs goes for the public so I thought public post would be better.

    • CallMeJusticeOrKarma says:

      I am a real person with a real story; if you are interested to hear my story and what they did to my life and loved ones, you will also understand why I am doing what I am doing, and without fear. I am from Edmonton, Alberta and most of my investigation has been concentrated on Alberta; however, I have tracked endless ‘people’ from the organization across provincial and international borders – I am not lying when I say I have even discovered preachers flying drones, CIA and NROs. The people on the list are real people; they are members of a secret society and as such are not members of society. From genocide and systemic racism to zionism, white (anglo) supremacy and human trafficking, this is the group of animals who have: undermined democracy and the rule of law; created chaos and injustice in our lives; defrauded the public and misappropriated public funds; targeted and humiliated identifiable groups of people; destroyed the fabric of society and world peace; raped our woman, children and little boys; trafficked humans; plotted groups of people against one another; conditioned hopelessness, indifference and self-indulgence in everyday healthy people; socially engineered extremism, hate and fear; and even created the ‘age of anxiety disorders’. These people are the 1% of Oligarchical Collectivism – putting theories and speculation aside, I now know who exactly and what exactly they are: Freemasons. Theories are just theories but a conspiracy is three or more people – my first list has 1300. I have many, many more and have withheld some big and famous names purposely. This list was compiled in such a way to familiarize people with individuals, places and companies and even the ‘masonic shuffle’ of people and money.
      I originally called what I am doing “The White List”; as I joked a blue list (systemic racism in the police) does not encompass the expanse of the problem and “The Black List” was already taken. Although most people on the list are, in fact, white (and jewish), “The White List” is a pretty plain and boring name. I would like to call it “the G-List”: G for generative, as this list will continue to grow and develop; and generative for the masonic ‘generative principle’ which holds that what one cares about is the driving force of peoples’ thoughts and thus their actions. I want people to see the truth and care about the truth so that the ‘force’ (of the people), which is another masonic concept from Pike’s Morals & Dogma, will awaken with the generative list and be used against the architects of chaos instead of each other. Like yourselves, I had no clue who most of these people were until I started tracking the organization – today I have files compiled on them and can tell you about their family trees or dirty little secrets. As I have already been censored online, the website I started working on with pictures and more details was also put on hold as I believe a web site will cause a lot of legal and hacking issues. What remains is the list, the G-List; a non-descript list of Freemasons, Lodge Prosties, Two-Legged Goats and Prospective Appointments. The truth is out so please use it, as no single person in the history of human has done what I have: hunt thousands of masons in half a year. The first 1300 people is mainly from the 9 circles of hell in alberta but I have include some from BC, SK, MB and NWT to make more people uneasy and let them know I have extended my reach nationwide.

      Note: I will also add a sneak peak of the second list.

      • CallMeJusticeOrKarma says:

        *denotes went to the grand lodge below but still a notable mention.

        queen of the grand lodge elizabeth II – largest land owner in the world; masonic-genocidal-pedophile-royals

        prince phillip, duke of Edinburgh, united grand lodge of england – 70 yr jubilee of knicker sniffin and children

        prince randy andy, duke of york – enjoys golf, missiles, children and tzahal pedos trafficking in humans/children.
        sir winston churchill* – obese alcoholic pedo; liked world wars, ethnic cleansing, racism, genocide, war bond scams.
        John A. MacDonald* – Scottish drunkard, misogynist, genocidal racist, first PM of bristish-israeli north America.
        Richard Bedford Bennett* – PM of Canada (1930-35), zio-con; MLA, AB, 1909-1911; partnership with James Lougheed political and legal; 1922 Bennett Hannah & Sanford > Bennett Jones; Calgary Power > TransAlta.
        James Lougheed* – worshipful bro of MacDonald and Bennett; senator for 35yrs, british loyalist also
        Alexander Rutherford* – first premier of Alberta (1905); Rutherford Law > Rutherford & McCuaig > McCuaig Derochers LLP
        Peter Lougheed* – Premier of AB 1971-1985, fraternal fraud, “Blue Eyed Sheik” who used public funds and trust funds as petty cash for everything from golf courses to cocktail parties.
        Don Getty* – Premier of AB 1985-1992, fraternal fraud, intelligence of a football, loved a good palm greasing.
        Armajeet Sohi – liberal political globetrotter; loves them Demolay kids!
        Clyde Corser – UCP Northern AB (yellowhead) director/CFO; past president of Wildrose
        RJ Sigurdson, UCP MLA; PC/UCP highwood pres; avalanche air systems, Viking instal., tempco drilling
        Shannon Stubbs, PC MP; Shadow Min for Public Safety, appt by O’Toole; Wildrose Chief of Staff (D.Smith) 2010-12
        Lori Sigurdson, NDP MLA; opposition critic for seniors and housing
        Jackie Lovely – UCP MLA; Wildrose 2012-17
        Dave Egan – UCP, Griesbach, CPA/EDA.

        David Parker – O’Toole and Kenney Campaigns, E.Fast, S.Stubbs, Wildrose, Unite Alberta, GOC.

        Stephen Mandel – political interloping hebrew, AB Party, council and mayor of Edm 2001-13

        Lyle Oberg – PC MLA (1993-2011), min. of infrastructure&transport/Education; Wildrose Party, advisory board for Danielle (Kolodnicki) Smith; Mind Life Sciences

        Kerry Diotte – PC MP; Edm city council 2010-13; for the public record: hangs out at oiler-owned watering holes, hoping to be one of the boys, is a freakkk and a lowlife drunk who is intimidated by school girls and was upset with his wBRO Rayner because the EPS was trying to stop people from breaking the law, including Diotte the idiot.

        Nicholas Milliken – UCP MLA; deputy chair and deputy puke of the legislature – I now understand why such a puke

        Marie Renaud – NDP MLA; Lo-Se-Ca Foundation exec (her daughter worked there also)

        Brad Rutherford – UCP MLA; Edmonton Police Service, sgt (2008-2019)

        Joe Ceci – NDP MLA; Calgary City Council (95-2010)

        Peter Trynchy – MLA (1971-2001), ministries of transportation, utilities, enviro.
        Even Mayerthorpe Airport is named after a masonic-pedo!

        Heather Forsyth – Fire&Ice Strategy, weRconservative, MLA 1993-2015, easy to spread classic, Wildrose, SolGen 01-04, Min.CS 04-06

        Brad Wall – Premier of Saskatchewan, 2007-18; Whitecap, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt; wall youth group

        Gordon Campbell – DUI & pedo, Vancouver mayor 1986-93, Premier of BC 2001-11; any kids or minorities missing since his arrival to the UK?

      • CallMeJusticeOrKarma says:

        Nizam Saab – UNAC, victim advocate for EPS
        Brenda Barton – UN World Food Program (Director, Sri Lanka), Nobel Peace Prize
        Rob Alan – Veteran’s Affairs Canada, RCEME/CFSEME
        Matthew Spence – Gov’t of Canada, Crown Indigenous Realtions, reg. director
        Dan Bildhauser – gov’t of Canada, Sr. Adv, Citizenship, Immigration, Refugee Board Canada
        Eugenie Cyr – Canada Immigration and Citizenship

        Glenn Stewart – GES citizenship & immigration (private company)

        Brenda van Heel – govt of Canada, OSFI

        Phillip Robinson – govt Canada, PWGSC; BCIT p/t instructor

        Pamela Fald – govt Canada, indigenous services, RN

        Troy Bell – Justice Canada, BCRONRO

        Yolanta Sochacki Scott – Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corp

        Adam Thompson – Senate of Canada, Parliamentary Affairs, RCMP correspondence,

        David Travers – Canadian Food Inspection Agency

        Don Crawford – Transportation Safety Board of Canada, regional senior investigator; Saudi Rail, CN (25yrs), TCS, BCRail, UN

        Phil Tataryn – Transport Canada, rail Eng; CPRail (30yrs)

        Ron Clement – Elections Canada, MB Chamber of Commerce, Manulife Securities

        Justin Dunphy – MFDA senior enforcement (without credentials), McGuiganNelson Assoc., CF Reserve
        Wladyslaw Kinastowski – Canada Revenue Agency, Asst. Director; Adoption consultant
        Lawrence Hobbs – GOC, public services and procurement; Office of S/I of Financial Institutions Canada, Parkland Fuel Company, Chinook Solutions, IBM, Bombardier
        Karen Coates – Passport Officer
        Graeme Arklie – Auditor General of Alberta, principal
        Karen Zoltenko – Office of the Auditor General of Alberta; Grant Thornton LLP (sr.mng)

        Scott Long – Gov’t AB, Exec. AEMA; CF (2006-15)

        Ed Kuzikowski – Gov’t AB, Solicitor General Peace Officer, Law Enforcement Oversight
        Michael Lundquist – Gov’t AB, Indigenous Relations, policy and capital relations

        Tracy Allen – gov’t AB assist deputy minister, planning & infrastructure; AB Ed, city of Edm/St.Alb; EPCOR

        Mitch Fuhr – govt AB, infrastructure & transportation, CCMTA

        Ray Nelson – gov’t AB, engineering consultant, 40yrs
        James Hutton – gov’t AB, senior infrastructure tech
        Wayne Barker – gov’t AB, Dept of Transportation, drafting tech
        Lewis Cheung – gov’t AB, sr. Eng, safety
        Deanna Gillis – Gov’t AB, business mng & admin
        Terry Baskier – gov’t AB, treasury board and finance exec.
        Tami Peacock – gov’t AB, sr. payments processing and banking
        Bill Jarvis – gov’t AB, P.Panda assistant; Wildrose Party (2010-14, got the boot), Break Away Corporate Adventures

        Grant Sprague – gov’t AB, Deputy Minister of Energy; Miller Thomson LLP
        David Pollock – gov’t AB, Sr.Adv. Dept. Of Energy

        Craig Watt – gov’t AB, Dept. Of Energy

        James Corbett – govt AB, supervisor; imperial oil

        Doug Lammie – gov’t AB, AER (asst. deputy minister)

        Lesley Spink – Alberta Innovates, senior purchaser
        Rob Semeniuk – Alberta Innovates, sr. exec
        Chris Kearney – Innotech, Exec; past AHS corporate
        Allan Mah – Innotech/AB Innovates, purchaser
        Stephen Rogers-Lougheed – Alberta Innovates, $400k severance; masonic Fair Deal panel, Strategic Results, AMBI,
        Dave Peace – gov’t AB MEP Director (Office of the Solicitor General)
        Bill Cruikshank – gov’t AB, ministry of social services and children’s services, 30yrs
        Luc Lascelle – gov’t AB, MEP officer; GE Money
        Lori Oatway – Gov’t AB agriculture & research, pedigree seed farming, Oatway seed farms

        Al Spink – Gov’t of AB; FAA Inspector

        Art Guenther – govtAB, meat inspector

        Jim Lang – Gov’t AB, meat inspector

        Jennifer Diegel-Swift – govt AB, meat inspector
        Roy Larson – gov’t AB, Agriculture & Forestry, director
        Mahlon Weir – gov’t AB, Forestry, 35yrs ret’d

        Wayne McNally – Gov’t AB AGLC; Kentwood Ford

        Arthur Hagen – gov’t AB, Deputy Superintendent of Insurance, ret’d

        John Hackwell – Jubilee Insurance (AAMDC)

        Darcy Bly – Gov’t AB, Motor Vehicles and Registries asst. director

        Kevin McDowell – ATRF; past AIMCo – how’s those pensions everybody?

        Todd Walsh – WCB, exec. Director; AMVIC, ATA, Aid-de-Camp, pedo AOE, cadet reserve

        Clarence Mah – WCB, director, ops mng.

        Shayne Eldridge – govt AB, Appeal Commissioner AB Worker’s Compensation, WSIB, WCB ON,

        Derek Kearney – gov’t AB, OHS specialist

        Ann Hogan – gov’t AB, Alberta Works

        Shane Miners – gov’t AB, Service Alberta, Agriculture; now Fujitsu
        Heath Foster – gov’t AB, AIT Officer, Widow’s Son

        Patrick Field – Gov’t AB AIT Officer, Widow’s Son

        Rob Gavigan – Gov’t AB, Social Housing

        Trevor Eliott – Gov’t AB, tax assess

        Trevor Stroud – gov’t AB, IT security, online pervert.

        Jim Roberts – gov’t AB, sr. system analysist

        Albert Leung – gov’t AB, analyst, capital health; habitat for humanity

        Wendy Pruden – gov’t AB ACAT; ARUCC, PCCAT

        Derrick Forsythe – gov’t AB, information officer, public affairs; CF public affairs

        Winston Pon – gov’t AB, Office of the Premier (communications); UCP board/media; Corus Entertainment

        Brendan Cox – gov’t AB, Communications Advisor (Office of the SG, 8yrs), Advanced Education
        Thomas Trofimuk –gov’t AB, writer/consultant
        Iain Girvan – gov’t AB, water projects mng.
        Ian Fuchs – Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission (I.T.); DND, weapons tech 6 yrs
        Ariel Pascual – Gov’t of AB, pinoy only part of AB

        Richard Beaumont – ret’d, Canada Land Survey, ALS, CNR, Legal AB, Auditor, Aboriginal land rights

        Marlin Sexauer – ALS, ret’d; Northern Alberta Development Council.

