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Looking to re-home an adult Persian mix male cat

I am writing today to ask if any one would be interested in a 4 year old cat.
He was a client of mine( I used to pet sit him). His owners contacted me a few weeks back and asked if I could take him and help him get placed with a rescue. Of course, I said.
Apparently he was hissing at the 6 month old baby. They tried to curb this by adding new cat scratching posts, I am sure they did more but I didnt ask.

I felt that cat was just jealous of the baby. He was their “child” for 4 years.
Very pampered cat.

He has no issues at all with other cats or dogs. He been around a lot of them when I was running my pet business.

He is Grey and white and fluffy soft!!! Fully vetted and neutered. Mixed Persian.
He loves to chill up high and watch everything going on. He is a dainty eater. Never been outside, but loves looking at the birds from the windows.
At this time all rescues are full and not accepting cats. (Kitten season) EHS as well.

We are moving to Ontario on June 26 and he needs a home. Was supposed to move in July but things changed.
I thought I would have more time, sadly I do not.

I let the owners know this and haven’t heard back.
Is anyone looking for this kind of cat?
Thank you very much.



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  1. Has the cat yet found a home? That’s the important question…not discussing his previous caregivers

  2. Shared. Hey Jean Moraiko, looks just like my Sheba. Interested by chance??

  3. If they are worried for their baby then that makes them great parents, the fact they are looking to rehome is better than dumping it a shelter or the side of the highway. People that are angry at this need to either step up or sh$t up.

  4. I already have cats. I hope you are able to find a great and loving home for your fur friend.

  5. Look everyone, it’s easy to judge their decision through your smartphone but until you know all the complete details and have been there yourself you really should just offer your support if you can. Life’s circumstances change and at least they chose to rehome him instead of euthanize him because that was an option too.

  6. Why is everyone commenting on thus family or the baby? The only question here is for someone to adopt this cat. I can not as I have a cat already sorry. No comment as to why

  7. Holly Foisy is there anything Zoe’s can do?

  8. Wonder what’s gonna happen to the baby when it starts acting up?! Rehome it?!

  9. Poor cat. When I was 18 months old my mom had a baby. The baby got all her love and attention. I hated that baby. My mom did not rehome me.

  10. have you contacted the rescue’s?

  11. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    Try contacting chantel from this group

  12. Leslie Berg Leslie Berg says:

    Getting rid of a cat you’ve owned 4 years because it hissed at the baby is ridiculous. Cats his when they are unsure of something it takes time to adjust to something new…. this aas extremely selfish and lazy of them. I wish people would stop getting animals when clearly they have no clue what they’re doing. These animals become attached and go through lots during a rehoming. How frustrating.

  13. I just want to say, when I brought my new baby home my 2 cats hissed at him.
    I just made sure to let them when they came near him and it took 5 months but they’re best friends now.

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