Looking for suggestions for new furnace

I need a new furnace, looking for suggestions for furnace companies to install. Also what brand of furnace would you suggest?



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  1. We had great experience with Action Furnace for our furnace and hot water tank. They are awesome at figuring out what you need as well. We went through it all – square footage, amount of people, any cold/draft spots in the house as well as options of low/medium/higher end.
    I did not like Reliance as they gave us a quote but my own research said it would not heat our size home well.
    Never will again call Air Central. They only do a quote through e-mail, and I had concerns since we had older pipes not compatible with some furnaces. It took a lot to push them to get a guy out…then he refused service because he saw my wheelchair and called handicap people names. So they don’t get my money lol.
    Action Furnace Edmonton – 4 hour visit with a consultant. After that I knew everything about furnaces, rebates etc. (They also do payment plans).
    I did go on google and read reviews as well.
    Grab 3-4 companies, quotes are free.
    I don’t like rent option as it seemed so expensive in the end but depends what you need to do

  2. Rosalie Lang Rosalie Lang says:

    Wiess and Johnson that’s the kind we have

  3. If u are interested in renting please let me know

  4. Cory & Carmal at True North Heating & Cooling
    Great prices & great people, they installed our new furnace & hot water tank.

  5. All makes are about the same now a days. I heard through reliance that Coleman takes the longest to get parts.

  6. Melanie Dawn Melanie Dawn says:

    Call Dave L at Romaniuk Heating. You won’t be a bit disappointed you did. He is well respected and known in the industry. He is educated, efficient, dedicated and has helped create and implement many of the procedures of the companies suggested here over the last 20 years. Best of luck!

  7. Lynn Anne Lynn Anne says:

    Always Plumbing in West Edmonton – these guys are fabulous and it’s amazing that they send emails to confirm appts and to give you written estimates etc. So helpful! Will definitely recommend them !!

  8. Definitely Alberta Works Plumbing & Heating LTD. They’re a local company who are honest, amazingly helpful and caring and they don’t charge a fortune. I just got my new furnace two weeks ago, they were in and out in no time and I’m so much warmer now lol. They’re great with their follow up too and you can’t beat the 10 year parts warranty.

  9. Tia Woolner Tia Woolner says:

    Night “n” Day Home Services they did our furnace and they were super fast, very efficient and amazingly helpful

  10. Target heating. Locally owned.

  11. Acclaimed -it’s a family owned local business fantastic service, great price. As for brand name “nothing stops a Trane” . Talk to a guy Al 780-413-1655

  12. Pitter Patter did ours, great job and price.

  13. Dana McVey Dana McVey says:

    Go online and look up furnace companies and check to see if anyone has had a problem with the company installation services. Go with a well know company that way if you have a problem you will have better luck with getting it fixed.

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