Looking for help replacing stolen winter wear for families in need

I would like to do a shoutout for Teresa and the group she runs on Facebook (

They are looking for the sizes in picture and other sizes of winter wear, boots or even warmer winter clothes, etc for kids and families in need. She had a bunch of donations stolen from her yard last weekend.

Teresa is an amazing lady who does so much for the families and people of Edmonton, trying to make sure no child/person goes without proper winter wear this cold winter season and also at the same time running her Christmas campaign, trying to match sponsors to families who otherwise wouldn’t have a Christmas (

“The group works by Families posting their ISOs. When I get the items in , I bag them up . I then label them with the members name on them . I then put the bags outside into 2 large plastic bins in my back yard . We had driven around to Value Village , Goodwill and other stores to purchase all of the boots the members needed for their children. Last Saturday I stayed up until 2 AM bagging up winter gear for 16 families. I put all the gear out in the bins for the families to pick up on Sunday morning. When I got up at 7:30 both bins were gone. I found three of the snow suits in the back alley three houses down. However 12 pairs of boots plus all the other snow suits were gone including my bins. They did a story about it on city news on Monday night. Since then we have been able to replace most of the boots that were stolen and a bunch of the snowsuits except those that I have listed. 😒” Comment from Teresa R.

Edmonton woman fundraising efforts back on after being robbed



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  1. Come on Edmonton let’s step up. This is why we are the City where champions are made & it’s Christm…

  2. #yeg
    Let’s step up Edmonton. This is why we are the City where champions are made. There’s a champi…

  3. Rhon Magyar Rhon Magyar says:

    Safe haven in taber always need clothing for women and children.

    • Rhon Magyar Rhon Magyar says:

      And unfort this is the time if year when abuse is really bad until about Feb and women and kids in these horrible situations need all the help they can get

  4. Rhon Magyar Rhon Magyar says:

    The ywca can accept too but theirs has to be new items only

  5. I have a men’s large brand new winter jacket it won’t fit my husband

  6. Samsyed Sam Samsyed Sam says:

    I have girls size one boots.

  7. I have a size 7/8 winter boys coat I can give


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