Lindsay Hawco is the Best Groomer Ever!

I am at Lindsay’s right now with my 4 dogs (April 7th at 11:41am): Doberman, husky, westie and a large mixed breed. Lindsay is an award winning groomer who has been grooming dogs for 12 years, working with dogs for 18 years in addition to being a behaviour specialist.

Is her home spotless: no. She runs a grooming business, owns 3 dogs and is a great mom to her toddler little Ethan.

Does she do good haircuts: absolutely, bar none, the best ever!!! She knows every breed and the appropriate haircut for that breed.

She is not one of those grumpy groomers that has lost patience with dogs. She genuinely loves dogs and it shows and I should know because I stay here the whole time.




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  1. Annette Wood Annette Wood says:

    Great! I need someone who can groom my shiba. Can I ask your location or phone number or website?

  2. She’s incredibly generous too. Donated last year and this year to the #yegsemicolon tattoo fundraisers silent auction. Has helped out animal rescues and been an emergency placement when nobody else would take my favourite pair of dogs.

  3. So agree with all and the only one I know to groom an Airedale properly ♡

  4. Marcia says:

    As a groomer myself Lindsay is one of the only people I trust to groom my own personal dogs! She is an excellent groomer and takes a lot of pride in her work

  5. Lindsay Hawco, Expert Pet Stylist

  6. Amy Lye Amy Lye says:

    Agreed! She is wonderful !!

  7. Nadine Campbell says:

    Lindsay is the first groomer that I took our dog to more than once and she’s now our REGULAR groomer!


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