Looking for a temp dog fostering place

I have a friend that is currently staying at friends places and in her car because she left a bad relationship with her young son and dog.

Because she doesnt have a fixed place right now she was looking for a temp fostering dog place. Something that could hopefully be free since she has lil money and trying to save for a place of her own for herself, her son and the dog.

If anyone knows of a good fostering place that would take the dog temporarily it would be greatly appreciated. He is well behaved and been around small children, he’s a king sheppard and I believe about a year to year and half old. Thanks in advance for any and all help.



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  1. Contact SCARS. They have a bunch of foster people for resue dogs and they might be able to line one up for your friend temporarily.

  2. Lisa Wood Lisa Wood says:

    The CAWS – Companion Animal Welfare Society fosters dogs for people leaving abusive situations.

  3. Zoe’s animal rescue? Kath Oltsher?

  4. Tannis Fong Tannis Fong says:

    There are programs with the women’s shelters to help out with this exact situation. Please call 211 and get them all into a warm place.

  5. Mercedes says:

    I will foster her dog for free until she can find a place:)

  6. Sarah Anne Sarah Anne says:

    I believe Alberta spca offers a program for these exact situations

  7. If she goes to a shelter the spca has a program that will take in the dog for free….. temporary of course not sure the length of time….

  8. Karen Ann Karen Ann says:

    Just a warning to be very very careful with anyone who offers to temp help with your dog.

    All it takes is 1 complaint and someone with an address to take your dog from you. The SPCA will give you a chance, on a very short time frame and if you can’t show that you have an address, allowing you to have your dog,,,,they will take your dog and give it to the person who told you they would help out,,,,be very very careful!

  9. Mj Mank Mj Mank says:

    Has she called the today family centre if she left s bad situation they will assist her with all her needs or at least get the ball rolling for shelter food clothes and spca may help her out if she is going to be housed soon

  10. Carmen Shewchuk-Venner

  11. The Alberta SPCA has the pet safe keeping program and will find a foster for your dog temporarily. I believe you sign a contract so both parties know for how long and everything is legal, so it is safe and confidential. They are the experts in this area. Not sure what Karen Ann is talking about but it is not true that they will “take your dog”…..unless you abandon your dog and fail to come and pick him/her up, then of course they have to rehome the animal.

  12. They have a guardian program…. check to see if she can temporarily have them care for her dog… they put them in foster families.


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