Libby my Cat is Lost

Libby my cat is missing
It is now 10 weeks
Petite at 5/6 pounds
She is now 11 months old
Brown tiger tabby with bengal type markings
Female – spayed and microchipped

Indoor only cat that escaped and we haven’t found her yet
Missing from Millwoods in Edmonton
41 ave and 35 street area

Please call or text 7809020039 if yo know where Libby is
Call and leave message at



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  1. Put the litter box outside. The smell can help bring them back. Also if she’s chipped or tattoed check your vet/animal control/humane society. Put posters up too. Also post on Edmonton lost pets. Good luck!!

  2. Carla Hosey Carla Hosey says:

    Someone please share ur thougts….what seriously happens to all these missing cats in the city??? So many just disappear!! We have an older cat… big n old…barely goes out of the yard…disappaers on a mid week afternoon… no sign or trace at all of hime …week later.

  3. We are doing everything imaginable to bring our fur baby Libby home
    We have over 800 flyers and posters up in our area And surrounding areas
    We have gone door to door to houses asking everyone to watch for her and if they’ve seen her
    We’ve got her kitty litter box out and toys and blankets
    We’ve done searches all through the areas at all times of the day and in the night too
    We have posts on every lost pet site we can find

    We have Kijiji ads
    Even our vet clinic has our posts on their fb home pages

    We are trying to do everything to bring Libby home safely

    We’ve done the daily checks in at humane society and animal care & control too as well

    We strongly feel that Someone has her in their house and not letting her come home to us or taking her to a vet to get scanned
    She is microchipped and spayed

    We have a reward for her safe return

    Please please
    If you know anything about Libby and where she is…
    Please let us know

    We need our fur baby Libby home

    • Darcie Daye Darcie Daye says:

      This is why people who find animals, need to take them into Edmonton Animal Services (Bylaw), so family’s like Sharon’s can get their furry family member back.
      Far too often, I see posts from people who pick up a suspected stray animal and refuse to take them to Animal Services. They have the belief that they will be put to sleep, which isn’t the case!
      Instead… they choose to try and find the owner themselves. Unfortunately, people have a very hard time locating their pet when it’s in a strangers home.
      I hope that you will be able to be reunited with Libby, as I’m sure she’s eager to be with her family.
      And I hope people will do the right thing and turn in a lost pet to the proper authorities so other folks don’t have to go through the unnecessary anguish that is caused when people take matters into their own hands.

    • Thank you
      We pray earnestly that the person that has our precious fur baby Libby will return her to us, or bring her to the vet for scanning of her microchip and she can be returned to us or that she takes to animal care and control or humane

      We want Libby back so badly

      Reward for her safe return

  4. Maybe we start putting missing cat pics on jugs of milk


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