        Dean Elliott – gov’t SK, Ministry of Ed, SIEC; Saskatoon Public, teacher (87-2003

        David Pascoe – govt SK, program advisor, disaster assistance, HR; Wells Fargo Financial

        Kate Kraus – govt SK, ministry of agriculture, Asia Trade & Export

        Jason Wall – gov’t SK, Senior advisor to Premier Scott Moe
        David Koegen – gov’t SK, Chief of staff SK Party, SK party youth pres, rubs his boobs in Miranda Rosin’s face
        Paul Canniff – SK govt Insurance, Nityo (for FCC), govt Canada (public works), health Canada, Bell, ATB, Progressive Conservative Research Office

        Jay Meyer – SK Association of Regional Municipalities, exec; SaskDocs 10yrs; Town of SHaunavon, CAO; President Cypress Hills SaskParty, MLA Wayne Elhard

        Kaitlin Olmsted – EWB Sask, Govt SK Highways/transportation, united church, masonikkk youth

        Bruce Agnus – gov’t BC, WorkSafeBC assessment officer
        Anita Wilkinson – gov’t BC, Ministry of Public Safety and SolGen, FOI analyst
        Clay Balsillie – gov’t NWT, Aboriginal Affairs

      • CallMeJusticeOrKarma says:


        Cindy Brook – Christina River Enterprises; Nexen-ULC (CNOOC) until 2016
        Trevor Gatzke – Nadleh Whut’en First Nation (Band Mng.), Wei Wai Kum First Nation (GM), Oilfield Rentals (GM)
        Darrell Manning – EPCOR (city of Edm corp), director regulatory
        Kevin Baker – city of Edmonton, system analysist; Trakware Systems
        Terry Chapman – city of Edmonton, ret’d, operations coordinator
        Dale Toffan – City of Edmonton, assessor. 22yrs
        Laurie Trelenberg – city of Edmonton supervisor, Funky Petals (took over from Gogal)
        Trevor Nyroos – city of Edmonton, transit inspector
        Cliff Henson – city of Edmonton, ETS supervisor
        Jared Varoni – city of Edmonton, ETS Foreman, contracted limo driver,
        Nathalie Thibeault – City of Edmonton, ops

        Chris Batty – city of Edmonton 35 yrs, Engineering and transportation

        Kristy Muckler – city of Edmonton administration
        Janet Riopel – CEO/Pres Edmonton Chamber of Commerce
        Vincent Laberge – City of Edm Subdiv Develop Appeal Board, Urban Pioneer Infill
        Brian Gibson – City of Edm Subdiv Develop Appeal Board, past ALERT and Edmonton Police Commission
        Martin James Phillips – city of Edmonton, I.T. and Security
        Scott McKeen – Edmonton city councilor
        Sarah Hamilton – Edmonton city councilor
        Aries Fabian – city of Edmonton, clerk/admin

        Tom Long – Fort Edmonton Park

        Rod Frank – Strathcona County, Mayor; LPC Candidate 2015; Telus lawyer (93-2015), MilnerFenerty (now Dentons)

        Todd Banks – Sherwood Park Chamber of Commerce, exec. Director; Burger King, dir. of ops (97-05)

        Erin Wildeboer – Strathcona County, waste division
        Cathy Heron, St.Albert, Mayor 2010-pres; Alberta Urban Municipalities, VP;
        Cam McKay – St.Albert, City Councilor (2010-17); Alberta Counsel; TappCar, GM; CF Communications
        Linda Moffat – St.Albert Chamber of Commerce, CEO ret’d
        Stephen Dafoe – Town of Morinville, councilor; Morinville News, masonic writer
        Max Adu-Safo – Sturgeon County/Morinville, program supervisor; Weir Oil and Gas
        Jacqueline Biollo – Aurora Strategy Group, Auctioneers Assoc Alberta, ACTLA (exec), govt AB Municipal Govt Board (ARB), subdiv&devel board (Beaumont & Drayton Valley), Rise Up Society Alberta (exec), EPS (govt affairs), AUMA (director 4yrs), town of Beaumont Councillor (2007-13), Liberal Party Canada Candidate (2015), campaign manager for Ken Metzger (PPC)

        Lea Pagnucco – Town of Fort Saskatchewan, infrastructure and project mng.

        Grant Geldert – town of Devon councilor 10yrs, telecom: govt AB, EPCOR, Telus

        Bart Guyon – Brazeau County Reeve
        Sherry Larkin – Town of Edson, bookkeeper

        Michael Allen – Regional Municipality Wood Buffalo (RMWB), councilor. Career politician (PC), resigned in 2013 after arrested in prostitution scandal, returned to PC and wildrose, now councilor.

        William Brook – RMWB, suprvsr; suncor, widow’s son

        Todd Hansen – RMWB transportation, WFG ; Suncor, CNRL

        Jeff Peddle – RMWB, Councilor, meathead on steroids, recently charged November, 2020. JP Consulting, OnSite Solutions

        Tim Mayner – Wood Buffalo Housing Corp

        Clarence Buchanan – Rec Corp of Wood Buffalo

        Bryson Cadle – ENMAX (city of Calgary corp); Stantec, Altalink, Flint
        Gary Gillan – ENMAX (prj.mng); Mount Royal University, instructor
        Naheed Nenshi – Mayor of Calgary, 2010-pres; sure loves little masonic kids.
        Harold Wicke – City of Calgary/Chestermere, Safety Codes Officer
        Mark Zehner – city of Calgary, proj.mng

        Chuck Von – City of Calgary, ops suprvsr

        Meghan Michael – City of Calgary, admin

        Jim Carswell – city of Calgary, transit fleet mng,.
        Brad Forsyth – city of Calgary, ops & maintenance supervisor
        Wanda Sinclair – Park/Rec Turner Valley

        Richard Silvestre – City of Red Deer (traffic tech)

        Mitch Thomson – Town of Olds councilor, OICRD, MountainView Power, chamber of commerce, funeral chapels

        Bill Robertson – Town of Okotoks, mayor; Cgy Stampede Super (89-pres), Foothills school div

        Peter McDowell – town of Okotoks, transportation suprvisr; city of chestermere (transpotation); town of High River, waste & recycling

        Lana Curle – Town of Rimbey, councilor; AHS Area Manager

        Charlie Cutforth – Ponoka County, CAO; CCI Wireless.

        Mark Matejka – Ponoka City Council; Matejka Farms

        Wayne Armishaw – city of Lacombe councilor (13-17), Janitorial Supplies Plus
        Ken Wigmore – Lacombe County, Deputy Reeve; EPG Services, NRDRWWSC, rural Indigenous stalker
        James Pruden – Lacombe County Insp. Officer, Widow’s Sons pres.

        Garry Bennett – city of Medicine Hat
        Brad Irwin – City of Medicine Hat, Urban Planning; Global Raymac
        Jeff Johnston – Town of Fairview, councilor; snappys shots, sun media; Liberal Party Canada (AB President 13-17), NDP Central Peace-Notley

        Don Bauer – Summer Village of Yellowstone, Deputy Mayor

        Morris Nesdole – Sunset Beach s.v., mayor; BAILS, Athabasca Watershed; Syncrude, prj.mng 30yrs
        Troy Jenkins – CAO town of rainbow lake, CAO village of Alix, CAO municipality of clyde river, CAO of town of Vulcan, SAO of municipality of Tulita, SAO of municipality of Sachs Harbour, SAO of municipality of Fort McPherson, Tulita fire department captian, fire dept of Fort McPherson, Sachs Harbour Fire Chief.
        Ron Adams – city of Saskatoon, superintendent
        Don Atchison – Saskatoon mayor & council 1994-2016, SK pedo Order of Merit

        Glen McKenzie – Town of Swan River, mayor (1995-pres); likes “friendly sausage makers” named Hurren
        Robert Miller – BC Interior Community Foundation, Strategy Manifest CED, Nicola Valley Futures, town of Golden (CED), town of Okotoks (econ develop), tourism Calgary, AB North Tourism
        Tom Hutchison – Fort Saskatchewan, councilor 12 years; RCMP.
        Dave Bachelder – Innovation Center Kelowna, JayWho Productions

      • CallMeJusticeOrKarma says:

        Dan Webb – Absolut Identification Security & Investigations, Lormit Personal Services, CSI Custom Security & Investigation, Executive VIP Limosine, Arson Investigations (2004-2018)

        Kris Webb – Absolut Identification Security & Investigations

        Kevin Harrison – CM Consultants; EPS, 30yrs I.T..

        Rod Holmes – Holmes Investigations ltd (Prince George), Regional Security Services

        Ron Sigouin – Sanders Services, partner; drugs and alcohol testing

        Rick Lawrence – Security Resource Group; RCMP Crime Scene Containment

        Thomas Dunlop – TW Dunlop & Assoc. Security Consultants; RCMP, Bill Comrie’s Security and VP

        Dion Tarkowski – FEMco, AB Justice – ME, Bodyguard (Oliver L Salvador & Assoc), EPS, Scouts pedos Canada

        Jeff Irwin – Beumer Group, Calgary International (YYC)

        Doug Winkleman – CATSA, screening mng; Claim Jumpers; ret’d RCMP (cst, 20yrs); AB Sheriff, Corrections Officer

        Robert Peeling – Garda, preboard screening officer

        Gary Long – McHale Aviation; Safeway Corporate Security, RCMP (29yrs)

        William McGirr – Titanium Defence Corp, DND aviation engineer 14yrs

        Chris Dinunzio – Hayley Security Corp, nightclub security

        Bret Pagnucco – MD Charlton (law enforce, accnt mng), Canadian Tactical Firearms Training, Alberta Firearms Training (Sol.Gen.), Edmonton Police Service (Sgt. 1987-2014)
        Kimberly Greenizan – Raytheon Canada, Crossfield Storage Solutions, past CF reserve
        Bill Grattan – Commissionaires, suspected pedophile

        Dan Huber – Commissionaires; RCMP, scouts pedo

        Ken Alexander – RCMP, cst peewee
        Wayne Barrett – RCMP, ret’d, wife Estelle (Shandro) Barrett
        Rodney Carleton – RCMP, s/sgt and Recruiting (this little puke even picked a twitter fight with me! So I reminded him that I know where he and others live)
        Ross Cyr* – RCMP; “Pipeline pensions”: Marine Pipeline, Weatherford, Ledcor. Pedo.

        Wayne Fedje – RCMP, s/sgt; ret’d; alcoholic doing drug enforcement

        Devon Firth – RCMP, Lethbridge

        Al Fraser – RCMP, KARE project

        Malcolm GutFriend – RCMP, Dir.Forensics, 30yrs, ret’d. All forensics, incl. chain of custody, are compromised

        Leo Johnston* – RCMP, shot in Mayerthorpe, has an evil twin Lee.

        Matt Kennedy – RCMP, cst, Foremost
        Jerry Kopp – RCMP, ret’d. 2000; KDiv, Calgary, rural.
        James Medley – RCMP, threat/risk assessment (of Indigenous and Enviro groups), ret’d

        Gerry Offin – RCMP, ret’d 2000; Strathcona Peace Officer 2000-13

        Tessa Pitt – RCMP, cst, Drayton Valley

        Benny Wong – RCMP, Toxicology and Forensics, more forensics compromised!

        Warren Wright – RCMP, s/sgt, high river

        Glen Cook – ALERT, communication consultant; “journalist”

        Mike Duffy – Alberta Sheriff, sgt. Medicine Hat

        Rick Gardiner – Alberta Sheriff, superintendent

        Peter Hughes – AB Sheriff, mall cop

        Jeff Hood – Corrections Officer, Drumheller

        Bonnie Riddell – Edmonton Police Commission

        Brian Roberts – Edmonton Police Services, CAO – rapist

        David Ahlstrom – Edmonton Police Service, cst; steals from victims at the crime scene, 18mnth probation

        Bill Allen – Edmonton Police Service, Det.; no economic crimes in Edmonton but he’ll take a honey cruller

        William Allen – Edmonton Police Service, Det, 30yrs; now TPG/Federated Cooperative; AMVIC investigator, 3yrs

        Maurice Brodeur – Edmonton Police Service, Sgt.; removed as president of Edm Police Assoc (2016)

        Mark Coates – Edmonton Police Service, Det.; actually enjoys his investigations

        Mike Elliott – Edmonton Police Service, Sgt; Edm Police Assoc, pres; ACIAC, AFPA; egocentric head case, not PTSD

        Kevin Fald – Edmonton Police Service, Sgt; ret’d, obstruction of justice, guilty of unauthorized use of a computer

        Jeff Hay – Edmonton Police Service, cst; convicted for assault (woman beater), 30 hour suspension

        Cory Huculak – Edmonton Police Service, sgt; Edmonton Police Association, VP

        Chris Klimosko – Edmonton Police Service, sgt, digital forensics

        Kelly Lang – Edmonton Police, det.; KKK EPS dog handlers.

        Lisa Mah – Edmonton Police Service, Sgt

        Fiona Moffat – Edmonton Police Service, dismissed for harassment but still coaches sports?

        Ken Montgomery – Edmonton Police Service, Det., ret’d 2000

        Craig Offin – Edmonton Police Services, cst; resigned 2016 (excessive force, harassment issues); now OEG security

        Kyle Pagnucco – Edmonton Police Service, cst.; Bike thief, overt racist.

        Gene Robinson – Edmonton Police Service, hacker and cyber stalker

        Tony Simioni – Edmonton Police Service, Sgt; past president Edm Police Assoc.

        James Templeton – Edmonton Police Service, ret’d; EPS-RCMP Joint Task Force, how many missing and unsolved murders during his time?

        Bob Venus* – Edmonton Police, sgt

        Bob Walsh – Edmonton Police Service, Det; Edm Police Assoc VP, Interim pres. 2016

        Brad Neufeld – Calgary Police Chief; Camrose Police Chief, EPS, superintendent. 1992 VPD, 2007 ASIRT, 2010 PSB-EPS, ICE, CAART, PACT (yes PACT, what’s their body count on dead and harmed children/youth?).

        Ryan Hogan – Calgary Police, sgt

        Rich Massicotte – Calgary Police, det.

        Iwan Munnikhuis – Calgary Police, Det.

        Tim Stobbs – Town of Okotoks, Municipal Enforcement Mng

        Gordon Blaise Pitt – Pincher Creek, Municipal Enforcement; RCMP (’80-2005)

        Matthew Webb – Grand Cache municipal enforcement, Canadian Ranger Reserve

        Stephen Goguen – Bonnyville, Municipal Enforcement; Legal Shield, CF military pig 24 yrs

        Jamie Erickson – Drumheller, super special constable (also black dimaond, kneehill); Alberta Defensive Tactics Training Inc; Kneehill County (deputy director)

        David Ho – Vancouver Police Board, dismissed quietly, 2009; unlawful confinement, prostitutes, unregistered firearms, cocaine: fined $5000 and 45hrs of community service.

        Matthew Maloney – Saskatoon Police, cst

        Dan Bergen – Winnipeg Police (Det.), 25yrs; now RV and car salesman (more in tune with cops educations)

        Kevin Michayluk – Winnipeg Police (Det-Sgt)

        James Ahlstrom – DND, Lt.Commander Navy

        Gerard Ayo – CF, aerospace

        Sean Allen – CF-MSE-op, UFCW Local 832, govt MB

        Barry Ashton – CF (sapper to MajGen), Soldier Institute, PPCLI foundation, Cgy Coop Assoc, Cgy Military Museum, Villas of Evercreek Bluffs Condo Corp

        David Bergt – CF, DND, ATO, CFHA

        Isaac Brower-Berkhoven – International Sub Engineering, naval officer 26yrs.

