Looking for my biological family

I was born January 28, 1973 at the Royal Alexandra hospital in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. My birth name was Tabitha Lynn (last name unknown).

From what I was told my birth mother is of Irish and Scottish decent and my birth father is Jamaican. I was also told my birth father worked at the Cromdale hotel as a bouncer back in the early 70’s. I was given up for adoption at the age of 6 weeks old and my birth mother had another child when I was 2 years old.

I am writing this post in hopes of finding my biological family so I am asking my Facebook family and friends to please SHARE this post.

My Mom had always encouraged me to look before she passed and I’m not sure what I expect to find or how this will all turn out, but I’m finally ready. Thank you all in advance for sharing my story!

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  1. Would the admin of this page pm me. I do believe this is my sister……

  2. Marion Clark Marion Clark says:

    Good luck in your search. I hope you find her and she is loving and accepts you into her life.

  3. Wendy Peers Wendy Peers says:

    Not sure if you have done this or not but I suggest applying for your adoption records. That is how I started. Also, adoption records have been open in this province since 2004. You would need to contact
    Post Adoption Registry, Alberta Children’s Services,
    11th Floor, Sterling Place, 9940-106 St.
    Edmonton, Alberta, T5K 2N2
    Telephone: 780-427-6387
    Good luck and I hope everything turns out positive for you.

  4. What ever you do don’t give up home I found my bio sister after 25 years of separation. Always have hope!

  5. I think the bouncer’s last name was Ford

  6. Catholic Social Services found my birth mother in a day. No charge.

  7. I am sharing. I wish you all the best Tabitha Lynn. Sch a pretty name.

  8. I found my mom after 10+ yrs. I wish our visit went a lot smoother than it did. Things just are not ment to be. Good luck.

  9. Check with search angels as well they help with the search for free

  10. Rick O Rick O'Shay says:

    Kevin are they talking about Dennis? Hahahahahaha

  11. Erin says:

    I’m searching for family also. I’ve done an Ancestry DNA test and I’ve also tested family and friends. It’s absolutely fascinating. I found twins that are my husband’s aunts, and i found my friends birth father. I totally recommend getting the test done and uploading your data to GED Match. For $5 you can also upload your results to Promethease and get a thorough health history. Best wishes to you on your search!!

  12. Sandy Hutton know a Jamaican guy from the cromdale back then?

  13. For anyone searching for a adoptee or birth family — this is a awesome site. Free Canada Adoption/ Family Search & Reunion. This site helped my birth son find me. It’s a amazing site.

  14. Shared. Best of luck!

  15. Wow! Hope this works out!

  16. Social Security Administration found my Mom for me and delivered her a letter. I had to write the letter there in the office but they sent it straight to her.

  17. Sandy Hutton Sandy Hutton says:

    I will share… Good Luck..

  18. Karen Adam Karen Adam says:

    Oh I hope this works out for you both. I was adopted and know how much it meant to find my family of origin. ❤️

  19. I hope you found your family. I’m happy for you and am almost in tears here thinking of the joy you must feel in finally finding family. Good luck


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