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Looking to find my Cousin

Long shot but I’m desperately seeking to reconnect with my uncle/cousin/auntie. I have a really messed up family so please no judgement!

Here is what I know – I am estranged from a good portion of my family but so are they. I cannot simply ask for assistance due to my messed up family circumstances.

DETAILS: Uncle is named David who once lived in Morinville and was married to Lauriane (sp?) and had a son named Brandon (sp?). David and Lauriane divorced sometime in the early 2000’s. Laurine and Brandon moved out of Morinville after the divorce. I also know that David was an auto body detailer and remaind in Mornville for many years after the divorce. I also remember the last name Cardinal but cannot confirm this.

Last I heard my Uncle David (Dave) was estranged from his adoptive mother Doreen. Brandon was spotted in Edmonton by my father John roughly ten years ago but I just found thsi out.

Please note I am also estranged from my biological mother making any connections difficult. With my uncle and myself estranged from the same people it can make things rather difficult.

I want more than anything to connect with them. Lerting them know they have three beautiful and amazing cousin’s/nephew’s.

Please note that I have tried searching for my cousin/uncle many times throughout the years but have been unsuccessful.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love that the two replies to this are done so just to bash the province. Clearly the poster(s) live here for a reason. Think of Alberta like the dad of Canada, goes to work every day and pays for everything the kids (read: rest of Canada) has ever asked for, no question. Now dad, is unemployed and the kids are upset that the gravy train has stopped, without realizing it was they, the kids, who slashed dads tires and he can’t get to work anymore. Does that dumb it down enough for you Liberal trash out there?

  2. FamiliesLastThisIsYeehawSkidAlberta says:

    Nothing wrong with your family. Broken homes is the most cultural norm in scum bag, low life, degenrate, hillbilly Albertan culture. Why do you think people are so twisted and dumb here?

    Anyway, no names jumped out for me but I wish you luck reuniting with your long lost family. Never feel bad or embarrassed, it could be worse like child abuse, child molestation and incest which are also far too common in white trash, fat slob, illiterate, trailer park Alberta.

    • LittleAmericaBerta says:

      Hehe. Alberta should be called little America. It’s such a shit hole full of the grossest, fattest, most repulsive people. And Americans and Albertans are this fucked up exploiting, victimizing, abusing and raping children, elderly, disabled, Indigenous, Blacks, Asians, Muslims, etc.
      Imagine how stupid and useless Americans and Albertans would be if they played fair and people were treated as equals, or they just treated others properly.

      White people are so repulsive I’m happy I tan well, am not fat, have an education and skills and have the ability to speak more than broken English as I can probably blend in functional and sane people.

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