Looking for an emergency food supply

Hi, does anyone know of a place in the Edmonton area that sells emergency food with a 5+ year shelf life?. (not MRE food though). I googled it but I had way too many results to count. And most are from the usa. I know mec has some but that’s camping food. and each pack is 11 bucks or so. I would prefer to buy an entire bin. like what patriot supply has. In case we need to leave our house last minute in the event of a disaster.



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  1. Tam L Dack Tam L Dack says:

    walmart online has sum diff ones

  2. Costco does online

  3. Brian Booth Brian Booth says:

    I’m gonna go with Costco online. Keep in mind I have no idea but at this point in time 3/4 comments say that so I’m going with that

  4. If you go with anything less than Thrive Life Foods, your spending money on gross food. If you want some samples, let me know.
    Thrive Life food comes from the states, just like ALL the other freeze dried foods, but Thrive stands out as #1 in the prepper community. Go online and read the reviews, then cruise my wall, look for my food posts, and get a hold of me.
    Black Friday sales are coming up on November 21st, so don’t wait too long. 🙂

    • Nicole Keats Nicole Keats says:

      I can personally vouch for thrive life. I feed it to people all the time and they don’t realize it’s freeze dried! It’s awesome. Just add water!
      And light weight for travel
      Amazing for camping too

  5. To see the catalog of products that Thrive Life carries, go here:

  6. McDonalds food never goes bad apparently lol, jk

  7. Judy Johnson Judy Johnson says:

    Suggestion – just set aside food that you would normally eat that is shelf stable. If it is “get up and go ” food, you are not going to be needing more, or be able to easily carry enough for more than a few days. Rotate it out into your regular pantry occasionally and replace it. Don’t forget water and a camp stove etc.

  8. Jes Woodman Jes Woodman says:

    you can have it delivered by tuesday
    and its a canadian company

  9. Dave Hickey Dave Hickey says:

    Is there a disaster we dont know about?


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