        Howard Boone – CF, DND (Sgt, 30yrs), CF-SATE
        Kerri-Ann (Wolfe) Boulanger – CF, ret’d, western separatist

        Marcel Boulanger – ret’d CF but still propagating the break-up of Canada
        Bret (BG) Cousins – spooky, air & underground, fiction writer, chemicals, mining

        Chris Dietrich – CF, CFB

        Robert Coxen – CF (Sgt), CFSME, 25yrs; widow’s son, RCMP, now truck driver.
        Peter Devlin – Suffield (british pedo) Base; CF pedo
        Cameron Diggon – from Home Oil to Homes for Heroes; pedo that plays polo

        Ronald Dmetruk – CF, CFB 49th

        Darlana Goguen – DND, 10yrs; Matichuck Equip

        Dan Hansen – CAF, MP; Peace officer (Bonnyville), Bean Satisfied, Pet Mobile

        Steve Kennard – past royal marines, pedophile, white hat white trash, lazy part time bookkeeper

        Jeff Knight – CF weapon tech, contracted 4 Wing CF18 flight simulator CFB Cold Lake

        Stuart Krause – CF, 10yrs; widow’s son

        Dean Larsen – CF, little fella needs big guns

        Mike Lebrasceur – CAF, Q-cult; can’t even fit a helmet on his obese and bald head.

        Michael Loraas – ret’d CF travel agent, pedophile

        Elgin Penner – DND, Navy

        Drew Semper – CAF, sgt, avionics

        Gavin Scrimgeour – CF, eng/WO, 1993-2014; now Coca Cola, vending mng

        John Slade – past british forces, still a pedophile

        Shannon (Deline) Tobias – navy, I didn’t know Canada had frigates that big

        Jim Wilson – DND, asset manager

        Ronald Barry Worthington – CF, pedo Queen’s Golden Jubilee medal

        Chad Zopf – CFSCE, Mr. Vain Productions

      • CallMeJusticeOrKarma says:

        Allan Wachowich – resigned as Chief Justice after was caught raping a Native boy; remained as supernumerary in pedo-alberta justice law courts. RCMP Commissioner Lucki is pals with this pedo; maybe she just likes pedophiles, she did marry masonic-Gauthier.
        Edward Wachowich* – pedophile (an EdmEsks victim even committed suicide); Chief Judge of AB until 1999
        Bryan Williams – past Chief Justice of QBBC, judicial interference (SunBelt), pedophile, resigned w/sex scandal and images
        Patricia Hankinson – crown prosecutor, QBAB
        Tamara Friesen – justice, QBAB; fiberal appointment 2019 but a zio-con; extraordinary example of a “Karen”; Nugent Law articling; predetermined judgements before strolls into court late.
        John Gill – justice, QBAB; McCuaig Durocher; fiberal slave ship masonic-Martin appointment, 2005; fascinated with murderers
        Bernette Ho – Justice, QBAB, fiberal appointment 2018 – how many masons did (leveraged) Trudeau appoint?
        Karen Horner – justice, QBAB; fiberal appointment 2002, zio-con agenda; masonic Bennett Jones; struggles to understand “bias”
        Barbara Johnston – Justice, QBAB; pedo Denton’s; 2020 fiberal appointment, UCP donation $12k?
        Douglas Mah – justice, QBAB; fiberal appointment 2016; WCB exec; pedophile-phile and suspected pedophile
        Richard Neufeld – Justice, QBAB; dentons; pedophile; 2015 appointment by more jew than a jew Harper admin
        Justina Maria Filice – assist. chief judge, prov. crt of AB; real estate lawyer in family court, struggles to understand what hearsay is; her circle consists of steroids, cocaine, fake charities, toddlers drinking Heineken and even a CSIS tagged human trafficker
        Terrence Matchett – Chief Judge, Prov. Crt of pedo Alberta; interference and injustice enabler, gets to retire this year with a “flawless” career (like the pedo Wachowichs did)

        Dave Hancock – judge, Provincial Court of AB, family; NDPooPoo appointment, poster boy of AB (anglo, obese, slob); Alberta Chamber of Resources; MLA (1997-2104); Premier 2014; Solicitor General of AB; Matheson & Co.; pedophile who associates with CSIC flagged human traffickers.

        Geoffrey Ho – judge, prov. crt of AB; zio-con appointment from DOJ; makes own arbitrary laws, low proficiency in English and French; pedophile

        Cliff Purvis – judge, prov. crt of AB; KARE, ASIRT, crown; zio-con appointment 2014; perfect useful idiot to make excuses

        Robin Snider – judge, prov. Crt of AB, NDPoopoo appointment, 2020; Red Deer Law Group (partner); Crown; depraved sociopath

        William Bruce Hogle – Justice of Peace, Prov. crt of Alberta; pinky sized pedophile, uncle in-law to Mark Messier’s (bastard) addict kid.

        Christopher Hinkson – (obese) Chief Justice of Supreme pedo Court BC; Vancouver Foundation (keeping a close eye on the vulnerable); jabba the justice

        Paul Meyers – judge, Provincial pedo Court of BC; sexual offender who enjoys human depravity

        Bob Donaldson – Gov’t AB, Sr.Judicial Clerk, NKI

        Danny Chow – Law Society of Alberta, staff lawyer.
        Leslie Ahlstrom, QC – Ahlstrom Wright; CF reserve 1970-2004
        Shayne Saskiw – Alberta Counsel, principal; TappCar; MLA (2012-15); Wildrose exec; Duncan Craig LLP, Felesky Flynn LLP

        Christopher Hirst – Alexander Holburn Beaudin & Lang, partner

        Allan Cantor – Allan P. Cantor QC

        Melissa Mitchell – Aurora Cannabis, sr legal; Farns, Vaughn, Willis & Murphy; Davis LLP

        Cameron Mitchell – Axon, Moreau Law

        Rick Billington – Billington Barristers; Conservative national party committee

        Bryan Crozier – Bryan & Co. LLP

        Mike Crozier – Bryan & Co. LLP; defrauded Edmonton and Alberta tax payers with B.Comrie (Whitehall (#307657 Alberta Ltd))

        Grant Zawalsky – Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer; whitecap; $7.5K UCP donation

        Iain Cameron – Cameron & Cameron (cnc law)

        Guy Cochrane – Cochrane Law

        Jim Chronopoulos – Colistro Chronopoulos LLP, Hellenic-Cnd pres, Griesbach Community League

        Mark Johnson – Collaborative Divorce

        Kyle Scott – Craft Law; past legal exec Suncor, the pipeline to Ottawa; PPC Candidate.

        James Lutz – Dartnell Lutz LLP

        Terry Williams – Dentons, partner; Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP

        Ian Wachowicz – Dentons, partner, city of Edmonton Subdevel&Appeal Board; Palee McLaws LLP, partner (02-15)

        Mae Chow – Duncan Craig LLP, partner

        John Hope, QC – Duncan Craig, senior partner

        Kathy Gerrits – Dunphy Best, partner

        Giovanni Mata – Equity Law Group; Grand Migration Canada Consulting Group

        Tammy Tannous-Cameron – Fairway Divorce, CNC Law
        Jonathan Denis – Guardian Law Group; MLA, 08-15, SolGen 12-15
        James Braiden – James Braiden Law Offices, disbarred lawyer

        Jay Michi – Jensen Law, BC

        Bruce Corenblum – Levine Law Office, partner
        Shirley FItzsimmmons, QC – McDougall Gauley LLP, partner

        Kevin McGuigan – McGuiganNelson LLP, Invictus LLP

        Brent Nelson – McGuiganNelson LLP; Blackgold Capital Corporation

        Bryan Nelson –McGuiganNelson LLP, Inns Law; BG Captial Corp, ran for PC leadership

        Mark Gunderson, QC – McLennanRoss, sr. partner. ATB lawyer. Cashed in on Comrie and Ghermezian (jew but call “Iranian” if want) fraudulent over-financed deals (Whitehall and WEM).
        Sarah Levine – McLennanRoss, assoc.
        Don McGarvey – McLennanRoss, partner; Glenrose Rehab Trustee, Rotary Club exec.
        Ali Tarrabain – Paragon Law, nephew of deceased crime boss Sid
        Juliana Ho – Parlee McLaws LLP

        Edward Pipella QC – Pipella Law

        Kimber Pipella – Pipella Law

        Leanne Young, QC – Resolve ADR; department of justice 10yrs.
        Dan Horner – SVR Lawyer LLP (partner), Novatech Corp, Sky Hunter Corp, Advantage Products

        Anne Ferguson Switzer – McAllister LLP

        James Wachowich – Wachowich & Co. Jimmy’s daddy was a freakkkmason pedophile.

        Robert Wachowich – Wachowich & Co. Robbie’s daddy was a freakkkmason pedophile.

        James Laycraft, QC – Wilson Laycraft
        Jessica Bortnik – Windmere Law Office, past McLennanRoss

      • CallMeJusticeOrKarma says:


        Aaron Fuson – Fire Commission of Alberta; suncor HSE
        Joe Zasada – Beaumont Fire Dept; St.John’s ambulance council
        Doug Christie – Calgary Fire Dept, 35yrs
        Dave Dyson – Calgary Fire Dept, 30yrs
        Kent Fuson – Drayton Valley Fire Captain
        Dustin Duzan – Moose Jaw Fire Dept.
        Edward Mclean – Spruce Grove Fire, cpt, 30yrs; Biegel & Perra, 904965 AB Ltd

        Stephen Moir – Health Canada, CF, NAM Knights pres

        Jodi Abbott – University Hospital Foundation, CEO/pres; NorQuest College, CEO

        Crystal Alan – Alberta Blue Cross, provider relations

        Tricia Mudge – Dynalife DX, lead

        Michael Freedman – MyPHRCard Corp, SCS Card Tech; Rogers, Gov’t SK

        Linda McDonald – gov’t AB, AHS purchaser

        Stella Hoeksema – gov’t AB, AHS Programs manager

        Keith Kibbler – AHS, senior advisor; UofA HR; gov’t AB health consultant
        Ashley Kuehn – AHS, clinical lead
        Kevin Gerrits – AHS, safety

        Alan delos Angeles – AHS IT informatics/sytems; greatway financial
        John Jardine – AHS unit clerk, psych nurse
        Richard Duncan – AHS, psych nurse
        Elaine Rose – AHS, RN; Toastmaster and certified life coach
        Lonnie Spink – AHS, nurse, wants to punch people who say “defund the police” so they have to call piglets
        Marlon Barce – AHS, patient services

        Francis Barte – AHS, patient care; AB Insurance Council

        Vincente Hagan – AHS, RN; Diaspora Canada Immigration (CEO)

        Traci Gordon – AHS, clerk

        Paul Agbulu – AHS clinical pharmacist, Clinical Research Of Canada Assoc.
        Phillip Callbeck – AHS, mng.
        Jacki Capper – United Nurses Alberta 211
        Scott Savage – past Savage Value Drug Mart, hanging in the pedo lodges now
        Karen Davis – Saskatoon Health Region

        Crystal Eide – Home Health Care, SK
        Wes Regan – Vancouver Coastal Health, City of Vancouver (planner), Langara College (instructor), Green Party Canada, Hasting Biz Develp and Health Social Development (masons love the vulnerable, esp in Van)

        Victor Banfield – Health Science Assoc of Alberta

        Collette Featherstone – Rural Health Professions Action Plan, DSGI, city of Edmonton (8yrs admin for councilors)

        Foster Monson – Pine Lodge Treatment Center, Rainmaker Solutions, Crown Auction (87-94)

        Ingred Helmer – Dr. Hemstock Assisted Living, office mng.

        Chris Sitter – Bankers Hall Club, cruise ship masseuse, loves Thigh-land (Thailand, sex tourism capital)

        Drew Huebner – Nova Optical Labs

        Ken Huebner – Nova Optical Labs, principal/mng.

        Lisa Bergt – Skuba Dental

        Martyn Thomas – Thomas Dental Group

        Trystan Thomas – Thomas Dental Group

        Roger Redoble – atlas dental center/labs

        Dr. Stephen Cadwell – UofA, undergrad prof

        Dr. Arlo Chinnery – acupuncture

        Dr. Julia Chronopolous – PrEP provider, Asst Med Prof UofA

        Dr. James Currie – OBGYN, creepo!

        Dr. Terrance Drolet –Family Doc, ret’d 2012. Still active with Grace Lutheran (Church of England pedos)
        Dr. Brendan Flowers – Dr. Brendan Flowers Mountain Maternity & Family Clinic
        Dr. Ian Gebhardt – family physician

        Dr. Ron Latch – serial rapist, Westmount Chiropractor & Massage (w/ Jen Semeniuk)
        Dr. Arnold Murray – ret’d, A.R. Murray Professional Corp.

        Dr. Christo Rabie – family doc, South Calgary Medical Clinic

        Dr. Mohammed A Raffath Sayeed – license revoked, sex with patients, harboured Dr.rapist from Nigeria

      • CallMeJusticeOrKarma says:

        Leon Comer – Star Bright Daycare, Bright Start Daycare, pedo; Lt. Commander Navy (ret’d)
        David Watkins – pedophile, assaulted two very young girls in his wife’s unlicensed (private) daycare
        Claude McCaskill – Child and Family Services, executive director
        Lynn Hautmann – social services, CFS
        Robert Mitchell – Jewish Family Services
        Linda Churchill – Wings of Providence, social worker, ret’d 2015; Peter Griffin look alike.
        Carol-Ann Williams – Lionheart Foundation, boys and girls club calgary
        Jennifer Thomson – foster parent, over 30 children
        Carol Anne White – EPSB administrator
        Margaret Blue – EPSB, admin
        Bonnie Marples – EPSB; teacher, 30yrs
        Greg Henkelman – EPSB (1999-2019), Strathcona Dept Head; WestShoreColwood, Sooke, 2019-pres
        Deborah Mitchell – Parkland School, admin/teacher
        Janet Hancock – Lillian Osborne High School, ret’d principal
        Trish Spink – Spruce Grove Composite high School, grade 12 counsellor
        Brent Chalmers – CTS teacher, Lacombe; past Alberta Party Candidate

        Ashley Swift – Rendell Park Elementary, grade 4 teacher
        Elaine Robertson – Foothills School Div, Kiwanis Okotoks

        Jon Broadberry – Elementary School teacher 1969-2004, Kamloops, Okotoks, Red Deer

        Angela Tolton – grade 4-6 Killarney School, Cgy

        Bruce Fergusson – Cgy Board of Education, maintenance superintendent

        Dan Olmsted – Chinook School Board, Masonikkk youth.

