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We just purchased a new home, so I was hoping to get some feedback around utilities. Is it better to bulk them all together? What companies are the best?

We are a family for 4. Two being teenagers (aliens) who fall asleep with there tv’s on and can’t turn off a light to save their life. Any advice on utilities would be awesome.



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  1. We use Enmax and epcor. Our home is 1800 sq ft with a heated double car garage. Costs about heat and power $180-$350 depending on season. Epcor water is $118-$130 depending if we water grass

  2. Invest in energy saving bulbs.

  3. $400 is what I pay for water gas and power each month there are 4 of us here in a brand new condo… Winter was about $50 more but it’s cheaper then the older home I was renting before moving here… No idea about cable and internet I’ve got it free until Aug this year it was a move in gift…
    I’m with epcor for water and just energy for gas and power…
    We don’t leave lights on and heat is on a schedule and hot water tank is turned on to medium…

  4. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    get timers like I did .. I have shaw for cable .. telus for internet and phone ..I don’t like putting all my eggs in one basket as it does not give you any leverage further down the road .. I have epcor and direct .. as well ..

  5. Brock Hart Brock Hart says:

    Ya your better off livin off the grid, get a couple solar panels and tell your kids to play out side. And get yerself a wooden stove for the winter, save on carbon tacks

  6. Riley Rose Riley Rose says:

    Take their lightbulbs and power cords. They’ll never forget again and bulk them together.

  7. Graham Frost Graham Frost says:

    Don’t get abducted by the aliens..

  8. Maybe add everything up on what paying out from mortgage to insurance to loans see what you’re spending every month

  9. I’ve found I save a little more now that I have it all bundled, I’m with Encor by Epcor. As for the teenagers, motion sensor lights would be a good idea. Also, if they continue to leave electronics on, charge them. I don’t mean plug in the electronics, I mean, make them pay part of the utility bills out of their “fun” money or allowance. Teach them to be responsible for their power usage.

  10. We are a family of 4 – though 1 teenager and we are good at turning things off.
    I would advise that you get timers if they leave items on.
    Ask the companies what they would offer if you bundle.

    We found that Epcor gave us best power price though no discount to bundle so we have Direct Energy as well.

    Telus gave us a great offer to bundle internet (fiber), cable, landline. We do have a home business license and the business package was much cheaper.

  11. Win Chan Win Chan says:

    Bulbs – change to the newer lower power consumption type. They last longer too, look cooler, and you can get them in custom colors. TVs do not use that much power in the grand scheme of things – we’re talking a few hundred watts over several hours. Large appliances like air conditioners and dryers are what like to rack up an extra phone bill’s worth.

  12. Be prepared to pay a fortune!

  13. Keith Bangen Keith Bangen says:

    Bundle your cell phone plans with your cable if you can.

  14. Buy a timer plug in tv turns off at set time. Charge them a fee for lights on…keep money in jar to month end sponsor a child or donate to charity…It’ll add up!

  15. They all are a rip off! Good luck!

  16. Arcand Dee Arcand Dee says:

    Set timers on the TVs

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