Life Insurance and Will!

Hey all! I’m looking to get my life in order and purchase some life insurance and get a will done up! I’m not in any particular rush, but I figured I’d better see if anyone has any recommendations on where to go/who to use! I’ve gotten a few quotes online, but haven’t committed as of yet.

Also — does anyone know if Law students (like U of A, Grant Mac, etc.) can do up a will? Mine would be very straightforward, so I’m looking for something cost effective 🙂 Thanks for all your help!



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  1. A will kit can be purchased at the registries office for under $50. It is legal.

  2. Get the will kit and save your money on that. Also, read The Wealthy Barber. You don’t need life insurance unless you have financial obligations (kids and mortgage). Start investing, perhaps in mutual funds.

  3. Has anyone tried Law Depot for something like this?

  4. Along with the will, you should consider a living will (directions on what to do if you’re incapacitated and who makes the decisions) and an enduring power of attorney (appoints someone to take care of your personal matters – bank accounts, etc) if you are incapacitated.

  5. Nicole Getty Nicole Getty says:

    Odion Welch she handled all mine

    • Odion Welch Odion Welch says:

      Thanks Nicole, lots of the comments on here are right but there are little things to consider that not enough people talk about. For example tax implications if not structured properly, access to personal documents and passwords (such as fb) and more.
      I have no problem giving you a free consult to explain options and all providers as knowledge is power. You can reach me at 780 904 4364


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