        Patrick Davis – Saskatoon Teachers Assoc

        Brandon Aune – UofA, administration

        Pamela Marples – UofA, research informatics

        Garry Mah – UofA, ancillary services

        Earl Sharam – UofA – St.Stephens College; United pedo Church naturally

        Loren Kline – UofA, Faculty of Medicine/Dentistry
        Samuel Ekpe – UofA, Electrical and Computer Engineering
        Brian Gratrix – UofA, recreation and events
        Patti Hill – UofA, adjunct academic; HI Consulting Ltd
        Jeff Strangman – NAIT, instructor; State of the Art Creative (tax payers paying for his garbage work)
        Phillip Townsend – NAIT instructor
        Brandon McCready – NAIT instructor
        Neil Lang – NAIT, instructor; Juice Plus+
        Cathy Pruden – MacEwan Staff Association
        Trevor Morton – NorQuest College, City of Edmonton, NAIT
        Bruce Zawalsky – Boreal Wilderness Institute (Deliverance!, grunt grunt mmmm)
        William Myers – Global eTraining, director

        Jesse Patching – University of Calgary, web development; Radioactive Penguin, Mount Royal Uni.

        Esam Wshah – SAIT instructor

        Jan Gordon – St.Mary’s Universtiy, instructor

        Brian Dunkerly – ESL Teacher (35yrs), Heritage Park Historical Village (28yrs), scouts pedo

        John Marshall – Red Deer College, admin

        Casey Allen – Algonquin College, academic curriculum; Mount Royal College, SAIT instructor; NAIT eLearning; Concordia Basketball, Wildcats Football (1982-2001). Boy lover.

        Paul Jerry – Athabasca University (Associate Dean), Medicine Hat College (instructor), Paul Jerry Consulting Psychology Inc, Distress Center counsellor
        Brian Carreau – Grand Prairie Regional College, Fairview; scouts pedos
        David King – Lakeland College, Dean of Trades

        Derek Steadman – U of Regina, financial specialist; gov’t SK, Dept of Finance

        Gary Viewer – SK Polytechnic Instructor, IBEW 2038

        Guy Poirier – Red River College, chair, coordinator, instructor; Manitoba Metis Federation

        Ross Lyle – Camosun College, instructor
        Ron Cairns – Grace Communion International; ret’d Ed director

        Bevan Carrique – Ontario pedo alert!!!! Bishop, Chaplain, Minister, York Police (drums/pipes), metro investigations & security, Westmount Fire & Police

        Richard Glasgow – Irma (pedo) United Church, trustee

        Cecil “tiger” Goldstick* – order of pedo-Canada, Navy WW2, Edmonton Bulletin, Edmonton Eskimos, Edmonton Esks Knothole Gang, Montreal Canadians scout, CFRM radio

        Rabbi Hyman Goldstick* – Mayor of Edson, sold clothes, fondled little kids; a pioneer of jewry in Alberta, Beth Israel Congregation.

        Steven Haughland – Presbyterian Church Canada (pedo pastor), town of Killam (ice maker and rec), govt BC enviro

        Dennis Milne – Dovercourt Baptist, online pastor, Navy Chaplain, pedophile

        Dan ValAlstine – ret’d reverend canon, pedophile.

        Larry Wright – DND Champlain, United Church, Spirit West United, pedo

        Huntley Ketchen – Sands Funeral Home BC, ProctorU, CTV, Rogers

        Barry Tuck – Yates Memorial Services BC

        Bob Jones – Westlock Funeral & Crematorium

        Wendy Batty – Christmas Bureau, PC Griesbach EDA

        Cindy Ho – Make-A-Wish, Chinese Lion’s Club

        Alfred Nikolai – Habitat for Humanity
        Mark Rodgers – Habitat for Humanity, CEO/pres

        Joe Pimlott – Metis Nation, VP; NDP Candidate, “Mr. Metis”, islamophobic; econ planning, Friendship Center
        William Parkyn – SR Charitable, MasonicBusary, likes little kids on his lap

        Deborah Thompson – Inclusion Foothills (human rights), Canadian Virtual Gurus, ATCO

        Roger Matas – Alberta Wish Trail, Matas & Assoc, white hat white trash Cgy Stampede Committee, city of Cgy (06-10), govt MB (press secretary)

        Cory Balanecki – YMCA (northAB), help desk coordinator, IT;
        Glenn William White – Robin Hood Assoc; Valley Blades
        John Oross – Xentral D.M. Inc. (23yrs) (alt: Old Timers Hockey Challenge, Magic n Miracles); Leede John Gable Inc.
        Tom Balabanov – Kitsilano Neighbourhood House

      • CallMeJusticeOrKarma says:


        Robert Allen – RBC; city of Calgary, GreatWestLife

        Lloyd Ames* – RBC Securities and offshores

        Donna Baskier – RBC ret’d; Kid’s Cottage
        Dan Busi – RBC Wealth Management

        Dave Caseley – RBC Securities
        Gerry Gibbs – RBC Dominion Securities, CIBC
        Germain Mah – RBC mortgage specialist; Jencor Mortgages; TD Telebanking
        Bud Salloum – RBC Securities, 49yrs. Off Shore worshipful bros., Ret’d

        Tom Edgar – TD, sr. accounting manager, 35yrs, ret’d
        James (Jim) Riddell – TD, VP, Ret’d
        Brian Harvey – Manulife, med facilitator
        Derek Fuchs – Scotia Wealth Mngmnt, Scotia McLeod, Sr.Adv.; Scotiabank, 8yrs
        Brady McCrae – Scotia Bank, assoc director

        Chanakya Jairath – CIBC
        Linda Lovatt – CIBC, capital markets
        Bruce Young – CIBC, international markets
        Ryan Boone – ATB mng
        David Clarke – ATB, corporate
        Elmer Leahy – ATB past superintendent; accepts bribes with Premiers.
        Moustafa Maher – ATB
        Todd Pruden – ATB Board of Dir, NAABA Board, AWS Group, Dreamline Canada, Vikki Homes; ex-EPS
        Michael Ryan – ATB (35yrs), VP, business development; Oilers insider, RDStewart Group, Faber&Co.
        Jen Wong – ATB
        Matt Evans – CWB Wealth Management (pres/CEO)
        Kenneth Rosal – CWB, business development
        Bryan Gerrie – Bow Valley Credit Union, mng; RCMP, 1969-1993
        Iris Evans – Servus Credit Union, brd of directors; MLA (1997-2012; various ministries); strathcona council 1977-97
        Kevin Zarubin – Concentra Bank, Conexus Credit Union
        Stan Barclay – Cambrian Credit Union, Masonic Foundation Manitoba
        Mike Hill – Cornerstone Credit Union (farm and business)

        Jim Baker – Sunlife, financial adv
        Robin Mah – Sunlife, retired early, cough cough with AHS dealings
        Lily Zhao – Sun Life, assoc.

        Chris Cleary – IG Wealth Management; Maple Leaf, Schneiders
        Brian Mennis – IG Wealth Management, reg. director
        Dwayne Johnson – IG Wealth, sr. consultant
        Wade Cox – Benefex Consulting, Hub International Canada West ULC
        Ehren Cox – Benefex Consulting, HUB International Canada West ULC
        Eric Moland – HUB International
        Chris Creran – Hub International

        Brad Edstrom – WFG, director (basically means independent sales fraud)

        Jason Hoskins – WFG director, masons LOOOOOOOVE their pyramid scams

        Allan London – WFG director

        Mike Weiser – WFG, Integritas Safety, widow’s son

        Louis Fradette – Alberta Business; bro Fehr: NorAlta Air takeover of Canwest Air
        Jody Forsyth – Annapolis Capital
        Peter Williams – Annapolis Capital, Indigenous Debt Slavery (AIOC), BennetJones,
        Blair Foster – Aurora Capital Partners, VP; Prairie-Wide Finanacial/Insurance
        Dave Ewasuik – Bahamas international securities; market evolution, suspected pedo
        Dale Styner – BK Capital Corp, Black Spruce Merchant Capital

        Craig di Rocco – Desjardins Financial Security Investments

        Wayne Lawton – Financial Destination Group, D.W. Lawton Insurance Group

        Don Comrie – First Investors Group (Albertans paid the cost, in more than one way, for typical Comrie fraud); Comrie Ranch (Tomahawk, AB).

        Gio Dicay – First Calgary Financial; ATB, mng.

        Clint Reeves – Hollis Wealth

        Don Sangriff – IPC Investment Corp, Sangriff Mah & Assoc.

        James Mah – Mah & Assoc., Sangriff Mah & Assoc.

        Darryl Craig – Manderville Private Client, EdwardJones
        Jeremy Dahms – National Bank Financial Wealth Management, Dahms Wealth Management
        Preston Gill – Ocorian/Estera (tax evasion brokerage), Capt CF, Burmuda Police, Royal Bermuda Regimine, pedo!

        Ron Fujikawa – Peters Wealth Management, IG Financial

        Dixie Van Dusen – SNAP Financial, GE Money

        Charlene Randles – Wellspring Cgy, Benemax Financial, Cgy Special Events, City of Calgary

        Richard Strand – Whitehaven Asset Mngmnt, Pangaea Asset Mngmnt; Home Investment Mngmnt
        Terry Lineker – WTL Enterprises Ltd (for shelf companies), Pacific Blue Cross, CN, Suncor, International Nickel Company (masonic venture, not a Fidel Castro venture)
        Ziv Kowarsky – Buy It Mortgage; doesn’t get more polish-jew than Ziv
        Wade Cummings – Enrich Mortgage Group; Mortgage Alliance
        “Shaddy” Michel Estephan – Dominion Lending, Re/Max; family member wanted for attempted murder but RCMP doesn’t look for one of their own.
        Todd Purcell – Dominion Lending
        Geoff Wilson – FBC (reg.mng), Shaw, Allstream, Delphi Solutions,
        Robert McDonald – FCC Farm Credit Canada, Senior Appraiser
        Jim Webber – Invis Mortgage
        Lyn Webber – INVIS Mortgages, expertmortgage .ca
        Corey Firth – Lowest Rates (mng); Refresh Financial; Vernon Kia, Derrick Dodge Jeep, fin.mng (11-16)
        Patrizia Forigo – Quantum Mortgage; Beacon Mortgage Group
        David Blue – Blue Ink Accounting, Faber LLP, widow’s son

        David Allan – David K. Allan

        Denton Craig – Deliotte

        Neil Blue – Faber LLP, loves masonic-british-triad Hong Kong

        Rhonda Fox-Miles – Fox Miles & Associates

        Jeff Bird – Gill & Bird Chartered Accnts.

        Sandy Lyons – Grant Thornton LLP; insolvency trustee
        Neil Webb – Guardian Tax Solutions

        James Free – Holden & Taylor Advisory Group; pedo Demolay Supervisor

        Jay Noden – Jay C Noden Professional Corp, the devil’s accountant; Unchained

        Jorge Rojas – Jorge W. Rojas Consulting

        Rob Heron – KPR partner, past UCP president, EE Football team

        Geoffrey Oberg – KRP, partner; Past director of Northlands

        Kevin Fichtner – Padgett Business Solutions, 2015 NDP Candidate

        Michelle Burylo – Pinnacle Accounting & Finance

        Charles Evans – PwC, partner

        Terry Bennett – PwC, Sr. mng. ret’d

        Shaun deBruijn – Wood DeBruijn LLP

        Brent Rathgeber Alberta Insurance Council, CFO/COO; Brent Rathgeber Collaborative Law; PC-MLA 2001-04, PC-MP 2008-2013

        Richard Buchanan – Air-Alta Insurance

        Charlene Zoltenko – Charlene Zoltenko Insurance Agency (Desjardin Ins), State Farm; Econ Dvlpmnt St.Albert, SAIF

        Robert Buchan – Co-Operators Robert Buchan Insurance Agencies

        Larry Heron – Directline Insurance, Heron-Siegel Insurance; good buddies with pedo Wachowich & Lucki

        Greg Lemay – Forestburg Agencies (sold to Westland Feb2020), 3 terms on council, active with UCP

        Andre Charrois – Foster Park Brokers; St.Albert Prayer Breakfast (like a good zionist: prayer & brokerage)

        Jayson Marshall – Gold Key Insurance, Characters Talent Agency

        JR Beauregard – Jonathon McKearney, Ship My Ride, Master Transportation

        Sid Kinasewich – Kinasewich Benefits Consulting

        Charlene Gize – Kensington Insurance, partner; AWIN Insurance

        Art Laing – Laing Insurance Brokers

        Rob Clarke – Leavitt Group, mng/partner; Access Insurance Group; Clarke Insurance Services

        Gordon Baergen – MMI Insurance

        Chris Pleasants – Portage Mutual Insurance, IT

        Randy Rutz – Rutz Agencies Ltd

        Judith Rutz – Rutz Agencies Ltd

        Allan Friesen – Silverberg Group, Jess TV/FM, Lethbridge Victim Assist. Soc. (treasurer), Alberta Blue Cross (25yrs), HRIA Lethbridge, Federated Insurance

        Chuck Taylor – Taylor & Company, Mustard Seed (w/Nixon)

      • CallMeJusticeOrKarma says:


        Ken Nolan – (UA local) 488, exec board; “gangstalking”, teamster’s style union

        Ivan Penny – (UA local) 488, VPedo
        Matthew Foss – AB War Room, MFoss Consulting; gov’t of AB Dept of Energy chief economist
        Ken Chapman – Reboot Alberta, Oil Sand Developers Group
        Hector van Vierssen Trip – 35yrs O&G Exploration; PennWest, Lightstream, Trip Consult, Devon Canada, Anderson Explor, NCE, BHP, Texaco
        Dr. Robert Marriot – Dr. Sulfur; sour gas and heat capacities, densities, hydrogen sulphide
        Wade Cherwayko – Abacan, Equator, MART, Regalis, Centurion, Eroton, Signet
        Karl Fraser – AB Applications Ltd, owner

