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Does anyone know what this is???

Found it hanging in the basement of our new home (rental) and it gives everyone the creeps. So I’m trying to find out what it is?



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  1. Levi Crane Levi Crane says:

    Who owned the house before was it a white or native, either witch craft sorcery was going on or it’s a native dream catcher to catch the bad dreams.

  2. Katy Cole Katy Cole says:

    I have one of those. It’s a mobile from Tanzania. I bought mine at heritage festival.

  3. That would be a sign to look for a new place

  4. It looks pretty awesome
    If you dont want it, I’ll gladly take it off your hands.

  5. A handmade bassinet hanger of dancing figurines?

  6. If you are all cheeped up over it throw it in the garbage. It is just a cheap hand made mobile. Worthless.

  7. Carly Anne Carly Anne says:

    Here I thought it was a mobile of chicken feet! Then I was a hard nope and I would be buying sage!! But from what the other posters says it looks like a handmade mobile

  8. Lori Weir Lori Weir says:

    Get rid of it not good voodoo

  9. Just pitch it in the garbage and quit worrying about. Looks like someone else’s junk.

  10. Am I the only one who finds this ironic ?

  11. The ignorance in here is astounding.

  12. I’d just burn the house down at that point. Too creepy for me lol

  13. Reminds of True Detective Season 1!

  14. It looks like a mobile of Worry People.

  15. I have one. Bought it at Kdays one year when Africa was the featured exhibit in the Agricom.

  16. Alice Dymond Alice Dymond says:

    Tawnya Summers idea for freaking out potential roomies

  17. Cool !!! I have always wanted one !

  18. It’s a mobile for children hand made probably old. Might be worth money

  19. Kyle Breitkreutz yes it is … it’s the local tribes dance with their traditional clothes

  20. African wind dancers. It’s like wind chimes only they dance. 😉

  21. Jess Wheeler Jess Wheeler says:

    Err that doesn’t look very good

  22. Sarah Anne Sarah Anne says:

    Lol. Just looks like a handmade mobile of some sort.

  23. Seems pretty cool. I’d be curious to know the origin story behind it.

  24. I’d provably move out.

  25. Alana Finch Alana Finch says:

    its vodo and for satanic ritu

  26. Colleen Breitkreutz it is creepy but pretty sure its just an africa ortement , we had one growing up..

  27. And one is hanging off the top chillin

  28. One’s wearing a dress

  29. Wasn’t that on Blairwitch project?

  30. It’s clearly someone’s attempt at summoning xenomorphs.

  31. Looks just like my kind of fucking NOPE

  32. DC Favel DC Favel says:

    Voodoo, kidding but yes, odd indeed

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