Looking for volunteer work for Christmas day

Just wondering if anyone knows of anywhere in the city that is looking for volunteers on Christmas day to maybe help serve dinner or something.

I’m going to be alone, so I thought I’d find a better way of spending my time instead of sitting at home.



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  1. Donna Grant Donna Grant says:

    Try Hope Mission, I think they have a meal on Christmas Day

  2. Kim Crowder Kim Crowder says:

    call 211, they likely can give you a list of places looking for volunteers

  3. You are welcome to join me for Christmas dinner. Please pm me

  4. Shawna Perez Shawna Perez says:

    Contact the Mustard Seed. I volunteered in their soup kitchen on Christmas day a few times.

  5. Shaw conference centre usually puts a big dinner on for the less fortunate

  6. There are also the nursing homes….many of the elderly residents don;t have family and are alone also. You can call some of them and see if you can help with anything

  7. What a great question. I will be in Edmonton this xmas too, and have been thinking about doing this. I feel like my kids have not participated in enough giving vs receiving over the years (totally my fault on that one), and it is time to focus on others. I will be watching this thread for ideas.

  8. An angel around ever corner!

  9. Angela Reum Angela Reum says:

    This year if I am not too sad I’ll be going to hope mission cuz I don’t want to be alone for Christmas cuz I know it sux to be alone for any holidays.

  10. Blackjacks Roadhouse in Nisku does a free Christmas dinner, they may need volunteers.

  11. Jessy Turner Jessy Turner says:

    The Shaw Conference Centre puts on a huge meal for the community Christmas Day


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