Looking for phillipino desserts

Someone brought different phillipino desserts to my work party. There are 2 that I like. One I believe is called cassava cake (kind of orangey, I think has condensed milk or coconut milk). Second was purple. We don’t know who brought it but I would love to buy them. I just don’t know what they are called or where to buy. I tried google and it gives me too many possible choices.

Anyone knows what they are and where to buy or order? Prefer west end.

I believe they are made from some type of root but I can be wrong.

Lol confused here but they were soooo good.



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  1. Jodi Flatt Jodi Flatt says:

    Someone sells Phillipino food on fb marketplace.

  2. Cassava is correct and other is purple yam

  3. The purple one you’re talking about is probably UBE. Made from purple yam i believe. The cassava cake, you can find some at Lucky 97 in China Town or TNT. Or like the other person in the comments said, there are some who sell them on FB marketplace.

  4. I think the purple is one ube, a coworker brought some in to work here too.

  5. Try Palabok house …it’s a restaurant on the southside..

  6. Lily Vu Lily Vu says:

    Julie’s Bakeshop by WEM is a Phillipino bakery – you can try there Julies Bakeshop Canada

  7. You can try Empanada. It’s a grocery store on 150st and 87 Ave. I’ve been in before and they have a selection of Philippine fair.

  8. Jen Pratt Jen Pratt says:

    Cassava is also known as tapioca.

  9. Cindy Dato Cindy Dato says:

    Try Julie’s bakery, it’s in the West end right across from West Edmonton mall. She has really good stuff!

  10. Hazel White Hazel White says:

    Ruth Laysa Maranan-Asa she made those cakes!


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