Looking fof Mommy makeover recommendations

Im done having babies, I’ve lost all the weight and now I’m left with a body I am not crazy about. Now, before everyone starts about being proud of the “tiger stripes” and I should love myself the way I am, I am doing this for me, nobody else.

I want my confidence back, I want to feel sexy and fit into clothing properly without loose skin and saggy boobs. The diastisis recti I have developed from multiple pregnancies is awful and causes such an immense amount of back pain. So a tummy tuck will repair those muscles and relieve some of the pressure on my back.

I am looking for advice from others that have had a tummy tuck or breast Augmentation/lift. Is it possible with little ones running around? How painful is it? Are you happy with your decision to have it done? What was the price? Any advice or tips you wish you had known prior?

Recommendations for surgeons? It doesn’t have to be here, I am willing to travel.



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  1. Have not had any surgery but have heard amazing things about Dr. Chong.

  2. Try Dr Irving Ortiz in Mexico. 1/3 of the price, state of the art hospital and a great recovery house.

  3. Good for you. My friend recovered from breast implants at my house and she was in horrible pain for about a week. The Dr. Told her there was nothi g left to lift after having her babies. Good luck with your makeover

  4. Alicia Toore Alicia Toore says:

    Dr feng chong is really amazing and makes you feel super comfortable.

  5. It will take you good 3 weeks to recover and you will need lots of help with the kiddos and around the house. I had a great doctor in Mexico and great hospital care. If interested PM me

  6. I have zero advice. I just want to say yay to you! You deserve to feel sexy and confident and comfortable, and it is ultra cool that you are going for it! Of course be proud of your tiger stripes, but you wanting to gain back your confidence doesn’t make you less proud to be a Mother regardless if the stripes earned are a wee bit erased ❤️ good luck. Do post again in the future with results!

  7. Dr. Feng Chong – Plastic Surgery Alberta

  8. Dr. Feng Chong is fantastic.


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