        Isaac Hayes – AECOM, assoc.princ; SNC Lavalin, Stantec, PPC Candidate
        Tom MacDonald – AECOM, estimator; EllisDon
        John McMahon – AECOM, safety codes; CNRL, Horizon

        Kim O’Neill – AECOM, CPANS, air/waste management
        John Brodeur – Aecon, sr.adv.
        Les Rimmer – Aecon, VP
        Randy Moore – Affinity Oilfield Services
        Lester Chute – Alberta Geomatics & Mapping; AECOM, asst. mng 30yrs
        Mark Bruton – Alberta Exchanger Ltd.
        Darcy Watwood – Alstar Oilfield Contractors
        Doug Magas – Alta Gas, independent contractor

        Murray Frayn – Anderson Energy, lead/projmng

        Tim Coupland – Artic Hunter Energy, CEo

        Bob Cantwell – Arnett&Burgess (mng); TC, Nova; Humate, Pan Earth
        Dan Stevens – Assured Resource Management
        Tim Marples – ATCO, suprvsr; Booster Juice, purchaser
        Craig Shutt – ATCO, sprvsr
        Steve Harrison – ATCO Pipelines (Senior Land Agent)
        Tarek Hamida – Athabasca Oil Corp, sr. Eng; UofA EOGRRC; ARC (AB Innovates); 4 patents
        Jim Robinson – Aurora Geosciences, VP/GM; sinker, Canada and USA.
        Barry Davey – Bantral, HSE, ret’d
        David Vlasak – Bantrel, CIMA+, MEG Energy Corp

        Denoit Desvoyault – BDQC Quality Services Inc
        Jason Baskier – Benchmark International, dir. of finance
        Luis Mora-Castillon – Berserker Consult, ATCO, Altalink, enmax, SNC Lav

        Michael Hemeyer – BottomsUp Drilling Fluids Consulting; Halliburton, Canadian Energy, Western Energy (Libya)

        Gary Shantz – BP, 27yrs

        Brenton Mah – Brenton’s Minerals; AGS/AER

        Riley O’Hara – Campus Energy, mng/tres.; Torq Energy, ATB

        Scot Bell – Cenovus, lead; ranch owner
        Jeff Larsen – Cenovus Energy, geophysicist
        Tim Harland – C-FER Technologies (26yrs)

        Peter Proudlock – CH4 International Consulting; Proudly Canadian Renos, AB Gas Trunk/Nova
        Doug Clark – Chervon, 25yrs, geophysicist
        Gordon Bryska – Chevron Mining, lead
        Chris Cloutier – Clearstream, Flint, Clearwater: CEO/VP
        Doug Golosky – Clearwater W&F; MatrixWear; Golosky Group; G-Sky; Sunset Recycle & Sales
        Nolan Denney – CNRL
        Eric Peace – CNRL, HSE
        Glen Harms – Cobra Energy; Suncor
        Charles Humphreys – CU Consulting Ltd, Centuron Surveys
        Michael Watters – Demon Oil Field Services, vp
        Peter Dunlop – Dow; MansoniChip
        Art Foss – Enbridge, inspector 22yrs

        Robert Jardine – Enbridge (4yrs); Provolone Inc
        Byron Birch – Enersul, sr.eng; Birch Engineers Ltd, 35yrs
        Ron Tolton – Ensign Energy Services, IT director
        Peter Kociolek – EnviroPower Industrial Ltd.
        Doug Barnard – Exxon Mobile, 30yrs
        Sachin Pandit – Exxon, Suncor, modern day East India Corp (Bharat Petroleum), sr.Eng
        Daniel Scott – ExxonMobile, Shell, CNRL, Castlegar Fire Dept (20yrs), CF (Lt., 9yrs)

        Reg Frost – Fluor, superintndt

        Leo Limcangco – Fluor,; Bantrel

        Gary Saunders – Fluor, suprvsr; Aecon

        Josh Drummey – Fort McKay-Alcor, mng
        Brendan Harris – Fortis Alberta; AltaLink, BCHydro, Elections AB
        Terry McCallum – Free Rein Resources; Torquay Oil,
        John Harper – Harper Consulting International; Energy Canada, geo surveys
        Roy Muckler – High Artic Energy Services, suprvsr
        John Lunn – High Arctic Energy Services, assnt supvsr

        Bob Baird – Husky Energy, Sr.VP
        John Pratt – Husky Energy, site suprvsr; PennWest

        Terry Schulze – Husky Energy, thermal ops
        James Tolton – Husky Energy; MAXIMUS, CNOOC-Nexen (2007-16), Encana, IBM
        Doug Baron – ICT, principal
        Rob Baron – ICT, maintenance mng.
        Harvey Saskiw – ICT, CFO & reg.mng
        Colleen Fingler – ITT BIW Connector Systems (ITT Cannon LLC BBA)

        Dave Allan – Imperial Oil, maintenance

        Jim Dawson – Instrumentation Tech, #1635684 Alberta Ltd

        Bob Millsap – Jacobs (sr.proj mng); RJM Proj Mngmnt, WorleyParsons, SNC Lavalin (coordinator), PetroCanada

        John McLay* – JMC Consulting, (pmtp . ca); cenovus

        Krystal McLay – JMC Consulting (Cenovus); All Weather Windows; Covenant Health

        Richard Dodds – KUFPEC, financial; Plains Midstream, Prairie Sky Royalty

        Richard Paquet –MADACA SARLU (Madagascar), SEMAFO (Burkina Faso), Sherrit International, NAIT instructor (08-09), Weatherford

        Samuel Matheson – Manitoba Hydro; SaskPower, Acres International (Niagara Falls)

        Jennifer Foster – MEG Energy Corp; Nexen-CNOOC (proj lead, 2009-10), Bantrel, Suncor
        Mustafa Aral – Melloy; TransEd-LRT, Fluor, Shell, PCL

        Rob Venus – Metegrity Inc, turnover spec; Suncor, AECOM, Flint, WorleyParsons

        Glen Hacke – MSC Consulting, ret’d; WorleyParsons

        Perry Chizawsky – McSween Fabricating; WorleyParsons, Black&McDonald, Aecon, Jacobs, KBR

        Liviu Lucan – Modern Wellbore Solutions, controller; AHS, Altalink, Deloitte, ALAMidas Capital Partners

        Ian Lavallee – Nexen-ULC (CNOOC), regulatory/safety

        Keith Buick – NEXT Compression; NGC Compression, Exterran
        Derek Fabbro – NextEra Energy, land agent; Land solutions, Fortis Alberta

        Bill Stark – Northern Underwater Systems, marine/mixed driving ops mng.
        Graeme Zander – NorthCan Surveys, exploration
        Anthony Pike – NOVA Chemicals, elect.instr.; Pembina Pipeline Corp, Bantrel
        Brad Hibbs – NOVA Chemicals, suprvsr; Brion Energy, Cenovus, Suncor
        Thomas Keegan – Opsens, president
        David Oyen – Oyen, collecting royalties in……Oyen.
        Jason Crone – Partner Drilling, mng; Trinidad Drilling
        Paul Weaver – pipeline inspections, self employed
        Sue Rose-Riddell – Perpetual Energy, Paramount, Petroleum Geologists, United Way, fullbright
        Allan Berg – Plains midstream, mng; RBC assoc. director; TradeX Markets
        William Ho – Plains Midstream, mng
        Ivan Wong – Plains Midstream, finance
        James Baker – PIP360 Inc. (GM); Concepts, Agritronics
        Kyle Colling – Prairie Sky Royalty, projmng.; Syndicate, Suncor, PennWest

        Craig Ferguson – PV Fluid Products Inc., sales

        Glen English – Quicksilver Resources, sr.op

        Luke Bruce – Red Flame Industries, ops mng.; Bolttech Manning
        Michael Helfrich – Repsol Oil & Gas, reserves lead; Talisman

        Frank Snorro – SaskPower, ret’d 2012
        Sheldon Sephton – Riptide Energy Solutions, MCZ Energy, Certarus, Weatherford
        Joe Tedford – Seadrill; sr.ops
        Garry Baker – Shell, ops suprvisr; Tremcan, Precision Drilling

        Robert Bolton – Fisher PLC (Shell Albanian); ATCO Electric (Supervisor), Jacobs, Midlite Powerline
        Garth Border – Shell, ops, ret’d
        Glenn Bucholtz – Shell, 35yrs, chemincal eng.

        Kris Goodmanson – Shell, GM planning/UMSATS
        Ron Howe – Shell, production suprvsr
        Ron Howe – Shell, proj.mng/turnarounds
        Don Schiltroth – Shell, turnaround specialist; loves Thigh-land and limousines
        Mario Serafini – Shell, ops, ret’d
        Richard Shumilak – Shell, ops
        Bob Stefanik – Shell, maintenance planner; ATCO, 11yrs

        Kim Randrup – SPR York; Applied Industrial Tech

        Ken Bruce – Spyglass Resources; Devon Resources
        Gordon Gray – STIMWRX Energy; Baker Hughes, SynOil Services

        Denis Banks – Suncor, VP Edm Refinery; Valero Energy, Frontier Oil, Marathon Oil, ExxonMobile, BP

        Thomas Horner – Suncor, ATCO, Ford Motor Credit, Weyerhauser

        Terry Kennedy – Suncor, HSE; Pure Dragon Enviro, T.K. Safety

        Brian Jolly – Suncor, sr. advisor, ret’d; masonic show and shine

        Richard MacAlpine – Suncor, Sr.Adv and regulatory approvals
        Barry Perepelecta – Suncor, ret’d

        Len Savoy – Suncor exec; pedo global jetsetter, pandemic traveler

        Marcel Vicar – Suncor, Senior Engineer

        Chris Woods – Suncor; TransAlta (8yrs)

        Brett Allen – Syncrude, ops lead

        Shana Allen – Syncrude, maintenance coordinator

        Janet Alook – Syncrude, admin

        Terry Bielecki – Syncrude, hvy equip

        Ches Budgell – Syncrude, business lead; widow’s son

        Peter Burn – Snow White Productions (ABG63 Ltd., ABG3 Multimedia), (Syncrude)

        Jina Burn – Snow White Productions (ABG63 Ltd), (Syncrude); SWP, Bulgarian TV

        Wes Johnson – Syncrude, turnaround lead, proj.mng 1994-2018; Suncor

        Al Maawia – Syncrude, Sr. mining eng.; son Husaam sells drugs in FtMc.

        Bruce Larson – Syncrude, proj mng.

        Ian McLachlan – Syncrude, sr. mining tech, 26yrs
        Darin Mudge – Syncrude, construct mng

        Chris Mudge – Syncrude, ops mng.

        Wes Pawlowski – Syncrude, planner/materials

        Wally Watts – CLMP Proj. Mng., (Syncrude)

        Bart Mayhew – TransAlta, controls

        Gordon Berard – TransCanada (TC), NovaGas, VP/Shares; Royal Order of the Q

        Scott Blasken – TransCanada, 22yrs; Chinook Arch Photography

        Frank Henry – TransCanada Turbines, GE, US Navy

        Sue MacKenzie – TransGlobe Energy; Fortis Alberta, OilSands Quest, PetroCan/Suncor

        Andrew Fraser – TransMountain (lead/GIS), Kinder Morgan, OPUS Stewart Weir, Stantec; TMEP, Shell, ATCO, TMPL, Williams Boreal, Wood Buffalo

        David Trann – TransMountain, controller; Western Energy Services, VP; Harvest Energy Trust, Deloitte/Touce (Sr.)

        Brett Friesen – Teck Resources, coordinator

        Dale Steeves – Teck Resources, director; past VP Telus, Govt of BC communications (w/Campbell), govt BC caucus

        Jim Cascadden – Tempco Drilling, principal; Tempest developments

        Ken Weller – Tempco Drilling, VP/GM

        Joe Berntsen – Total Depth Well Servicing Ltd (Can/USA), principal

        Chris Brancaccio – Toumamline Oil (I.T.), ret’d 2017

        Thomas Scheele – Trican Well Services, PCC Communications, Mountain Mobile Communications

        Brad Arksey – Valard Construction; DNR Constrct., Sigma Power, ATCO Electric (16yrs)

        Christopher Weaving – Chris Weaving Consulting Inc; Husky Energy, Sylogist/Fintech

        Mark Paterno – Western Energy Services, Eng.mng.

        Loreen Hedberg – West Coast Energy Services, admin.

        Garry Godberson – West Coast Energy Services, CEO
        Keith Halfyard – WZR Development (I.T.); Ensign Energy, Trinidad Drilling
        Gordon Brewer – Zuitina Oil, sr., Imperial Oil
        Scott Schubert – HSE; 02 Site Safety Services, COO; DND, 20yrs supply chain.

        Ben Nichols – HSE, 1212480 Alberta Ltd; Boeing Computer Services
        John Wade – HSE; Bravo, Target, Cantech

        Larry Christensen – HSE; CL Christensen Consulting; Standard Safety
        Astrid Mitchell – HSE; Epic Resources OHS

        Gary Stubbs – HSE; Neptune Terminals, GJS Safety consulting

        Peter Newman – HSE; ORCA Health & Safety; WorkSafeBC (21yrs)

        Jason Meyer – HSE; Ryder System, Precision Well Services, Force Safety

        Garry Hodge – HSE; Tollestrup Constr, Flatiron Constr, Pumps & Pressure

      • CallMeJusticeOrKarma says:


        Aaron Batty – AB Electrical Engineering

        Andrew Batty – AB Electrical Engineering

        Scott Marples – ACI Architecture Inc & Stephen Kozak ACI; Stantec, ATCO, Golf Town
        Sharmaine Monteith – Affinity Flooring
        Wade Glavine – Alberta Construction Training Institute, Jacobs, Fluor, Syncrude, Exxon, Suncor, TC

        James Doak – Alberta Truss; Zytech, DND

        Blair Gilmore – All Terrain Electric
        Lonnie Merrill – Armada Electric, PB tech
        J.J. O’Connell – AtwoZ Windows & Doors

        Barry Barton – Barton Landscaping and Snow Removal
        Moe Bast – Bastco Contracting, owner
        Omar Elzein – Becker Elzein & Assoc, Becker Engineering, Becker Investigative
        Greg Ginis – Belfor Property Restoration, principal
        Trevor Heywood – Best Choice Plumbing
        Clark Weber – Bluerock Engineering; Cascade Eng.
        Nathan Reeves – Built Tough Contracting
        Wayne McNeely – Byron’s Plumbing

        David McDonald – Canadian Industrial Construction Training; 4pillarsExcellence, RCAF-CWO

        Joel Allen – Canam Systems ltd, electrician
        Gregg Weir – Capital Plumbing (w/Ellis), 24hr Plumbing & Heating, nstrata (tech), OwnEnergy/OENano

        Gerry Fizzell – CBS Construction

        Harold Knutsen – CBS Construction Ltd; Peter Griffin look alike; rapes kids in Latin America

        Wade Hunt – charged child pornography, could be looking in your kid’s window.

