Looking for a leather expert!

I purchased a leather item off of Etsy. The top is a screenshot form the vendor’s listing.

The bottom is a closeup of the leather item I received. In the add, it claims the item is Top grain cowhide. Are these the same product?

I feel I received an inferior product as the finish on my item scratches easily and isn’t nearly as nice as the finish I was expecting. Any leather experts out there?



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  1. Um, it’s Etsy. Wait. You weren’t expecting an authentic, high quality item, were you?

    The most you can do is leave a negative review on the site and Buyer Beware next time.

  2. Ugh, I’m feeling ya on this. Looks totally different. Did you contact the seller to discuss? I’m always about giving people a chance to explain and/or provide solutions. If you are unsatisfied after discussion, open a claim. The two pics are undeniably different ‘products’.

  3. Kristie Vyse Kristie Vyse says:

    Contact the seller first – maybe they made a mistake, and selected the wrong material from their supplies. Give them a chance to correct it. If they don’t, you can file a claim through Etsy.

  4. Totally not the same.

  5. Unless something says genuine leather it is not quality leather. All sorts of other materials are made to look like leather and their descriptions range from all sorts of things like bonded leather or cowhide but unless it says the actual words genuine leather it’s not leather.

  6. How old are you lol

  7. Ruth says:

    The picture they showed on Etsy looks like a full grain leather, the piece you received looks a top grain leather, top grain has been sanded and stamped, it is actually a lower quality. But people get confused because of the word top. The etsy dealer should be ashamed as it is a bit of a scam! I would return it.


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