Looking for the Good Samaritan

Today at approximately 3:50 pm my Dad got onto bus #181 at Londonderry Mall. He is elderly and has mobility problems. He uses a motorized scooter. He got onto the bus and pulled into the space for wheelchairs. The bus driver floored it and he went flying, and so did his scooter. His leg became pinned between his motorized scooter and a seat. He was in a lot of pain and was bleeding. A woman came to his aid to try to help him.

They both yelled at the driver but the driver ignored them and carried on driving. He eventually managed to get himself off of the bus. He was crying and in distress. Another bus driver stopped and saw that he was in distress and called an ambulance. He was treated by EMS, who bandaged his leg, and then my Dad managed to get home.

I would like to speak to the woman who helped my Dad on the bus. A report has already been filed with ETS. Please share so I can find the woman who helped him.


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