        Jamie Hume – CIMA+, ops mng; Atlus, VP

        Don Reid – CEC Techs

        Arian Karaj – CF Contracting, owner

        Edward Ball – Coast Industrial Maintenance & Machine

        Ted Ball – Coast Industrial Maintenance & Machine

        Rob Naismith – Commercial Linocraft, Carpet Craft & More

        Dana Shore – Commercial Linocraft, Carpet Craft & More
        Clem Organ – Corgan Industrial

        Brian Evanhoff – Craftmaster Construction

        Luke Spicer – Creative Concrete

        Murray Milarsky – Creative Lighting

        Rick Delaney – Delaney and Associates, Plumbing and Heating

        Dalton Duzan – Duzan Construction, Alladin Enterprises

        Marco Goncalves – Eco Vortex, pres; Eco Glass, pres; OENano, GDI Facility Services
        Terry Lukian – Edmonton Elevator

        Tony Gagliardi – Emil Anderson Construction (supintednt); Sureway Construction, M.A.P.

        Trevor Pohle – Endura Paints, exec.

        Jeff Varty – Equinox Engineering

        Earl Swalm – Excelsior Flooring Corp, Moose Jaw Carpet One Home & Floor, XL Flooring Co.
        Doug LeVoguer – Finning (sales mng); Destiny Drilling

        Codey Toma – Finning

        Ian Newman – First On Site Restoration (mng), Lydale Construction, Belfor Restoration, K-Days Assoc, WEM coordinator, City of Calgary (candidate for council, he will try again).
        Stu Davidson – Forward Sales; Hydrosmart Systems, Points West Marketing

        Rory Fogolin – Fusion Underground Ltd; although ex-Oiler Lee F. has his own developments, Rory does all the ground development for the section of St.Albert that Sarasota Homes bought up.

        Stephen Clark – Gescan; Canadian Cutting&Coring, Hilti

        Theresa Kopp – Gescan, sales

        Andrew Penner – The Gisborne Group; Bare Fire Protection, Halliburton
        Ken Churchill – Granite Worx, owner
        Joseph Domingo – GUD Group, architecture
        Ron Laybolt – Guthrie Mechanical, Laybolt Powerline Solutions, ATCO, Midlite Powerline (Shell); CF Communications, Widow’s son.
        Bruce Sekella – Highlights
        David Roth – Holland Roth Architects
        Ari Hoeksema – Home Water Systems, Hedda Holdings, antique dealer, founder of Cnd Auction Assoc., ventriloquist
        Jason Steele – Icon Exteriors, liable for dissolution; Grey Rock Exteriors

        Ron Dempsey – Irma Lumber, Irma Home & Garden Décor

        Sheldon McKenna – IUOE

        Trevor Klein – Jayman Homes, HSE; Alberta Advantage, AB New Home Warranty

        Brian Snyder – JLG Industries; Blue Compass Mechanical Ltd

        Dustin Williams – Kingcrete Services

        Harold Lafave – Klondike Crane Inspection Ltd

        Robert Sceviour – KLS Earthworks

        Chad Gjertsen – Kristian Electric, branch mng.

        Cindy Gjertsen – Kristian Electric, office mng & HR

        Claire Gjertsen – Kristian Electric, sales & est.

        Dean Gjertsen – Kristian Electric, pres

        Kevin Gjertsen – Kristian Electric, pres

        Kelsey Serink – Kristian Electric, sales mng

        Kriss Aiton – LaFarge, foreman

        Michel Crepeau – LaFarge, superintendent

        Peter Johansen – Landscaping and Maintenance, #1992473 Alberta Inc,
        Dale Lakusta – Limitless Contracting, ops suprvisr; TransAlta
        Ottavio Gagliardi – M.A.P. (Group of Companies), field ops mng.
        Ed Jolliffe – Maverick Inspection Ltd, sr. tech; Challenger Geomatics, REACH
        Kevin Cripps – MGN Constructors, suprvisr; Rona
        Lucas Creighton – Milo Group, electrician

        Susan Smith – Mobster Mechanical, Crude Design Company, Tri-Mech Company

        Bob Smith – Modern Niagara Group, ops mng.

        Tony Bruno – Nordic Mechanical Services, widow’s son

        Luke Wachowicz – Nordic Mechanical Service, tech/install and estimates; alleged GHB-rapist at the “graveyard”

        Brad Olson – Northern Alberta Heating
        Ed Saunderson – Northern Plumbing, widow’s son

        Dave Filipchuck – PCL, exec.; a family member tried selling me a jew once

        Larry Pollock – PCL, past exec

        David Maltby – PCL, asst. superintendent

        Dan Mullet – PCL, pipefitter

        Jody Rogers – PCL, safety coordinator

        Kevin Tobias – PCL, pipefitter; Melloy, Suncor, CEDA; Safeway and pastries; Navy Cadet & kiddies

        Jason Smith – Portabull, Mobster Mechanical, widow’s son

        Jason Stewart – Portabull; Scotiabank (2010-14)
        Curtis Bouteiller – Proform Concrete Services

        Donald Westrop – Progressive Bearing

        Stephen Broadley – Raynor Construction, prinicipal

        Terry Murray – REV Engineering

        John Riddell – Riddell Kurczaba Architecture

        Kenneth Hunt – RJ Millwork

        Charles McBurney – Rising Technologies
        Rod Libke – Rodway Electric
        James Mutzeneek – Rosedale Sheet Metal
        Randy Richardson – Roterra Piling, VP, sales and marketing

        Russell Gerrish – Russ Gerrish Consulting

        Gary Acheson – Sarasota Homes/Realty; 75% of St.Albert’s development and building permits through masonic mayors like Crouse and Heron; even masons build his hangar

        Janet Acheson – Sarasota Homes/Realty

        Michelle Acheson-Fogolin – Sarasota Homes/Realty

        Glen Crawford – Shawcor, mng; Bredero Shaw, Valley Blades Ltd
        Darcy Darby – Shawcor, Guardian
        Dave Walker – Shawcor
        Jessica Steele – Solstice Sunrooms

        Karl Horak – Southern Electrical Services (Metric Machine Tool Service Ltd)

        Annette Findlay – Stantec, admin

        Reg Karbonik – Stantec, structural engineer 8yrs; NAIT instructor, 12yrs
        Leanne Stratton – Stratty Enterprises

        Adam Kennedy – Stuart Olson, electrician
        Bryce Lueders – Stuart Olson, foreman; Suncor
        Fran Olson – Stuart Olson (now Churchill Group), OML Construction, FIC, order of pedo Canada, Festival of Trees
        Al Olson – Stuart-Olson; boards: Ipsco Steel, Brookfield Properties, BCE Developments
        Jason Banfield – Stuart Olson

        Kurtis Frederick – Suite Home Reno’s (w/Calon), real estate, fireworks

        David Stokes – Terrina Interiors
        Drew Broadley – Trico Homes, site supe; Calgary Concrete Overlay
        Stephen Petruk – Urban Systems, civ.eng; AECOM, drafting
        Gary Lyka – Unicon Concrete Specialties, sales; Steels Industrial, National Concrete

        Curtis Vigh – Urban Lawn, VighCon ltd

        Jordan Gogal – Western Interiors (Western Realty)

        David Rose – Western Plumbing (Western Realty), would like to kill Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

        Rick Holyk – Willow Spring Construction

        Pat Shabatowski – Wolf Willow Landscaping & Snow Removal

        Will Leano – Xeber Commercial Flooring; Aecon (EHS), Melroy

        Chris Uchman – XMG Commerial Floorings (Xebec Marketing Group), sr.proj.mng

      • CallMeJusticeOrKarma says:

        Len Clarke – Alberta Property Management

        Don Gillies – All West Resort Properties, prop mng

        Robin Walker – Assured Appraisal Services, A-Plus Taxi

        Graeme Mitchell – Avenue Living, regional director

        Gary Bain – Bain Real Estate Services

        Matthew Ross – BeeClean, mng.

        Jay Berg – century21, fond of serial rapists and their venues
        Jack Drebit – Century21, JCD

        Joe Esposito – Century 21, the Esposito Team
        Mike Star – CIR Realty

        Drew McDonald – Drew McDonald Holdings

        Jaime Wong – First Place Realty

        Claudio Fuentealba – GDI Integrated Facility Services, past BeeClean (ops director)

        Aidan Kutcher – Greater Property Group; Remax, Sutton
        Bruce Myers – GreatWest Properties

        Bill Marples – Group 3 Property; KDM Management Inc.

        Rosanna Fischer – KDM Management, owner (w/ Linda Goodchild)

        Steve Oslanski – Land Solutions

        John Fraser – Maxwell Realty

        Jack McCulloch – Maxwell Realty

        Gary van Exan – Maxwell Realty

        Ken Saunders – NAI Commercial

        Norman Starnes – ONE Properties, pres; Starlight Develop, SDCC

        Larry Ituriaga – ONE properties

        Shane Griffin – Pillar9 (CEO), Calgary Real Estate Board (I.T.), IBM, WestJet
        Warren Powers – Powers & Associates; Sabrina resigned from Beaumont council
        Neil Lonsbury – ‘Rancho Realty’
        Peter Appleby – Re/Max, sexual predator
        Brydon Foote – ReMax

        Delores Knudsen – Remax, industrial
        Terry Paranych – Re/Max, Terry Paranych Real Estate Group. Sanctioned by Real Estate Council
        Sandy Pon – Remax, Sandy Pon Enterprises
        Jerry Raczkowski – Remax, albertainvestor .com; another polish-pedo, this one even advocates for the genocide of Germans and allegedly has sex with trafficked women in the lodge.
        Jesse Sinclair – Re/Max, a
        Mark Ross – ReMax, CREB, AREA
        Bllen Calderon – Right In Town Realty

        Monica Arango – Right In Town Realty

        Doug Chapman – Royal LePage

        Don Ford – Royal LePage, Don Ford Realty

        Ron Harrision – Royal LePage (Noralta)

        Rick Forster – Royal LePage, Mortgage Makers

        Ronino Santos – Royal LePage

        Michelle Semeniuk – Royal LePage
        Linda York – Simco Property Management

        Leanne Gagliardi – Sterling Real Estate, ReMax

        Ernesto Giordano – Sterling Homes, warranty tech
        Jason Risi – StoneMere Real Estate Solutions
        Peter van der Lee – Sutton Realty Group
        Wayne Jensen – Taber Real Estate Center

        Robert Todd – Todd Acceptance Realty

        Ed Jalbert – Transpacific Realty Advisors, High Sky Solutions

        Jackson Ho – TriUrban Real Easte, Sterling Real Estate; CWB, ATB (sr.mng)

        Dave Fulton – True North Group; Calgary IT Professional Assoc.

        Michael MacDonald – United Homes Canada; town of brooks (council 04-07), ReMax, Tumbleweed Theatre

        Wade Bell – Walea Holdings

        Barry Gogal – Western Realty/Interiors/Plumbing, pres.

        Al Broadbent – Western Realty

      • CallMeJusticeOrKarma says:

        James McCook – Airdire Chrysler Jeep (w/B.Styner&J.Leger); sold 2015 to Auto Canada Inc.

        Cam Clark – Cam Clark Ford, car sales tycoon, smithbilt hats, white hat white trash Stampede Famiglia

        Ron Down – Cam Clark, Airdie

        Jim Scott – Cam Clark Ford, fleet sales

        Bob Benson – Cam Clark Ford (North Van), fleet & commercial

        Brad Neufeld – Competition Chev (fin.mng), Southgate GMC; Don Wheaton (GM 1990-95)

        Bob Mingo – D&D Vehicle Sales
        Stuart Larson – Dilawri Group, mng.; Suncor
        Gary Dunlop – Dunlop Ford, principal
        Kevin Morrison – General Motors Canada, western reg.mng.

        Darroch Cairns – GM/Cadillac, Moose Jaw

        Jim Green – Grande Prairie Auto Group, GM

        Vaughn Finnson – Great West Kenworth; Oilman’s Assoc., CPRail 95-2010

        David Morden – GSL Chev Cadillac, ret’d 2011

        Shawn Jardine – Koch Lincoln Ford, parts director; Team Ford

        Rick Thomson – Koch Lincoln Ford

        Dave Koch – Koch Lincoln Ford, Koch Auto Group, pres.

        Duane Koch – Koch Lincoln Ford, Koch Auto Group, VP

        Murray Koch – Koch Auto Group: Koch Ford, DK Ford, Koch Ford Athabasca, Koch Lincoln Ford; generational freakkkmasons and illustrious shined racists.

        Rick Koch – Koch Ford, Koch Auto Group, exec owner

        George Shaw – Malborough Ford Fleet Sales

        John Melo – Nisku Ford, sales mng

        Hoda Sleiman-Zeitoun – Northside Mitsubishi (finance mng), Servus Credit Union

        Rory Wood – Okotoks Ford, GM; past business relationship with pedo-mason Jim Pattison

        Richard Lant – Rodeo Ford

        Dan Arklie – Southgate Audi, parts
        Mike Kachkar – Southside Mitsubishi, fleet mng; Westside Mitsubishi, Yakimec Auto Group; Ron Hodgson GMC.

