Looking for friends!

I feel a little silly doing this but hey no shame in my game.

I am a 27 working female in search of some friends. My current friends are amazing but busy with school and having babies!
I do not have any kids and my spouse is in the Military and is away a lot.
I would love to find some ladies with similar interests as me. I love concerts, country music, camping – I own a camping trailer and spend almost every weekend camping in the summer, love travelling! Been on a few girls trips to Mexico and Vegas and always had a blast. I enjoy drinking and smoking weed. I work full time Monday-Friday.

It would be awesome to find someone who likes shopping, camping, going out to cook county perhaps?! LOL, maybe a girls trip to mexico?!?! I almost feel like I’m searching for a significant other at this point. Lord save me. ANYWAYS. I am awesome. 😉



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  1. Try bumble. They have a friendship app. It’s exactly like a dating profile but it directed for friendship.

  2. I dont smoke weed myself but am not against it but i love the rest of the things you posted especially country music and traveling

  3. You sound awesom!!! Good luck girlie!!

  4. Try
    it’s not a dating site

  5. Had me at country music!

  6. Hey what else do you do for fun

  7. Ashley Dann Ashley Dann says:

    Hey Op! Send me a pm!

  8. This sounded great, until I realized I have kids…. lol

  9. Oh man where were you before I moved! My (now ex) man was military and I was looking for other wives to hang out with who didn’t have kids! It’s a hard thing to find haha.

  10. Ahhh girl I would spark up a doobie with you but that country music might kill me lol

  11. You should not feel silly at all girl.
    It’s hard to make new friends as an adult, especially when you’re in a relationship/married with no kids. I feel your pain.
    I’d tell you to message me but, my bar days are long behind me and you sound like you have entirely more energy than I do lol.

    Good luck!!

  12. Feel free to shoot me a message if you want! Everyone can use more friends 🙂

  13. Just last night on the news, they had a story about dating apps that now have a BFF feature. I can’t recall if it was Global at 11 or CTV at 11:30.

  14. Make a POF account. Nothing but genuine friendships there

  15. Brittany Kiff! Not that I think you need new friends but you two gals have a fair bit in common

  16. You’re speaking my language! OP send me a message and let’s connect.:)

  17. Rowena Eger Rowena Eger says:

    Yay! I love this post! You sound like a fun person! Good luck in your search!

  18. Download” meetup” can find people who share your interests

  19. Adam Spamler Adam Spamler says:

    Do you enjoy chloroform? I don’t personally but I usually carry some in case I’m out with friends

  20. Travel by yourself and stay in hostels you’ll have 20 friends in 2 days

  21. Dana McVey Dana McVey says:

    Good luck with your quest. I wish I could help but I’m a bit to old to be going to bars and I don’t really drink or do the pot thing. I think this is a great idea to look for a hang out friend. You can never have enough friends.

  22. Finding genuine friends is hard. I was honestly thinking about making this post lastnight. Feel free to message me.

  23. Angie Forest Angie Forest says:

    Joys of a military spouse. I am a military spouse too and get the game.

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