Londonderry santa

I remember reading, in the summer, that the Santa at Londonderry was very sick in the hospital.

Does anyone have an update on him or know where I can find one ?



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  1. Hi guys! So I was trying to be a little secretary for a few more days, but I’ll tell you guys everything. We thought we would lose him so many times throughout the five months of hospitalization. Countless super bugs that should have honestly taken him from us. His blood sugars were so low that he should have been comatose. But I’ll tell you guys this, I called him last night…. at his house…. and he was able to answer at his house because he had a weekend home pass from the rehabilitation facility he was transferred to. My grandfather is no longer in the hospital. Thank the lord. He is going to be put through and intense 8-10 week rehabilitation to his muscles and such. Thank you to everyone who is continuing to ask about him. Please continue to send your best wishes and maybe he can have a pass home for Christmas too!!!

  2. He is fine and him and Mrs Claus are back at Londonderry mall ☺

  3. Jojo Bicks Jojo Bicks says:

    Yes! I was wondering the same thing myself.
    We sent in our pictures to his daughter I believe. They wanted copies to show him when he was sick to try and lift his spirits… the support she got was crazy!
    I’m so happy to hear he’s doing well and back doing what he loves!

  4. Saw them there last week

  5. Yes he needed to get better in the north pole not the north side lmao

  6. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    i thought i saw a post a week ago from the granddaughter saying he was still in hosp. hope he is out, doing well and back to being Santa!

  7. His granddaughter posted in Edmonton Ask a few days ago.

  8. Different Santa this year people

  9. It’s definitely not the same Santa

  10. Not the same santa hes still sick in hospital. I was just at Londonderry yesterday its not the same man as previous years.

  11. He maybe a different Santa, But I watched him yesterday for awhile and he is doing a bang up job.

  12. The normal
    Santa is still in hosp not in ICU any longer getting better every day. Hoping to be back next year the power of prayer and pics did wonders

  13. Karen Ingram Karen Ingram says:

    wishing you well Santa, sending warm hugs.

  14. I am bringing kitty Claus (Santa’s daughter) for tours around the city and we will be on candy cane Lane again for free candy and photos if you like. That is so sad to here about londonderry Santa I hope for a speedy recovery.


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