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I think the audio recording for the Amber Tuccaro missing persons case needs way more social media coverage.

This guy might now even be local but the way he says “absolutely” is unique. Thisclip needs to be shared.

Help this girls family find justice for Amber.



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  1. This was on the news a few years back sent chills up my spine =( I lived right by here too , I hope someone recognizes this man’s voice!!

  2. I do recognize it and informed police guess it wasn’t important enough to follow through

  3. Angela Moss Angela Moss says:

    Call again poor girl

  4. Diana Roach Diana Roach says:

    That “absolutely” is pretty distinctive. Someone must recognize it.

  5. Wendy Lee Wendy Lee says:

    I don’t understand why the cell tower could not be traced back. The recording is very descriptive I hope the murderer is found and punished.

  6. Sue Kidd Sue Kidd says:

    Shared Edmonton south. Alberta, Canada

  7. There’s a whole reddit thread on how he is a well known creep from Onoway area that makes personals ads for his farm for room and board in exchange for work but he also scours these areas around the city for girls hitching. Sorry to say, but the reserve areas and other areas where young people might be catching rides into the city. His voice is creepy and i find it so sad no one knows his voice. Some people on that reddit thread say they think he sounds like that onoway farmer guy…i hope they get him, because that is fricking scary

  8. Kristy Hedin Kristy Hedin says:

    With all the technology , youd think there could be more information to go on !

  9. This story haunts me and I think of her every time I drive into Beaumont. I hope this man is caught and brought to justice and I hope this family gets closure. Such a sad story.

  10. I have been sharing this a lot!


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