Looking for Royal Alex babys mom

My question is .. I am looking for the information on the lady that had premature baby at Royal Alex 1 lb and few ounces … Husband in South Sylvan Lake I think with the other children .. they need a van .. he has no job … baby will be there for quite awhile ..

I would like to send her a donation .. and now cannot find the posting … please can you help me … thanks



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  1. Go to the hospital and ask..their assigned a social worker to help them and you can ask for the social worker and ask him/her how you can help.

  2. Patti Jones Patti Jones says:

    Please be cauatious . I met a man in the parking lot at the Misercordia hospital while seeing my sister in ICU whose “mother and friend” were in a bad accident, wife had his keys for his car and he had no cell phone and needed cash to get home to bring the van back. My sister’s boyfriend gave him $20. Then my niece told him the guy had told her the same thing 3 months prior outside her work at west Edmonton mall.

  3. I will post this into the royal alex nicu group

  4. Hello…I am the mother that you are looking for. Please pm me

  5. Josh Julien Josh Julien says:

    her name is Shantell Kluin she is a dear friend of my sister .

  6. Leslie Berg Leslie Berg says:

    Yes this is her and her story


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