        Doug Bodtcher – Subaru City, Go Nissan, Bavaria BMW; CIBC, IGWealth

        Jason Chow – Western Dodge Moose Jaw, Coca-cola (8yrs)
        Doug Airey – Western GMC general manager; past AMVIC
        Gerry Wood – Wood Auto Group; order of masonic-pedo Canada
        Juanita McFee – Burns Lake Automotive Supply
        James Chesterman – Cresent Auto

        Pat (Sumak) Knecht – Dale Adams Auto; Champion Auto Shows; Lammle’s Western Wear
        Vance Murdoch – The Gear Center
        Mark Giourmetakis – Mark G Auto, owner
        Nate Giourmetakis – Mark G Auto, mng.
        Mike Mechrek – Mike’s Auto Haus, Airdrie

        Camilo Esteban – OEM Remanufacturing
        Noah Eade – Plett Truck Repair Ltd.
        Peter Griston – Protech Truck/RV/Accessories
        Bob Sadowski – Pro-Tech Truck & RV
        Rick Comrie – Tireboys, principal
        David Hochman – Trio Gas&Wash

        Ronald MacNeill – Sun Taxi (Sun Auto & Repair)

        Doug Choptiany – AM/PM Limo & Party; HBA Engraving

        Michael Dove – Diversified Transportation Ltd

        Ed Bourassa – National Motorcoach Systems (GM); Diversified Transportation; Moose Jaw Mountain Bus Lines

        Nestar Kwasnycia – school bus fleet, elk island and adrossan
        Tami Curnew – school bus fleet, elk island and adrossan
        Wayne Capper – Southland Transport, AMPM Limo

        Lynn (Lane-) Hamilton – Air Spray Ltd.
        Mary Cameron – EIA Board; cougar drilling, surehire occupational; Habitat for humanity
        Wes Wiwcharuk – AirSpray, QA

        Michael Morin- Aurora Aviations

        Jake Fehr – CanWest Air; AHS got a nice new jet and UCP got a $5.2K donation

        Richard Sletten – NAV Canada, CF corp 7yrs
        Mike Guenther – West Jet (aviation tech instruct), West Jet Encore; Canadian North, Air Tindi.

        Jerry Monsanto – WestJet; Verizon Mobile

        Jesse Boulanger – CNRail, track supervisor

        Ken Culbertson – CNRail(32yrs), Via (5yrs), ret’d

        Lyle Dowdell – CNRail, ret’d

        Tim Gunter – CN operations mng; gov’t AB security/co; ISAF (I.O.), CF (I.O. 19yrs)

        George W. Stamp – CNRail, ret’d loc.eng; founding member of masonic society, widow’s son; calmar/hinton pedo

        Carl Adams – CPRail; DHL/Loomis

        Jason Bronius – CPRail, locomotive engineer

        Scott Hughes – CPRail, mng. SK

        Darrel Sundholm – CPRail; CF

        Bruce Wilson – Bruce A. Wilson International Trade

        Vern Yonkers – Capital Transport Ltd.

        Adam Todd – Fibreco Export Inc; Roquette

        Jim Dalueg – Jim Dalueg Trucking

        Jim Brown – JRSB Logistics Consulting; Schenker, CNRail

        David Gold – Star Industries Calgary (SIC)

        Andrew Fraser – Transportation Logistics Consulting

        Lori Scott – Turk Enterprises

        Bill Williams – Williams & Associates

        Cassandra Goss – YRC Freight; Lego Tile Systems

      • CallMeJusticeOrKarma says:


        Don Stannard – Absolut Media, Scouts pedo

        Dennis Merrell – Alberta Weekly Newspapers Assoc.
        Roy Bennett – Antenna Management Corp
        Cameron Chesney – Apple, business mng; Chesney Graphics & Illustrations
        Brad Trotter – Apple, retail and business mng

        Vivian Williamson – Arbonne international (pyramid marketing), Calligraphic Art Works. Wolf Creek, Red Deer County and Red Deer Public, grade 3-4 teacher
        Michael Bayrak – ARC Business Solutions, I.T.
        Terry Avramenko – Avracom Services
        Bradley Becker – BBDS Computers
        Roxy Acheson – CBS, accnts; IATSE local 212; Cam Clark Ford, fin.mng.
        Bill Towsley – C Cubed Data; CPRail, mng/dir; Suncor, 20yrs
        Ken Larson – Champion Performance Systems Inc – he has sex with ‘students’ doesn’t he?
        Ted Wilson – CMT Ventures

        Cam Telford – CNS Computing, DynaLife DX (I.T. ops), Dentons, gov’t AB (1982-1995)
        Kelly Money – Constant C Tech Group, Bell, Geomax Mobile Corp, Team Brenda Leipsic, LongTerm Care MB, Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

        John Forsdick – Context (Argyle)

        Heather Shaw – Corus Entertainment exec., Global; $8K donation to UCP
        Keith Davis – Davis Communications Group, Ketchum, Hayhurst, Calgary Herald, CTV, Thompson Newspapers, Cgy Stampede Lotto Committee

        Jens Baun – Dominon6 Inc, SmartD365, EmailPlatformCanada

        Rolf Falkenberg – Executive Business Services
        Don Vierboom – Four Tree Coaching; All Weather Windows; OENano; Demolay pedo
        Fred Katz – Fred Katz Fine Art Photography; likes kids, small animals and hockey
        Mason Dodds – freelance child pornography and human trafficking photography

        J.A. Shapira – freelance journalist, jashapira . Com, B’nai Brith

        John Hayes – freelance writer, Laird Communications Group, hockey/football(“soccer”) ref, ETS Advisory, Town of Devon Parks and Rec

        Graham Dobson – Gramarg Consulting

        Brad Fowlow – INK Inc Printers & Supplies

        Bruce McRitchie – IT Architects, InSync Systems; McRitchie Integrated Commercial
        Andrew Bennett – The I.T. Company, Liquid Matrix

        Alp Isin – I.T. ISIN Solutions, BC

        David Boone – iTeam,
        Joyce Fehr – J-Corp Management Consulting; La Crete Medical Clinic, mng
        Jared Dreschner – Kalamuna, web dev.; Trufla tech, AdFarm, GiantGoat, William Joseph communications, shaw

        Mitch Cammidge – M_C_Coaching and Public Speaking; cyndicate. Org

        Chris Chisholm – Microsoft, widow’s son

        Penny Jennings – Minutemen Press, owner; Sherwood Park Chamber of Commerce, past pres.

        Ken Glazebrook – Mitel Networks, Bell, widow’s son

        Dexter Bragas – Monarch Messenger Services Ltd
        Bob Hammel – NAIT, broadcast tech 1985-2016; CBC 1974-79

        Juergen Amft – NordTech Technologies, pres

        Jim Edgar – Pioneer Press

        Pat Edgar-Brown – Pioneer Press
        Glenn Chomin – Pioneer Press

        Jen Chomin – Pioneer Press

        Jack Watt – Pioneer Press

        Al Hannah – Points West Marketing

        Martin Alcock – Praebus Communications, IT/Software Designer,

        Chad Cunningham – Rawlco Radio, Newcap Radio, CKSA Radio, United Church

        Tim Kucherawy – The Reset Team Corporation

        Richard Swift – RKD Communications

        Kelly (KJ) Marples – Rogers Communications exec.; oilers insider

        Carl Bateson – Rubicon9, NACBio, Cisco

        Evan Schmitke – Sandstrom Technologies, Enbridge, Transalta, UFA, TC, ERCB/AER

        Mark McDonnell – Shadow Engineering, NovaTel, Nortel

        Brad Shaw – Shaw Communications, CEO; $8k donation to UCP

        Todd Ackerman – Shaw Communications, tech

        Mike Walker – Shaw Communications, tech

        Darik Datta – software engineer, freelance

        Leonard Spink – Springbok Systems

        Robert Baker – Stryker Group

        Herald Casana – Telus, tech; Errand Boy Services YEG

        Geoff de Bruijn – Telus VP; now Finning

        Norm Downs – Telus, ret’d, 30yrs mng.
        Rina Leano – Telus, systems analysist
        David Mah – Telus project manager; cisco, logican techs
        Greg Peterson – Telus, mng/tech, 35yrs
        Graham Weir – Telus, sr. financial
        Jeff Wildeboer – Telus senior account executive, TAS2 Hockey School
        Steve Chung – TOPS Office Tech Solutions

        Gunnar Godhe – Tom Harris Cellular

        Roger Ibottson – Tridon Communications, pres/CEO

        Daniel Zrymiak – Ultranauts Inc, ASQ, Accenture, BCIT (p/t instructor), London Life, KKK youth

        Dave Umrysh – Umycode Technologies, principal

        James Forbes – Western Standard (the bearded ezra levant jew-media)
        Ryan Falkenberg – WesTower Communications; Bantrel (
        Bob Wild – Wild Bob Productions and Consulting; Alberta Aeriel Video
        Lawrence Cofield – WTG Consulting; Coingeek Mining > TAAL Technologies
        Liam Harrison – Xerox, gov’t Yukon (Corrections Officer), CF (corporal 5yrs)
        Irwin Vines – XNA Telecommunications

        Chris Burchett – Yotta Yotta Inc, Applied Information Systems, Hydrotank Data Center

      • CallMeJusticeOrKarma says:


        Allen Oberg – Canadian Wheat Board; farms barley, wheat, peas, canola, raises commercial cows

        Fred Bowker – 1630 Projects; Gov’t AB 35yrs

        Al Clarke – A.C. International Logistics Ltd, livestock and swine shipments
        Howie Morrow – Agriculture for Life, city of Lethbridge (transit), CN/VIA (20yrs)

        John Lawton – AJL Farms, mad cow millionaire; Linus 7, cow broker

        Glenn Miller – Anola Feed & Farm Supply; Anola Agriworks

        Garrett Garbula – Batco-REM

        Jeff Diegel – Cattle Penner, cowpoke
        Victor Pasqual – Cargill, butcher

        Sean Sheedy – Cargill, Environment Health Safety Coordinator; Flagstaff County, HSE (27yrs); Town Of Sedgewick Fire Dept.

        Leo Lemay – Clearwood Management Group, CEO; Sawridge Resource Development

        John Dunlop – Dunlop Farms

        Siegfried Guggenmoos – Ecological Solutions, TransAlta 10yrs.

        Wayne Bennett – Environmental Sentry Services

        Gerald Borgel – farmer, life long commitment to opposing wind power

        Wayne Tuck – Farmer, 718252 Alberta Ltd, Vegreville
        Davin Swift – Green Plan Ltd, Swift Enviro Consulting
        Lawrence Mattar – Greensight Agri-Holdings

        Myles MacDonald – Greensight Agri-Holdings, sometimes receives federal money through rotary

        Don Buhay – Hi-Pro Feeds

        Fred Drew – K&S Potash Canada, HSE; Fred Drew Entertainment (pedo), TransAlta, Weyerhaueser

        Corey Nelson – Kubota Ltd; Cervus/Bobcat

        Russell Brower-Berkhoven – Light Emitting Computers Inc, Medical Pharma Ltd

        Scott MacKenzie – Millar Western Forest Products (VP); Stuart Olson, ATCO

        Harley Alton – Nutrien, Agrium

        Dan Slaferek – Agrium, Nutrien, scouts pedos

        Kevin Street – Potash Corporation, ret’d
        Marlin Trynchy – Parkland Farm Equipment
        Cliff McDermott – Pioneer Grain (ret’d)
        Clarence Neufeld – Prairie Coast Equipment
        Mike Toffan – Tree Time Service, Reclamation & Forestry; Project Forest. Partum Resource Consulting, Millar Western Forest Products
        Kyle Harrison – Triton Enviro Consulting, URSA, Enbridge, NorAlta, Enviro Canada

        Larry Millhouse – Millhouse Farms

        Alex Neshta – Neshta Acres, Majestic Cabinets

        Jim Merrill – Northern Oak & Quarter Horses

        Ward Oatway – Oatway Seed Farms

        Wes Shackleton – Shackleton Farms

        Aaron Falkenberg – Skyline Poultry Farms

        Jeff Bennett – Wheat Farmer

        Craig Corser – Yellowhead Wood Products, Branch Corner Supply

        Nathan Corser – Yellowhead Wood Products, Branch Corner Supply

      • CallMeJusticeOrKarma says:

        Michael Montredmond – 1111 Memorial Café, ops mng.
        Ted Ma – A&W king pin in Edmonton; 2331-66st, 8882-170st, 8330-82ave, 10200-102ave, 10324-103st
        Ron Berstsh – Amalgamated Food Equipment

        Jerry Russell – Amalgamated Food Equipment
        Doug Mah – Arby’s; Millwoods Town Center
        Mae Photopoulos – Astros Restaurant
        Dennis Pearce – Beach Hut Drive-In Restaurant; Vale Inc.
        Mohammed Kabalan – Beaver Hills Shell and Pizza; KABZ martial arts, steroids with Ashley
        David van Leeuwen – Ben’s Meats & Deli
        Bradley McKenzie – BLCO Enterprises, GM; fast food king pin; KFC, TacoBell; Timmies, McD’s
        Seamus Blue – Blue’s Custom Restaurant & Lounge (closed)
        Kwok Leung – Campus Pizza
        Chris Lynam – Canadian Brew House, Sherwood Pk, owner operator w/ pedo-masonic $$$
        Ying-Choi Leung – Chopsticks Diner
        Kurtis Mullet – Co-Op butcher

        Tom Firth – Cowtown Wine; Culinaire Magazine; Avenue Magazine

        Tony Cheung – Dandy’s Fine Foods and Catering

        Sandra Olchove – Denny’s Canada Trainer

        Kjell David – Earls, exec. Chef

        Carl Paetschke – The Fish Place

        Scott Marshall – FreshCo; Canada Safeway (1986-2019)

        James Leung – Ginger Beef Corp, CEO, director; Bistro, Express, (Peking) House

        Stanley Leung – Ginger Beef Corp, pres/CEO; Bistro, Express, (Peking) House

        David Fida – The Glencoe Club, mng; SAIT Hospitality Mng.Adv.Brd; Delaware North, Chop Steakhouse

        Corey Hurren – Grindhouse Fine Foods, CF, Ranger rsrv; currently serving time in the “grindhouse”

        Daryl Aune – The Grocery People, pricing

        Chuck Rose – Hose and Hound, Chuck Rose Entertainment, Cgy Distress Center

        Frank Kapuscinski – LaBatt Brewery; Powerhouse at UofA; Alberta Hospital

        Dennis Lindroth – Mainstreet 1908

        Melissa Evans – McDonald’s; 3004-118ave

        Kim Lai – Mcdonalds’; West Edmonton Mall

        Chris Shaw – McDonald’s; 10520-111ave

        Wayne Varty – McDonald’s; 1160-104ave

        Mike Keogan – Mike’s Independent Grocer, Loblaws 25yrs

        Craig Rodenbush – Prairie Meats (mng), Tri Elite Marketing, Sysco

        Carman Zieman – Prism Water Co, UMI Trailer Rentals

        Brian Welsh – Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, ret’d GM; Oilers-masons restaurant, UCP donor

        Don Russell – Russell Food Equipment, merged into Hendrix-Russell (Hendrix & BPCP)
        John Mancini – Saputo, admin suprvisr.
        Allan Russell – Sheepdog Brewing, co-founder/owner
        Jason Kaytor – Smitty’s Canada, VP; Famoso, op mng, Chop Steakhouse, ops
        Darryl Vivian – Smitty’s Canada, purchaser; Moxie’s, purchaser
        Jamie Zoltenko – Sobeys, mng.
        Alex Davis – Sofina Foods Inc.
        Seth Van Havere – State & Main Kitchen and Bar
        David Hergott – Tim Horton’s; 5010-99st
        Chad Jenkins – Tim Horton’s (7): St.Albert, Morinville, north Edmonton
        Heather Matejka – Tim Horton’s; 10221-170st
        Barry Marshall – Tim Horton’s; 11085-51ave, 18531 Stony Plain Rd
        Susan Marshall – Tim Horton’s; 18348 Lessard Dr.
        Mike Tymchuk – Wild Rose Brewery (Sleemans, 2019), founder
        Mike Yavis – Yavis Restaurant (Yavis Holdings), Dinosaur Trail GCC club pres.

      • CallMeJusticeOrKarma says:


        Kent Verlik – Horse Racing Alberta, CEO; Safety Codes Council Alberta, Gov’t AB – AB health, AGLC (16yrs)

        Daryl Katz – OEG, Katz Group. I am counting down the days for this crafty jew to croak.
        Brad Gilewich – (OEG), Katz Group; $6k donation to UCP
        Tim Shipton – OEG, VP; AEG (Alberta Enterprise Group), brd of directors, past pres.

        Tom Cornwall – (OEG) Oilers Entertainment Group, ops, ret’d 2019

        Zach Cornwall – OEG, mng., events, security

        Matt Johnson – OEG, Edmonton Rush, now Calmont
        Allan H. Owen – (EIGLP) Oilers and Pelican Mills to yacht building and offshores

        Gordon Buchanan* – (EIGLP) Oilers, Buchanan Lumber, Buchanan Center

        Steve Hogle – Saskatoon Blades, governor (past pres); Katz Group

        Tim Reid – Evraz Place CEO, Regina Exhib Assoc; pres/exec Northlands 2014-18; Regional Recreation Corp WC, CEO

        Don Sprague – Northlands, brd of directors, shares; Sprague Drugstores; Sprague-Rosser, from Coliseum development to Rogers place excavation, then went into receivership.

        Cheryl Petruk – Northlands, brd directors, shares; CMPN; Hexion Inc (Momentive Specialty Chemicals, Borden Chemical Canada); friends in pharma and a chemical company ‘accidentally’ burned down.

        Mike Marples – Northlands, brd of directors, shares; they all understand “profit” and “debt forgiveness”.

        James Fadden – Esks Marketing, Oilers Security. Wife: Cheryl, daughter Laura

        Richard Wong – Nova Hotels, pres; Edmonton Convention Center, GM; Travel AB, VP; HKCBA, pres

        Bob Baker – Citadel Theatre (director, 1996-2016); QEII pedo-jubilee, Canadian Actors’ Equity (expelled); pervert, sexual offender, woman hater.

        Norman Murray Edwards – (CSEC) Calgary Flames, shareholder; CNRL, Ensign Energy; BC liberal and Crusty/Christy Clark financer.
        Clay Riddell* – (CSEC) Calgary Flames, shareholder; Paramount Resources, founder
        Lynda Holden – SAMSPA; Edmonton Prospects, GM 2014-16;

        Dawn Donahue – Go Golf Events Management, CEO

        Joe LaJoie – Pomeroy Lodging, credit mng, ret’d

        Sean Staddon – white trash, white hat Stampede Familgia; posts pictures of Blacks with watermelon and KFC, tagged as “overdose”.

        Marilyn Toulouse – Kicking Horse Ski Club

        Bruce Bembridge – Kicking Horse Ski Club

        Jaclyn Labchuk – Shrine Event Center (GM)

        Joe Henry – singer, writer, well he tries.

        Don Ast (Nestor Pistor) – Nestor Pistor Productions, pedophile
        Joe Piccolo – Joe Piccolo & Swing the Cat; Pro Western Plastics.

      • CallMeJusticeOrKarma says:


        Gordon Bristow – F45 Training Kingsland

        Erin Swanson-Reinhardt – 911 Supply

        Calum Peace – Addetto Men’s Wear, clothing for obese, rich, white people, with poor taste.

        Raul Zuria – Addetto Men’s Wear

        Tony Gize – Airdrie Canvas
        Amanda Jackman – AJMT (Amanda Jackman Massage Therapy)

        Terry Booth – Aurora Cannabis

        Dennis Donahue – Aurora Cannabis, maintenance tech; TransAlta (suprvsr); Capital Power

        Jennifer Semeniuk – BAO Massage; Westmount Chiro&Massage (w/Latch)

        Cameron Kripki – Batemans Jewelers

        John Rees – Big Rock Sports, distribution mng.

        Don Mah – Blooming Buds

        Pam McCormack – Body & Soul Day Spa
        Bill Comrie – The Brick Warehouse; Whitehall, IHL, part owner of Chicago Cubs, Lewis Estates Shareholder (50%, Churchill Group 50%; Churchill purchased Stuart Olson at a major loss to ATB and tax payers also), City Center scam (gov’t offices at cost of tax payers), fraud like every Comrie. Oh, Mike Comrie had to wear swim trunks in the showers with the guys.

        Mike Demers – Canadian Linen

        Jerry Waldern – Canadian Linen
        Brent Patriquin – Canadian Liquor Cabinet, BC
        Mark Toon – Canadian Masonic Supply Ltd; Rolf C. Hagen

        Wayne Rinke – Club Cigar Store

        David Gold – Colony Clothing, 35yrs; now seeking “friendships” in Edmonton – watch out.

        David Jenkins – Cruise Vacations

        Don Savage – Don Savage Auctions, Airdrie

        Daniel Olofson – Duff Layton’s Men’s Wear

        JD Moor – Eamor’s Saddlery; even saddle up the pedo british-israeli royals

        Drew Schamehorn – Elite Sportswear/Promotional Marketing; son Gordon, suburban he-bro associated to cocaine and steroids.

        Tony Lee – Elite Sportswear/Promotional Marketing

        Barry Levoir – Hardcore Bikes
        Shannon McCann – Just Ducky’s Books and vintage, HBA Engraving; Elections Canada, Elections Alberta

        Karen Vinet – Karen Vinet Agencies; I.D. Apparel, exec; Banff Wearhouse, Big Valley Jamboree (mng), JP Morgan (asst VP)
        Ken Melnychuk – KMA Marketing Agencies; misogynist, sexual predator, must run in the family.
        Cherie Musselwhite – La Maison Enterprises, Cgy Stampede

        Doug Lammle – Lammle’s Western Wear

        Paul Jaskiw – Luggage Unlimited; Paul Jaskiw Holdings, Jaskiw Worx

        Mike Jaskiw – Luggage Unlimited; Norwood Foundry ltd

        Lee Konidas – MetalSmiths, MTL Group, MS Group, Silver Anvil

        Peter Konidas – MetalSmiths, MTL Group, MS Group, Gear Halo

        Chris Harrison – IT/web: one stop vape, courtesy chrysler jeep, Kia city, refrew Chrysler

        De Vo – Paris Jewelers, president
        Kevin Gano – Park Place Mall, op mng; BFI Canada Inc.
        Rick Mattar – Rick’s Hair Design; christian-arab-israeli, imports wives, reported false flag to RCMP and CSIS (Islamic threat to the alberta crude-bitumen-asphalt-tarsands, pre-9/11)
        Roger Johnson – Roger’s Appliance Center; Roger E Johnson Enterprises
        Danielle Buchanan – Scentsy Inc
        Shandi (Churchill) Schwartz – Strut Footwear and Apparel

        Samantha Down – Spiritleaf

        Ferit and Sean Susun – Westmount Jewelers; Ghost Rider Farms

        Sean Susun – Westmount Jewelers

        Hans Behrens – drug dealer: marijuana, meth, cocaine

        Craig (Brendt) Matthiessen – drug dealer: hashish

        Doug Pare – drug dealer: fentanyl

      • CallMeJusticeOrKarma says:


        Cameron Wilson – GOC, Office of the PM, Public Appointments
        Greg Proudman – Canadian Revenue Agency (IT); RCMP
        Cameron Wilson – Gov’t of NWT, operations and projects reg. mng.
        Andrew Knack – City of Edmonton, councillor 2013-pres.
        Craig Goldsmith – Lac Ste Anne County, develop officer; Stellar Homes; Western Living
        Trent Gielen – Strathcona County, Adrossan Rec Center
        Dave Edwards – Crown Prosecutor, preliminary appearance, solgen; RCMP, s/sgt (1996-2006)
        James Johnson – Alberta Counsel, UCP Caucus (17-20), Wildrose Party (10-17); director of research
        Len Morgan – Commissionaires, c.o.; TransCanada, land supervisor (1990-2000); RCMP, sgt
        Allan King – Garda World, YEG screening & security; Commissionaires, photo radar
        Doug Workman – Haywork Secure Driving Services, director, contracted to YEG and CATSA; Air Canada Corporate Security, West Jet “whistle blower”; RCMP
        Carman McKnight – McKnight Consulting (security&investigations); RCMP, s/sgt (1974-2006); SICKO!!!
        Ron Kuban – Pegasus Emergency Management Consortium Group
        Justin Hanson – AB Sheriff Executive Protection Unit, Insp, SolGen & Public Safety; SpecVIP Protection, founder
        Vic Pipke – Edmonton Police Service, cst (1998-2019); WEM mall cop (92-98; now WFG, financial services
        James Bennett – RCMP, S/sgt; canada-investigations
        Kelly (Balanecki) de Jong – United Nurses AB, Telus; graphic design
        Heather Stromquist – Northern Lights School Brd, liaison; Business Link AB; Lac La Biche County, councilor (08-10)
        Cory Imppola – MacEwan Uni, instructor; AB Blue Cross (3yrs); KBR, sr. purchaser
        Lisa Saxby – NAIT, scheduling; NorQuest, instructor; DND
        Jim Bennett – Jim Bennett Trust Fund; NGO Charitable (another freakkk keeping tabs on the marginalized); SFU, advisor; City of Surrey, trustee (1992-2016)
        Matt McMillan – Deloitte, partner
        Heather Sulikowski – MBS Insurance; Klondike Insurance
        Benjamin Amason – Keyera Energy, coordinator; USFAF, ops.
        Chris Fearon – Norcan Fluid Power, proj mng; Black Leaf Industries, biz devel; Dominion Lending
        Doug Bewick – Clydbuilt Design & Construction, owner
        Taylor McLean – Forward Concept Construction, proj mng.
        Eddie Shepel – Spectre Systems, director of road construction
        Vick Shepel – Spectre Systems, principal
        Don MacDougall – Stantec, enviro sci; 1630 Projects (5yrs)
        Sheena Millard – Maxwell, Jason Paul Group, Top Edmonton Real Estate
        Jason Paul – Maxwell, Jason Paul Group, Top Edmonton Real Estate
        Bill Briggs – ReMax
        Gordie Ell – ReMax; CIBC (14yrs)
        Matt Evans – Digital Tea, biz develop.
        Paul Cheung – Dream Builders Group, director; TransendEd; Rogers, Omni, CKER FM
        Jim Bennett – Momentum Conferencing, director; Labatt Breweries, Sr.Ter.mng (5yrs)
        Derrick Morrison – Telus, sr. engineer
        Colin Reeves – Detail Garage, owner; Atomic Auto Detailing, owner; Driftwest, owner; Castrol Raceway,
        Greg Watkins – Ford Canada, marketing mng.
        Trevor Jewkes – Pats Driveline, branch mng.
        Tommy Allaire – Protocol Limousines, owner; DND-MSE, OPCFB (07-15), Kabul 11-12
        John Heath – Heath Specialty Services, pres; Weatherford, suprvsr; Trican Well Service, sprvisr
        Dale Moore – Horse Racing Alberta, investigator; EPS (1975-2005); Aurora and Cenovus, driver
        Barry Stafford – OEG, Alumni Relations (16-2020); Edmonton Oiler’s, equip manager (1981-2010)
        Grant Fuhr – Grant Fuhr 31; fatso still doing blow, hung out at McKnight rape bars (+ lurks at both Pints); sits on his large pathetic rump hitting on young gals. Suspected serial rapist – just like the good ole days.
        Sam Khaldi – Respol Center
        Scott Kucherawy – Boston Pizza, GM
        Maurice Honore – The Grocery People, handler
        Mark Wankiewicz – Labatt Brewery; DND, corp; Halliburton
        Doug Wade – Creative Custom Gold; Wade’s Jew-ellery (1976-2018)

  6. EdmontonPervertedScumbags says:

    No brains, no balls, no skills, not courage, no integrity, no sense of community.

    EPS is just a bunch of brain dead white albertans.

    Yeehee haw, g g ggit-git-git er d-d-done, gu-idddy up, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haw.

  7. BlueAndWhiteTears says:

    “White Genocide” (Supremacy) Mantra:

    “Anti-racism is a code word for anti-white”
    “Diversity is a code word for white genocide”
    -Bob Whitaker, AF&AM

    Edmonton Police Association Mantra:

    “The task Force is just using racism to promote its own version of anti-racism.”
    -Sgt. Mike Elliott, EPS, President Edmonton Police Association, AF&AM

    This incident was naturally a “consensual”, ‘non-hate’,”no crime’.

    • LieLieLieCryCryCry says:

      The EPS is full of racist bullies. I should have added infantile and fragile.

      “Consensual, non-hate, no crime”.
      Yup, that explains the EPS integrity and community.

    • LetterToElliottandTheEdumbtonPoPo says:

      Elliott and EPiglets,
      I hate you, go roll around in your pig shit together.
      A sincere fuck you, eat your guns.

      “White Genocide” (Supremacy) Mantra:

      “Anti-racism is a code word for anti-white”
      “Diversity is a code word for white genocide”
      -Bob Whitaker, AF&AM

      Edmonton Police Association Mantra:

      “The task Force is just using racism to promote its own version of anti-racism.”
      -Sgt. Mike Elliott, EPS, President Edmonton Police Association, AF&AM